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Posted 24 June 2014 - 05:15 PM

A type of vampire:


Name: Vampire (Draculian)


Type: Vampire (Classical)


Average Life Span: Indefinite


Habitat: Earth AB: Any human habitation, tend to be insland and away from large rivers or lakes.


Description: They look like the person they were before they became a vampire, as in any human ethnicity with no external traits to give them away other than longer than average canine teeth.


Some of these took to wearing Victorian and gothic style clothing, but that was a choice based on the invididual.


History and Abilities: It actually took a bit of time and researchers to conclude and classify this as a separate breed. Initially they had the “Classical” classification which was (Typical, Nosferatu, and Pointed Ears). The “typical” isn’t a thing any more, Nosferatu are often called the Orlockians, and Pointed Ears are now called “Nobles” a sub-set of the “Elven Vampires”. The biggest trick was telling a Draculian apart from a Blood Zombie, a Neo-Classical, or a Fundamentalist. The closest being the Neo-Classical. The main differences are in powers and weaknesses, otherwise they pretty much look the same.


Feeding: Draculians can feed on the blood of any vertebrate and invertebrate, giving them a large range of creatures they can feed on. Taste wise they are better set to mammals than anything else. Although taste does vary by individual, and this was one of the first signs that Draculians were their own breed, given that many vampires, especially classical types have a far more limited diet. Draculians have also been observed to injest other fluids with no ill effect, however its doubtful they derive any nourishment from them other than as fluids. Oddly Draculians don’t drink that much blood at a time, even compared to natural blood drinking animals.



     Powers: Draculians are named after “Count Dracula” as unlike the Fundamentalists which resemble a hodgepodge of various movie vampires with most of the weaknesses and basic powers, the Draculians are closer to Count Dracula in power and have far fewer weaknesses or restraints on them.

   Draculians can with age and/or training learn various Psychic abilities such as (Telepathy, Hypnosis, Distant Viewing, Telekinesis, and Puppetry), that later meaning they can mental hijack an animal or person and see what they see and control their movements, as if they were them. This ended up creating the misconception that Draculians could turn into small animals, a myth they would have preferred stayed. After all what is better than letting a hunter think they killed you when all they did was kill an animal you were controlling by remote.

   The Telekinesis of a Draculian is fairly advanced, at its higher ends shown to provide flight class levitation and throwing people and large objects around. Some that have lived a very long time can even produce telekinetic forcefields and make large things and solid rock/metal violently explode. Some have even used the telekinetic fields to make it look like cloth was becoming wings or being used like a tentacle or blade (the field is around the material), this makes a useful frame for the fields as well as an aesthetic.

   Physically Draculians depending on age and training have been observed to be anywhere from twice too twenty times as strong as a human, their skin has a quality that makes them nearly bullet proof and very hard to cut. They have incredible durability and healing, they have even been seen to fall from a ten story height without it slowing them down. With their dexterity, agility, and strength they are also very adept at climbing rocky and brick surfaces.


Weaknesses: Like many vampires Draculians have weaknesses, however most are far from lethal, making this breed stand out among the classical and earning their name.


1: Sunlight: Exposure to sunlight weakens their powers and strength, a few hours of direct sunlight and they will no different than a human. That is until they are out of the sun, where their powers will return over time, a few hours and they are back to how they were before. If in total darkness their powers will return even faster.


2: Garlic: the smell of garlic is like a skunk to a Draculian. If they eat Garlic it upsets their digestive system in a way similar to lactose intolerance, giving them intense abdominal pain and dehydrated bowel movements.


3: Water: No it doesn’t burn them or anything, its just that Draculians don’t float, their bodies are highly oxygen efficient, which helps to reduce their need for blood, it also means their body has little internal air at any given time, thus they sink like a stone. While they could hold their breath for nearly twelve hourse they can drown or die from asphyxiation eventually. This is why they don’t like crossing large bodies of water, which perpetuated the classical myth of running water and that Draculians could be harmed by water like Fundamentalists.


4: Some flowers and other plants: this one seems to be more individualized, all Draculians have at least one more weakness, an allergic reaction to one or more plants besides the universal garlic; the more common ones being Wolfsbane, Holly, Mistletoe, and Roses.


   As seen they have few weaknesses, their powers and weaknesses are a fair balance. They don’t possess insane god-like powers but they are well above humans especially with age, and they don’t have a slew of weird weaknesses that could wipe them out. Thus the Draculian while not common across the globe, (some did get over the fear of large bodies of water for the sake of travel), eventually over time became more common than some types which had less intelligence or more psychotic behaviors. Draculians in some vampire nations, as serendipity has it tend to be viewed as a close caste of aristocracy such as counts and dukes.

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Posted 01 July 2014 - 04:35 PM

Another type of vampire:



Name: Vampire (Neo-Classical)


Type: Vampire (Classical)


Average Life Span: Indefinite


Habitat: Earth AB: Any human habitation


Description: They look like the person they were before they became a vampire, as in any human ethnicity with no external traits to give them away other than longer than average canine teeth.


Some of these took to wearing Victorian and gothic style clothing, but that was a choice based on the invididual.


History and Abilities: The “Neo-classical” was a late description, discovered later even than the Draculian. Originally these were regarded as (strong Fundamentalist vampires) or intellegent versions of “Blood Zombies”. However a clear difference between them and Draculians is that Neo-classicals can swim, and yes as such have no weaknesses to water either. They are similar to Fundamentalist vampires yet different powers and fewer weaknesses, but are not as strong as the Draculians and many other breeds. In short it comes down to the specifics such as diet, powers, and weaknesses to really tell classical apart from each other; in fact if not for a few powers and a weakness to sunlight this breed really would be (Smart Blood Zombies).


Feeding: They are blood drinkers, able to consume blood from any vertebrate  (except for fish). Neo-classical vampires are susceptible to being addicted to mammalian and especially human blood if they drink too much at one time. The addiction is like smoking, it can be overcome but is a bit difficult needing will-power and time, and possibly to be weaned off of it. They require much like blood zombies to feed a lot each night or grow weak.


