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Destination Unknown

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    Forever the Damsel

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Hello Hell hunni ( wow thats alot of h's haha)
It has been a long time my friend.

Thank you for such a lovely post.Im glad you enjoyed my poetry.Its just a way to express my true emotions and help me reflect on events and feelings.The last poem you read was complete truth.I was crying as I wrote it because I was confused and hurt. I would do anything to be with him but in his eye's I'm just a friend and always will be .He talks about this new girl how he really likes her and wants to be with her and I will be honest it hurts but its his loss.He will never know the world I could have given him and he will never learn of the love I would have shared with him .It's sad that life makes it that I can't find someone to love but as lame as it sounds the truth is this

Each time I fall I simply rise and fight once more
I will continue to fight and carry hope in my heart but I will be honest ...each time I fall it gets harder to get back up . Sometimes life just wants to keeps you down

I'l post another poem up soon .Thank you again for taking the time to read my ramblings. It seems when I open the flood gates I can't seem to close them .



    Forever the Damsel

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Just a little musing for now

I sit and I wonder, letting time pass me by
Do you miss me ?
Do you wonder what's going through my mind?
Am I ever in your thoughts?
Do you even notice I'm not there?
Am I more than just a name , a face?
I sit and I wonder
I sit letting the world pass me by
Do you ever think of me?
Do you?




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Love is its true Form

Bubbling within
A touch, a gaze
Hand in hand sitting together in silence
A whisper
A giggle
A soft embrace
Glowing within the warmth of emotion
In shadows it waits
Twisting , contorting
Darkening and breaking
Unclean , unpure
Disturbing extremities
Tears dripping with haste
Lost in the fog, the fear
Love is an illusion
Imagination of a child
No destination
Forced into submission
Love is a Lie

By Kirsty Carbury aged 22

Blind to Love

I can give you the world
Your desires , your dreams
I can give you happiness
Save you , heal you
I could die for you
Fight for you
Give my everything to you

And still as I look into your eyes ,
Deep with tears forming , flowing
You cannot see it
Don’t you believe it
You were always blind
It seems even I can't
Not this time .
Blind to the truth
Blind to Love

Kirsty Carbury 5/6/2012

Funny it seems that both are love themed. I feel your first "Love is it's true form" which I'm sure you meant "love in it's true form" though I could be projecting. It's perfect description of love is what I have found, which invokes the sadness and a need most fitting. It seems it is infinite, and then there is the turn, when it is a definite end, the dying, and you want to ignore it. Go back to the beginning, but it is there breathing down your neck, giving you chills, counting down until it is no more.

Then you have your second offering, where we write what we want to hear, what we have to offer. Yet it falls on deaf ears, seems to be a lonely testament to the wind. Saddest thing I have come to know, self profession. Even if we mean it, and offer sincerely with all we have, it still can fail among others determined opposition.

Figured I could speak to you true, and plainly. Let you know that other do see and seek this, and in turn it is not a lost cause entirely. But still, it's like hitting the lottery, and it seems we all might fight and die in vain searching for this thing called love.




    Forever the Damsel

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Thank you for such kind words Jake .Like I have stated before these are just words i put down to describe how I feel and whats going on in my life.In rage or in love , pain or in isolation it is simply my way of reflecting on situations and emotions that I come across in everyday life . Thank you for taking the time to read the words from my heart, mind and soul =)




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Just adding a response so to incite future endeavoring of already beautifully written and spoken words. I like to imagine every word written as though it was written for or by me..Never-the-less thank you for you incite into a world that I may only dream about. Write, so I alone may read, for maybe I might find something forgotten within myself, among your longing and heart-felt skywriting. Much love.


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    Forever the Damsel

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Aww thank you .Is it wrong I just want to run up and hug you tight?
I'l write something soon as I have some situations to reflect on



    Forever the Damsel

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When will I find the answers?

I often sit and wonder why I feel the way I do
Why do I feel so sheltered and alone?
Left out and forgotten?
I don’t know what I did
To deserve all I’ve been given
The good , the bad and the ugly

You can’t tar everyone with the same brush
Though its hard to see any other outcome
Each man I’ve been with for a hour or more
Finds ways to hurt me
On purpose or by mistake

I try my best at all I do
I listen , I’m always there for people
I care
And yet I am forever in sadness

Do I set myself up for this fall?
Do people look at me differently ?
Am I unable to keep friends?
Do I not have a personality?
Am I what men desire, lust, want?

So I continue to sit and wonder
No end to this story
The worries that trouble me over
Never seem to leave my mind

When will I find the answers?
When can I find my happiness?



    Forever the Damsel

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This was written about 20mins ago ..its a reflection of current events havent spent a long time crying I felt my best outlet was to write.I hope you like it.




Game Over
Question your fate 
Roll the dice
Never look back 
Never think twice 
Pushed close to the edge 
Ready to break 
The soul in shatters
My breath you take
Nothing left to fight for 
Nothing more to gain
I’m sick of your lies 
I’m sick of your games
Struck down  once again 
Forced to realise the truth
Blinded by the pain
The scars of my youth
You think its so easy 
To play with my heart
Burn it to ashes 
Tear it completely apart
The rose with its thorns
Frozen in this Game
Alone you stand waiting
All alone you remain
No  tears to be shed
A broken heart on the mend
You lost the best you’ll ever have
You  lost me in the end .

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Hello old friend.



    Forever the Damsel

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hello empty! xx