Powers: The Neo-classicals are called as such because their powers and weaknesses resemble those of vampirs in post 2000 movies for the most part. They have the super-human strength, dexterity, agility, wall climbing, and senses of most vampires, although the strength is equal to that of Blood Zombies placing them below Fundamentalists and Draculians in the Classicals group.


   Neo-classicals have a minor hypnotic stare that works only with prolonged eye contact, they do however have a pheromone charm that makes them smell like they are wearing perfume or cologne and with prolonged exposure can make a human lower their guard and inhibitions. They have very durable bodies with a quality that makes them very hard to cut and can regenerate in a short time from most injuries, even those that should be fatal like being stabbed in the heart, so long as the damage isn’t anything intense like burning out the heart or blasting it to pieces. This has raised the myth that to kill them requires having the head cut-off or stabbed in the heart with a silver stake (see weaknesses), as this are sure fire kills against them.


   With age and/or training Neo-classicals can learn some shape shifting powers, mainly growing strong claw like nails (hands and feet), changing skin color to grey (also become thicker), and altering their faces and dermis shape like ridges, horn like ridges even, plates, scales and such. However when asleep or relaxed they revert to a human like state. This trained minor-shape shifting has allowed some to hide among more monstrous vampires for times or give the impression they are “evolving” into a greater being. But even those that have lived for centuries will attest they are still not stronger than the true monstrous looking vampires.


Weaknesses: While lacking in showy powers, the Neo-classical also lacks too many debilitating weaknesses, giving them an advantage over other classicals.


1: Sunlight: Sunlight is potentially fatal with a prolonged exposure. They will start to sizzle fairly quickly, having a first degree sun-burn in a few seconds. It reacts like a sun-burn not fire or anything like that, although at about thirty seconds when it becomes a third degree burn steam will start to come out of them. They can heal from this, but the sun damage does weaken their healing rate (for any damage) until the sun-burn fully heals. A few nights for first and second degree, nearly a week for third.


2: Silver: They are allergic to silver, it burns them like acid to the touch. If it gets inside them it can do a great deal of damage. This being their only weaponizable weakness it birthed the myth that a silver stake to the heart was needed to kill them as this was a sure fire quick and painful death.


3: Reflection: There is a theory this is tied to the sunlight burning weakness. They produce a psychic wave that bonds to photons, however it is a bit weak. This causes those that first look at them and then a reflection to see a ghostly reflection (see-through). However if one looks at the reflection first it is normal, and will remain so. They are fully visible on cameras and film.


    In the end Neo-classicals turned out to be a fairly common group, to survive many had blended into the Blood Zombie populations, viewing themselves as the gifted smart-ones. Some even gaining control over their Blood Zombie brethren to become their leaders. Due to being closer to them, Blood Zombies are more likely to listen to Neo-classicals than other types of vampires (which in some cased would use them as a go-between), as Blood Zombies seem to naturally distrust or fear the other vampire breeds.

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Posted 10 July 2014 - 01:36 PM

Story time:


The Seven Stones series:






     The Ju-el Empire, for two million years this race has been space born, or so they say. In their home universe this mighty empire has claimed three galaxies. Thanks to their concept of manifest destiny, as well as having seeded several of these worlds, they have conquered the Earths of countless others. In appearance the Ju-el would seem to be all female, although a variety of hermaphrodites and disguised males are also part of their species; parasitic genetics, adapted hybrid cells, internally male (cloacae kiss sperm drop, outward look just like females), as well as external hermaphrodites. Due to how wide spread they are, their technological appearance and degree of complexity varies; they also have a tendency when (conquering) a world to use a technology that they locals can adapt to, even adding the local styles at times. Looking closer they are distinct from humans, even being all female in appearance, their eyes are a bit larger, their hair count greater, lack of pores, hair is silkier, bodies proportioned a bit different with longer arms and legs especially in the shins, and their tongues are rather long, not to mention the small noses for the most part, although the larger eyes may be only making it seem this way. It has been said that on worlds they are preparing for conquest they will slowly and secretly alter the local concepts of beauty to match their alien appearances.


    The Ju-el are not alone however, and have in their expansive conquest met with some resistance; although not much. Some races they have an uneasy truce with such as the Kuhrai (humanoid cat like), the Kik (humanoid fox like), The Suihrai (humanoids with shape shifting shadow powers), the Dimension Society (human race of immortals, most notable as the Dimension Police), and individual entities of a cosmic nature *including a few immortal sorceresses*. They are at war with some, the Humans of Reality-Q and the Qwie Empire of Reality-P have proven a roadblock for the Ju-el who prefer a peaceful conquest or to overpower the local humans technologically not giving them a choice; their superiors aren’t happy that humans of any reality reached a competitive level and refuse to join them. Their greatest rivals however are the Croon Alliance species, none-humanoids that view humanoids as pure cosmic evil (there are reasons for that, but not necessary here to go into); only thing important is that the Croon Alliance makes it a point to exterminate any humanoids (not just human) species they come across in the multi-verse.


   Here is where this story begins, a legend known to one of the Croon Races, a nearly extinct race that the Croon found only a handful of members of in suspended animation aboard a deep space colony ship. The ship had suffered damage from enemy vessels killing most of the sleeping members within. Their species told a familiar story to the Croon, their ancestors worshipped and were used by mind controlling humanoid gods, a chaotic backlash from generations of control drove their species mad when the psionic opiate that was given by the humanoids left with them. The colonists told that by the time their kind were able to regain some sense of control over their internal instinctive rage they had already destroyed most of their own species and ruined their world. They left into space, these colonists told of finding a race of humanoids that resembled (albeit much smaller) the creatures they had worshipped. The Croon were proud to hear that the fleet of colony ships intended to exterminate what were clearly the spawn of their gods, demons most likely, and take their world.


    The ensuing war however decimated the world of the “demons”, polluting the seas they lived in, as the “demons” would not die off easily, they possessed something strange, some unlimited power source that ran their greatest city; the city the last of them fled to for survival. They would sooner destroy their own world than surrender it; using their mystic power stone they unleashed a power that cleaned the surface of their world of all life, not even corpses remained, and decimated the attacking fleet. The Croon could identify the world they spoke of, a dead world with ruins beneath the surface, no power sources or signs of life to be seen; but if something were lying dormant it would be worth a look. The Ju-el would agree, thanks to their drone spies.




   The vessel is relatively small, a stealth vessel with a crew of no more than ten, a Ju-el Infiltrator; normally used to sneak agents onto worlds, both primitive and advanced without being noticed. The captain is Shino, a woman who would easily pass for an Amazon on Earth, nearly seven feet tall, built like a powerhouse with breasts and hips that defy the muscle tone of her arms, legs, and abs with their fullness. She has hand selected her crew, a small group of no more five not counting herself. The Ace pilot Sera, Sniper expert and co-pilot Junira, Shino’s Bio-android companion and a powerful combatant in her own right Ja-Kal, and a pair of relatively green rookies who proved to be experts in combat, explosive disposal, trap disarming, and planetary exploration as well as ruin exploration, Gina and June.


   Shino, Sera, Junira, and Ja-Kal are already in the cabin of the small vessel when Gina and June show up.


  Shino is standing before her assembling crew, Sera already in the pilot’s seat, Junira is her co-pilot beside her, with Ja-Kal leaning against the wall as though she were bored with waiting, apparently more focused on a tiny ball of fluff settling in her dark mane of hair than what is happening around her.


  “Gina reporting for duty,” says the short brown haired rather plane looking rookie saluting.


 “June, reporting for duty,” says June saluting, her short blue hair in the same style as Gina’s a typical style for rookies, having to earn fancier hair style privileges with rank.


  “Take your seats,” orders Shino.


  June and Gina exchange looks and head towards their seats, as June passes Ja-Kal she does a double take at the bio-android and mutters, “you have to be kidding me.”


  “Is something wrong?” asks Shino in a commanding voice.


  “Nothing,” says June, “I mean…just…never saw a Bio-Android with a warrior’s rank before.”


  “Ja-Kal has earned her place,” says Shino eying the rookie, “is this going to be a problem?”


  “No ma’am,” says June, “my apologies ma’am.”


  “Good,” says Shino, “as you all know from debriefing we are heading for the planet Dry-Iial. A world destroyed in a war between the natives, a humanoid race of reptilians and a tentacle glob race, apparently survivors of the invaders have made contact with the Croon alliance, who are on their way to Dry-Iial as well. You already know all of this of course, this is just your second and only chance to back out, if you can’t work with each other say so now, because you will watch each other’s back am I clear?”


  She eyes an uneasy June and Gina as she speaks.


  “Get this bucket moving already,” says Ja-Kal, “I don’t have enough time to be goofing off at this part.”


  Shino looks uneasily at Ja-Kal then quickly covers that up, “Sera, Junira, get us out of dock and to Dry-Iial as quickly as possible. Gina, June, keep your eyes open for anyone and anything getting too close, Ja-Kal take your position.”


   Shino seats in the captain’s seat while Ja-Kal sits in a chair at a fighter station. The vessel leaves dock and is vanishes into sub-ethereal space.




    Dey-Iial fits its name, at least how it sounds in English far too well; for it is a desolate world. The air is breathable; however there are no sounds of higher order life upon the surface, not even the chirping of small simple creatures that can be found on even the most war torn of worlds. The Ju-el stealth craft sends down near some ruins, only distinguishable from the surrounding landscape by their geometric forms. Gina, June, Shino, and Ja-Kal are armored up; although aside from the visor helmets their armor seems a bit more form fitting than one would suspect from advanced protective gear; on a practical purpose it allows for ease of movement even in tight areas. Sera and Juniro stay at their posts on the cloaked ship, scanning for Croon ships, Life Imprints on the surface, and ready at the surface and anti-air weapons.


   The three Ju-el and Bio-android are silent as they make their way through the ruins; nothing has moved down here in centuries at the least. The security system is long corroded away, defensive mechs lie about more than half rusted; yet the energy scans show something is down below them giving off a signature; one that is only detectable by multi-dimensional scanners. Shino gives the hand sign to be quick as the walls crumble while they force a door open and hover down a shaft to the bottom floor. The mission has been uneventful thus far, as it should be, even as they approach what would be the central power room; their schematics and scans show that indeed all the lines and decayed tubes that would be the power conduits of this ex-city all originate from this one small room; befitting the rumor of an immense power source.


   June and Gina enter first, having been trained to spot and dispose of any active traps. June waves Shino and Ja-kal into the entrance of the room, Shino watches Gina look around the circular blue room while June makes her way to the alter like pedestal in the center with a small palm sized blue gemstone sitting in a circular impression under a broken clear dome. Ja-kal is watching the rear, ever vigilante of the Croon that were supposed to also be interested in this planet; although the likely hood they’d both be here at the same exact time would be unlikely and poor timing on part of the Ju-el.


   Gina is halfway around the perimeter, her scanners detecting nothing, and not picking up on any signs of simple machine traps either. June is examining the pedestal, her left hand shifting over the surface brushing aside ancient dust and chips while her scanner waves in from the other side. She turns around with the blue gemstone in her hand to face Shino, she gives the hand signal of “safe” and walks over to Shino and Ja-Kal. While holding it out she waves her scanner over it in front of Shino, the scanner reads out a zero power outage and a makeup no different than any other stone. Shino gives the signal that it’s time to leave; June takes the blue gemstone with her as they leave.


   Safely back in the ship, which is quick to take off, just missing a Croon drone passing their part of the city; apparently they lacked the information of where the power core would be or knowledge enough of humanoid aesthetics to pick up what their power systems would look like and trace them back to their point of origin.


  Shino looks at June who is holding the gemstone and asks, “Why’d you grab the rock?”


  June *shrugs*, “I figured since this was what we came for, even if it’s not active now, it clearly was part of that machine; in the lab back at base we might be able to find something the field scanner missed.”


  June looks over at Ja-Kal who June is surprised doesn’t show any concern over, or even really gives more than a casual glance at the stone, she merely says to June, “Time has expired, I must return…go to sleep.”


  Shino doesn’t look happy at this news but nods as Ja-Kal exits to somewhere in the back of the ship.


  June whispers to Gina, “I wander what that is all about.”


  “If you must know,” says Shino surprising the two rookies, “Ja-Kal has a glitch in her system; when she was built somehow her system developed a power output higher than her structure could handle; this was unfixable; however it gives her bursts of speed, strength, and energy manipulation capabilities far exceeding normal Bio-androids; the down side is she has to enter a self-repairing hibernation period at irregular intervals as the power fluctuates inside her…even when not in combat.”


  June *shrugs*, she knows there has to be more to that; but figures its either private with Shino or else top secret; and knows better than the press the issue. Gina does much the same following June’s example.




   June has kept the stone on her person while the ship enters hyperspace, keeping it in her suit pocket in fact; back in the holding area, not far from where a “sleeping” Ja-Kal is inside a stasis pod, there is a holding crate, inside it is an inert worthless exact replica of the stone in June has somehow manufactured a thermos around and even filled with water. No one but Gina is aware of the switch, or even how June managed it on a small stealth vessel.


  As the small vessel travels through hyperspace it is suddenly hit by turbalance.


  “What is happening?!” demands Shino


  To which Sera replies, “A temporal pocket!”


  “Why didn’t the sensors detect it?” demands Shino


 “It just materialized…inside the ship!”




 “The stone,” says Shino, “hyperspace must have been its trigger…June, Gina, go back and secure that damned rock!”


  As the two run back to the hold Gina whispers amidst the turbelance, “what is really happening?”


 June has no time to answer as when they open the hold the very space around them is consumed by rolling ethereal waves of white and blue. The ship vanishes, Gina vanishes, the crates vanish. June stands alone with the clothes on her back and the gem in her pocket; well…that and the body of Ja-Kal floating horizontally in the air. June fumbles with the gem in her pocket, the thin almost undetectable barrier around it still active.


  As June looks around her at this mystery the folds of time and space part behind Ja-Kal, a tall buxom woman wearing a black corset like top, black tight pants, black riding boots, wearing a calf length black cape with a red inner lining, long hair the color of drying blood, pale skin, and eyes like shimmering blue jewels. June is still as the strange woman only has eyes for the Bio-android.


  As the woman stands over the still form she says, “Ah, Jackal…Ja…Kal…anywho…it has been a long while my…ghost in the machine. I should not let you rest where they may find the changes I have made and….”


  The woman spies June, “and how do you come to be here Ju-el?”


  Before June can speak the woman says, “Ah yes…I remember…that stone; seems it had some power after all…that you pocketed…do not worry…that gem is of no relevance to me.”


  June gives the figure a curious look as the woman levitates Ja-Kal back towards a rip in the dimensional fabric.


  “Rhulan?” asks the June, “I know that’s you.”


 The woman who is indeed known by the name Rhulan stops and looks at June with a puzzling look and thinks a moment before saying, “How is it that you know my name? Now I know it has been a short trip with you, and for me these events happened decades ago; however not even my Ju-El lover…and…*laughter*…master knew who I really was possessing that body…I most certainly did not tell some Ju-el grunt my name; perhaps that is a mind stone…a tap to the Acoshic record.”



  Rhulan waves her arm and Ja-Kal vanishes through the rip before she eyes the girl named June, “Perhaps I should take that stone from you, least the Ju-el think they should pose a risk to my world!”


  Rhulan summons the shadowy serpent, griffin headed Avi-Wraiths to swarm about the dimensional pocket.


 Rhulan must shield her eyes as a bright flash comes over June, where the Ju-el rookie stood now stands…virtually the exact same woman only a bit taller, longer hair, larger breasts, and wearing a strange blue and white sorceress costume with a dress of cut straps, a belt connected to a simulation of a vest; the whole thing giving a weird grid vibe.


  “This is how I know you Rhulan!” announces June as she summons blue sleek mechanical spider robots that seem made from the very *material that is not material* of the time/space distortion around them, “I am June! The Sorceress of Science! The very creator of the stone I have taken from its resting place, who fed the knowledge of its location and importance to the Ju-el, least it fall into the hands of those aliens who would threaten our creations!”


  “I see,” says Rhulan, “A sorceress…if you be a member of the Dimension Police know this…I am Rhulan the Celestial Sorceress…ranked by their records as the second most powerful spell caster in the multi-verse, second only to the reality-warper Misaline. If you are not them…well you gamble with those like the Ju-el…sorceress; in either case…Do Not Interfere With ME!”


  With that Rhulan vanishes into the ether, her Avi-wraiths vanishing as well. June is left standing alone in the distorted space; as it vanishes her appearance returns to what it was prior to her transformation. As normal space comes back into alignment June reaches her hand out timidly forward and says, “Rhu…lan…did you…did you give yourself amnesia?”


   The world returns to focus, Gina looks around just before Shino bursts through the door and looks directly at the empty stasis pod.


  “What happened?! Where is Ja-Kal?!”


  “I’m sorry,” says June quickly, “She was…taken, just vanished, I thought I saw a person, a tall woman wearing black with red hair in the flash…I can’t be certain…however it seems they left the stone…”


  “I don’t care about that worthless rock!” shouts Shino standing in disbelief before Ja-Kal’s pod,

“I don’t know who this person is…”


  Shino *smiles*, “They have no idea who they are messing with, me, Ja-Kal, or the Ju-El military!”

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 05:52 PM

a type of vampire:


Name: Blood Zombie


Type: Vampire (Classical)


Average Life Span: Indefinite


Habitat: Earth AB: Any human habitation


Description: They look like the person they were before they became a vampire, as in any human ethnicity with no external traits to give them away other than longer than average canine teeth.


History and Abilities: These are not true “zombies” in any real sense of the word; this term has been given to what would be the most common type of vampire to appear on Earth AB after the Blood Mist spread. These people aside from a very small handful of powers, feeding on blood, and elongated canines would be virtually indisquinshable from ordinary humans if not for their feral nature. These people would become like animals, some forming troops and packs with others like them; other than this slight social behavior they are savage. When the Blood Mist first occurred it was thought that all the “classicals” were this group, some just smarter than others until the distinct differences in abilities, feeding, intelligence, and weaknesses were documented.


Feeding: Blood Zombies feed on the blood of any animal, the fluids of even insects and mollusks will be greedily consumed; however they are especially drawn to the blood of warm blooded creatures including humans (mainly due to size and ease of hunting compared to other large warm blooded creatures). It is important to remember that Blood Zombies are essentially blood thirsty apes despite retaining their human apperance.


Powers: A Blood Zombie’s physical strength is about four times that of what their physique would imply. While impressive for a human this still makes them weaker than most predators, so its good that they form packs and swarms for their own survival. Blood Zombies have a twice normal healing speed, and even scars will heal, as well as night vision, dog level hearing and olfactory senses. When they get a blood trail very little will dissuade them from the hunt.


Weaknesses: The Blood Zombie actually has very few vampire weaknesses; making them nearly human really.


Sunlight: This doesn’t actually harm them, they have become nocturnal and light hurts their sensitive eyes and makes them feel tired.


Garlic, Onions, and other strong oders: With their heightened olfactory senses and physical changes they can be made to avoid an area that reeks of certain plants and even chemical smells. However if a pack or troop puts it together (as in seeing a person) that these smells mean there is a large amount of prey in the area they will push themselves past it as it’s a discomfort not a proper weakness issue.


   In the end Blood Zombies may be on the low end of the vampiric spectrum, they are however due to numbers and lack of exploitable weaknesses along with being as strong as four people a real threat to the average person who wanders or became stuck in their territory. Their low intelligence makes reasoning with them nearly impossible. This vampire also cannot turn anyone and has to reproduce like any normal creature. Some believe these people were simpl ythe result of a bio-shock, reducing their intelligence as no supernatural abilities were added to them to compensate for the biological shifts. They hypothesis that a Blood Zombie raised by normal humans could become like a normal human (intelligence wise), and that over time the troops and packs may develop culture.

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 12:52 PM

story time,


Seven Stones 5






   Deep in the woods there is an old wooden cabin, it is at the end of a dirt road and is a stone’s throw away from a pristine lake that few know is hidden up here. The history of this cabin is one of blood, murder, madness, and the supernatural. Occult rituals, cult suicides, human sacrifice, cannibalism, and many more, the fact this cabin isn’t on a list of America’s most haunted locations and become a major tourist attraction is only because the cult that uses the site (said to be a door to the thousand hells) has several influential local families as members.




    They failed, the two men were sent to this forsaken place on a mission to save the young woman now bound, gagged, and dressed in some slinky red dress forced on her by the cult. She is tied to a pole while the dank room is filled with robed men and women chanting “Seeka, Seeka, Seeka, Seeka,”


  The two men are chained to a rig brought in as the cult leaders didn’t trust the old wood to hold these men even with chains. They are gagged and powerless to do anything but watch as an old woman is wheeled in, an old woman with horns growing from her head. The woman tied up is conscious and struggles as the old woman caresses the bound thigh.


  “Perfect,” hisses the old woman, “You are a find specimen my dear.”


  She looks up into the face of the girl as she wheels back a short distance, “I am Seeka my dear, this body may not seem like it now, but it was once young and beautiful like yourself. My spirit has kept this shell alive for nearly two hundred years; until this last year I was beautiful; when time catches up to these shells it catches up with avengence.”


  She *chokes a laugh*, “even though I am powerful, your bodies are ill-suited to hold me my dear sexy young tits


  The girl starts to hurt her wrists struggling now.


  “Restrain her!” demands the old horned crone.


 Several cultist hold her still.


 “Prepare my new vessel,” demands the crone prompting the cultists to force a strange fluid down her throat and one to bring in a lacquer box with a velvet lining inside cushioning a red gem stone.


 “What is this?” asks the crone as her decrepit hand passes over the stone, “what power it possesses…”


  “The Hell Stone,” whispers the cultist bowing and presenting it to the crone, “With this stone grand demoness the new vessel shall not only be able to house your greatness, it shall also be capable of wielding your full power without worry of destroying the vessel.”


  “Such…magnificence,” says the crone, “embed the stone at once.”


  The man passes the crone towards the other men, the drugged fluid now taking full effect and making the girl turn pale and fall asleep.


  The crone licks her ancient lips at the two bound and gagged men, “When I am in my new body I will enjoy turning you to my side…you will enjoy it to,”


  She wheels over to them and grabs one by his struggling crotch, “perhaps I should not wait to gobble your meat and potatoes…”


  She licks her dry wrinkled lips as she starts to unzip the struggling man’s pants.


  She stops only as the girl screams and red glow draws her attention, the gem stone is embedded magically into the girl’s forehead. A pair of forward curving brown horns appear on the sides of the girl’s head.


  The crone turns, “soon pretty boy…soon.”


  The man *sighs* as best he can through the gag.


  The woman wheels over in front of the bound girl as the robed figures bowed on the floor fall silent. The head cultists chant,


  “Great Queen of Hell, Master of all that is Damned, Lord of the True Hell, Master of all Sin, We call out to you to come to us and possess this vessel prepared for you, great master of the Inferno accept our sacrifice.”


  The head cultist turns and cuts his hand, “Born from my blood, I sacrifice you to the Empress of the Inferno.”


  He draws a sigil on the girl’s chest above her breasts and steps aside.


  The woman in the wheel chair opens her mouth, a pink smoke snakes out head towards the girl.


 The girl’s eyes shoot open, glowing red, her mouth stands wide, the cabin shakes and a red light streams in from outside. The pink smoke seems to hesitate a moment before suddenly and very quickly being sucked into the mouth of the girl.


  The crone turns to dust and bones collapsing on the floor. The girl laughs manically and rips free of her restraints, floating the air, and unseen breeze floating her garments about as she survey the room now illuminated by the red light from the windows.


  “I knew it,” says the cultist, “the Hell stone was perfect.”


  He bows down, “Great Seeka, you are now upon our world fully and more powerful than ever before; the world is yours grand one.”


  “Seeka?” asks the girl, “was that the name of the creature I consumed?”


 The cultists look about each other confused.


 She touches the gem embedded in her forehead, “Ah..the Stone of Sin, I crafted this so long ago I nearly forgot it even existed.”


  She feels up the body she is in, “Ah…a young nubile creature…”


  She turns to the head cultist, “I will remember you…a man who would sacrifice his own daughter to a demoness…hmmm….your soul speaks volumes, after she possessed your child you and these others intended to have a blood orgy, fucking these other two men and sacrificing them as well to become zombies.”


   “Grand Seeka?” asks the head cultist, “is…are…”


  “Your demoness is dead,” says the girl, “I am Chaykonaka…the Queen of Hell!”


  The cabin shakes and feels to lift like an elevator.


  “You are in my domain, this structure and all within her are now in Hell, your souls are mine, your lives are ended.”


   She puts her arms down and the cabin is ablaze with the cultists bursting into flames and quickly becoming ash.


  She turns to the two men, “I have no interest in wasting my time speaking to vile low class trash such as them…you however have an air about you…”


   With a wave of her hand their gags are gone and they are no longer bound.


  “Tell me your names…and I may free this girl…for I have no use for a proxy body.”


  The two men look at each other, one says, “I am Sammy Gatling,” the other says, “I am Dane Gatling.”


  The girl *laughs* a boisterous sound that shakes the very air with a burning heat.


  “These are not your names,” she says lifting her hand; both men feel paralyzed.


  She taps them on their foreheads with her long nail, drawing a drop of blood each and tasting it.


 “A chaotic force,” she says, “has altered your names, your history, your very identities for the sake of a story; to make you an homage to a television show.”


  She touches the gem on her head, “The same force that no doubt replaced the Demon Crystal those men no doubt thought they had with this…a Sorceress Stone; one of seven crafted in a time and place long ago.”


  The two men feel faint, their memories feeling fuzzy; it dawns on them that all the hunting of demons and monsters they had been doing, tracking this cult, joining the hunters whose location they shouldn’t have even known; all of it has only been part of their lives for about two months.


  The one who called himself Sammy says, “My…my name is Jeff….I’m…was a manager at a department store.”


 The one who called himself Dane says, “Shit…my wife has to be worried about me…I was on my way to the office and then….I drove over your house and which…you had all those weapons.”


  “That wasn’t my house,” says Jeff, “I don’t how I even got there…and we…we thought we were brothers and…we were taking orders from a woman on the phone…said she was our hunter mother…”


  Chaykonaka looks bored, “Then it is done, return to your homes, return to the mundane if you wish. I return this body to your world with no memories of my presence.”


  There is a bright red flash and the two men find themselves sitting by their car, the girl is asleep, dressed in slightly singed normal clothes. The cabin is burning down.


  “How do I explain this to my wife,” says the man who was called Dane.


  “Screw that,” says Jeff, “explaining this shit right here to the cops is going to be hard enough.”


 “I’d go with drugged my a cult on your ways to or from work, and snapped out of it right when things were going Jones’ Town on you.”


  It is the same woman’s voice they remembered from the phone calls.


 Sitting on the car is a woman with a fairly large rack, long un-naturally especially as it doesn’t look be artificially colored green hair, dressed in some Renaissance fair sorceress green with gold trim costume and cape.


  The two men stand up and reach for weapons that aren’t there, taken by the cultists.


  “Calm down now boys,” says the woman, “Don’t want to wake up the girl, poor thing, although the remnant effects of Chay’s possession should be interesting to watch. I bet she could become a much more interesting hunter than you two knock-offs; surpressed demon powers, a…ooooh…a slayer, hunting evil with evil powers; going to have to give her a new life…what with her mom and dad both burned up and…well…cultists that were trying to sacrifice her to a wannabe demon queen.”


  “Who the fuck are you?” asks the ex-Dane (Tim…his name is Tim).


  “I am the one who made your lives more interesting,” says the woman.


  “You stole our lives,” accuses Jeff


 “and gave you an out, you will get 15 minutes of fame…unless you want to continue hunting…I am giving you the choice now. Return to your mundane lives, or continue as my hunters.”


  “Fuck you lady,” says Tim, “I have a wife and kids and…”


  She’s gone, no flash, no time goes by, just not there, nor is the girl who was in the car.


 “Fuck this,” says Tim, “I am walking back to town and calling the cops myself and…”


  A green wave swallows Jeff as a black wave swallows Tim, the two waves collide and retreat.


 Jeff is now standing in a green field with a large mansion in the background and a table with tea and stuffed animals nearby; a woman is sitting there wearing a green almost see-through dress and has long green wavy hair.


  “Could have sworn I implied no,” says Jeff walking over, he stops as the stuffed toys start laughing at him.


  “I am not the one you spoke to,” says the woman sipping her tea, “That was Sally…I am Misaline…her daughter and…”


  She looks at Jeff and looks around, she narrows her eyes as she says, “Shit…thought it felt like someone else was making a grab into a Sally Show…mmmm…I wanted both of them..”


  Misaline twirls her fingers opening a portal to find a dark place, barren rocks and a woman dressed as a dominatrix with long black hair has Tim tied to a rack and bound.


  “Hey!” shouts Misaline, “that’s my toy!”


 The woman turns and aims her riding crop at Misaline, “Little girl, just because your mommy fucked with these men’s lives doesn’t make them yours my default.”


  She smacks Tim’s toned ass with her riding crop, “The show Sally ripped off…and even her rip-off was one big…cock tease after another…”


  She manifests a vicious looking strap-on dildo, “So I am going to let out every single one of those frustrations on this guy who your mommy resurrect three times in three months thanks to dealing his soul to me when the show was over. So I will have my fun with this pretty boy.”


  Misaline bites her lip and twirls her finger at Jeff making him levitate.


 “Wait a second,” says Jeff


  Misaline yells, “If I can’t have them both then I don’t want either of them, especially not just the whiny one!”


  She magically flings him through the portal which closes behind him; he rolls across the ground over to the dominatrix.


  Chains erupts from the ground around his arms and legs as she puts her boot on his chest.


  “Lady,” starts Jeff looking over at Tim who has a ball-gag in his mouth.


  “I am the Sorceress of Shadows,” says the woman, “Mother of the twins of Death, Goddess of the Dark Realms beyond the Shadow Veil.”


  She lets her foot off, his clothes magically vanish, replaces by tight constricting black leather clothes as he is also tied to a wooden plank that rises up into the. With a flip of her wrists the contraption morphs and bends him over onto all fours while a ball gag fits into his mouth.


  She looks him in the eye, “You will call me queen.”


  She sits on his back, her strap-on slapping the small of his back. A device appears that forces his head to turn and look at Tim, who likewise has a device fixed to his head forcing him to look at Jeff.


  “A shame you don’t still believe you are brothers,” says the Sorceress, “that would make for some fun…well…”


  She kneads his ass, “First to shave this hairy ass.”


 Jeff can’t escape as he feels a lotion materialize and cover his ass and a series of razor blades slide around it.


  “Much better,” says the sorceress, “but you still need lubed up before you can handle me.”


  Jeff can hear something oozing behind him, and see what looks be a green slime-girl approaching.


  “You fuck him,” says the sorceress, “while I have some fun with the tough guy.”


  The contraptions on their heads vanish so they no longer have to look at each other. However Jeff feels something as the smooth slimy woman puts her hands on his hips, something like a dick head pressing against his anus, that effortlessly slides into him all the way, halfway back out, then slams his ass.  It’s not as painful as he would have thought, then again this creature might as well be made of lube.


  Tim is not so lucky as the sorceress leans down in front of him taking his entire dick in her mouth, he feels his shaft slide back as his balls slide over her lips and in there as well; then *chomp*.  He winces but there is no pain, he feels nothing except something new…something squishy between his legs.


  The ball-gag vanishes.


  “What the fuck did you do to me you crazy bitch!” yells out Tim.


  Tim’s whole body shakes in a way he could never have imagined as the sorceress plunges three fingers into his wet pussy. She pulls them out and plunges them back in making Tim *moan*


  “You’re ready,” says the sorceress.


 With a  gesture the contraption goes horizontal lining him up with her waist.


 “Woah…hold on…” says Tim.


  She lines up the head of her giant strap-on with Tim’s virgin pussy, “A one,”


  She backs up and just slightly stretch the lips with the head going forward before backing up again, “two…and”


  Just as she plunges forward Tim vanishes in a red flash; the green slime girl leaps back shrieking as her fuck toy also vanishes…right off her dick like extension.


  Sharon turns, an irritated expression upon her brow as she stares directly at the woman in red with red eyes, dark brown hair trailing down her back, long red dress and foreword curved horns upon her head. No doubt words in a fashion pass between the two, these two entities that defy human comprehension.

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Story time:


fanfic stuff:


Predator Tales of the Four clans: Intro


   Across the multi-verse there are several subspecies of those known as “Predators”, a group evolving into sequential hermaphrodites have come to be known as the Hish; some of them even developing metaphysical powers and hunting likewise empowered prey. Most go by Yautja, although at least three variants on lung composition are known, and three variants on dreadlock structure (braided hair, tech-sensory organs, and fleshy tendrils). One of the Sub-species has grown large and whose culture focuses on the number of kills rather than the challenge, resorting to the use of drones, attack beasts, and traps to rake up those numbers; even making deals with governments on some worlds to seek out challenging prey among their species to send to hunting preserves. Of rather unexpected interest are four clans belonging to four odd sub-species.


   The Shadow Born, a mainly nocturnal sub-species possessing enhanced Infrared vision, able to easily make out depth and minute details, with a hint of ultraviolet and echolocation. Hunters consist of both males and females, specializing in predatory creatures that hunt other predatory creatures, especially metaphysical variants such as vampires, werewolves, undead,  and mutations of various kinds. They use a wide variety of weaponry and martial arts skills. Befitting their nocturnal nature they have grey skin, often with spots or stripes on the dorsal sides like the patterns seen on more typical Yautja, as well as wearing black sleek armor. Unlike most Yautja the Shadow Born do not use self-destruct mechanisms, possibly due to their small numbers or it could just be that the females, prized among their kind and rarer don’t use them; specifics are not clear.


  The Plain Hunters, a sub-species with a yellowish tint to their skin, standing taller than most Yautja and using typically lower tech weaponry, or otherwise adjusting the tech level to fit what they are hunting. They do not use self-destructs, viewing self termination as dishonorable although if one finds another has had their will broken they will kill the one of lost honor to restore their “sister’s” honor. This is what some might describe as an “Amazon” culture, consisting of females only; who will hunt males of other Yautja clans for the purpose of reproduction. The Plain Hunters only give birth to females, there have never been any signs that they even can produce male offspring. They use far more advanced stealth than other clans, adjusting it to match their prey, sometimes to stalk a male for days to decide if he is worthy or even capable of spending a night with her.


   The Kaiju-Killers, a fun name given to a clan that look like typical Yautja hunters, no taller, odd coloration, armor looks about the same as should be expected; senses seem normal. The only difference is they possess metaphysical strengths, what could be described as super-human at the C-class; able to leap fifty feet in the air, take heavy fire power with minimal bleeding, punch dents in tanks and rip apart steel with their bare hands with ease. They have found most prey lacking, instead journeying the multi-verse searching for very powerful prey; using what other clans would consider war-grade only weaponry and sometimes even vehicles they hunt down creatures often referred to as “Kaiju”. Monstrous abnormalities capable of destroying villages, towns, and cities; including also giant killer robots; their trophy cases can sometimes be lived in like a village.


   The Metal-Masks, a very unusual and often regarded as a myth or rumor clan said to have crashed and been lost on a mystical world filled with monsters. This clan retains their technology yet their style has merged with the local humanoids, becoming metal plates and chainmail. They live in matriarchal villages with the males journeying to hunt. They have developed new weapons based on a combination of technology and sorcery allowing them to hunt giants, gargoyles, golems, dragons, and other such fantastical creatures. On this new world they have become regarded as yet another humanoid race, albeit one to be avoided, even more so than orcs, for many an orc skull does adorn a Metal-Mask’s wall. Using the mystic portals of this world some have even found their way back to other universes and re-obtained ships and other higher order technology.

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story time:




  Predator vs Hirogen:


   The vessel is full of trophies from past hunts, his blue armor showing signs of glorious battles with many races across the Delta Quandrant. He shields his eyes as a strange spiraling light appears before him.


  “Hak’tash of the Hirogen,” says the spiral of light, “I am of the Ahk, we have observed you and many like you. We offer you the chance for greater glory, for hunts unlike any you have ever seen before, and become known throughout all of the multiverse as the greatest hunter to ever live.”


  “I am listening,” says Hak’tash.


  “It is a contest,” says the Ahk, “between great hunters from many different realities, among all of this universe we have selected you are this reality’s greatest hunter.”


  A tablet appears before him, “This computer is designed to integrate with any conceivable technology, we have also granted your ship the ability to slip between dimensions and universes. With this there is a vast list of species and individual creatures that should prove a challenging hunt for almost anyone.”


  Hak’tash scrolls through the tablet, “strange prey indeed. I will take your challenge and prove that I Hak’tash of the Hirogen is the best hunter to ever live.”




   Hak’tash has hunted down thirteen different monsters in the contest,


 1: *Wolf-Man*


 2: *Creature of the Black Lagoon*


 3: *Terminator*


 4:*Dracula 1930’s*


5:  *Nosferatu*


6: *Vampire: Whedenverse 10*


7: *Vampire: Fright Night R*


8: *Werewolf: Underworld*


9: *Vampire: BloodRayne*


10: *Vampire: Marvel 615*


11: *ScareWolf: Dragon Quest IX*


12: *Vampire: Legacy of Kain*


13: *Robocop*


   He flips through the list of monsters and champions, “Nothing has been much a challenge, machine taken down with magnetic weapons, creatures with easy to exploit weaknesses, or else mindless beasts…is there nothing can give me a worthy…hunt.”


  “Master,” comes the female voice of the computer, “my analysis of your chosen hunts and behavior indicates a preference for creatures that will attempt to hunt and track you back as you hunt them.”


  “Yes,” says Hak’tash, “predators are the true show of one’s worth and skill, hunt or be hunted.”


 “Might I suggest then,” says the computer, “a Predator.”


 “These have all been predators,” says Hak’tash, “I don’t need just any predator that will stalk me.”


  “My apologies,” says the computer, “Predator…an alien race often regarded by humans simply by the term Predator giving their hunting culture and aggressive behavior; due to a complicated multiversal nature…as in the presence of many variants in biology and cultural structure with some root similarities they are known by different local names, however the term Predator comes up as a common name. They are well known for hunting dangerous creatures, collecting the skulls and other items of their prey especially those that challenge them directly, the use of stealth and ranged weapons as well as melee weapons, and their imposing strength.”


  “Show me this…Predator.” commands Hak’tash


  The screen shows a typical Yautja male in mask. Sub-windows come up showing the face minus the mask, size comparison to Hak’tash, highlighting the cloak, combi stick, smart disc, infrared vision, gauntlet claws, and self-destruct.


  “kill or be killed,” says Hak’tash, “and fail to kill it and only maim it and the prey will insure there is no victor…excellent, take me to this prey.”




    The Hirogen drop shuttle exits the Ahk produced wormhole over a small blue planet freckled with islands with not a single land mass any larger than a small country. The readings on the instruments don’t make sense as several small land masses show confined weather systems, deserts the size of small parks, isolated pockets of eternal winter; even when a land mass just north of that is tropical. A world with a very artificial feel to it climates as though each roughly city sized land mass or group of islands were meant to be a small world unto themselves. His instruments lock onto the Yautja ship thanks to the Ahk computer and modifications. His vessels zeroes in on a swamp like region of one of the semi-circular land masses, passing over a small village of what seem to be humanoids that are very tall with tusks protruding from their bottom lips.


   Hak’tash’s ship lands in the swamp on a thin patch of dry land. He exits his ship, phazer drawn, the creature locator on his arm informing him that the Predator’s ship is to the north. He steps carefully through the very odd swamp, fog rolling around the edges of trees, strange bugs and amphibians here and there. He carefully observes the land around him, making sure to stay down wind as he circles the area his map his map is showing him. However as he approaches the area what he comes across is most puzzling; hanging high in a tree is the skinned body of what appears to be a humanoid alligator, a creature he is unfamiliar with in either case yet is still fairly large and dangerous looking. He ducks down behind some bushes downwind of what is clearly not a space ship in any sense; instead he sees a hut sitting out on the water, pikes are around the area with skulls on them. Humanoid skulls with tusks, reptilian skulls, something deformed and covered in spikes, and various things with daggers for teeth.


  The branches crinkle as he slowly makes his way through the bushes, he looks around, observing the tree tops as that is where the recorder showed this prey hiding before. He stops dead in his tracks as a long curved sickle blade slices through his chest and abdomen. He is killed instantly and falls to the ground as the blade is pull out by the invisible creature standing directly behind him. The figure un-cloaks revealing its weapon to be a long black combi stick with a scythe like blade that retracts impossibly as the staff like weapon shrinks down to an impossibly thin form and is put on the hip of the large female creature. She is tall, much taller than Hak’tash was, while she resembles the creature that was on the Hirogen’s screen she is distinctly different, like many humanoid aliens from Hak’tash’s own dimension and humanoids of this world upon which he landed she has breasts; her skin is a different color; a grey with darker grey stripes along the dorsal sides. While her armor is roughly the same shape and placement as the one from the Ahk record, in this case it is sleeker and black as shadow.


   She reaches down, her claw like hand ripping into the hole her blade made and grabs the sliced heart of the Hirogen and crushes it in her palm; she does not know this creature, however given some things on this world she has hunted she isn’t taking any chances. She steps back watching the corpse a moment, waiting to see what happens; on this world she has hunted creatures that would reanimate, transform, and some explode into blue flames upon death. Finding this creature truly dead she reaches into the hole, lifting the body like a tote bag and carries it back to her hut. She is quick to strip it of its armor for examination, and decapitates it after setting the helmet aside. After putting the skull on a spike she examines the helmet and puts it back on the skull.




    Her name is Sti’laka of the Shadow Born clan; one of several clans that have ventured beyond the veil of their own universe in search of worthy prey. Using a large ring like device to open worm holes between realities her clan has found many new hunting grounds. Using solo or small hunting party ships; intentionally making the ring too small for even a scout ship to pass through, each season hunters go out with empty trophy cases in their small vessels in the hopes of bringing back a new set of trophies to add to their growing collections. In this way they found worlds like this one, this world called Jenna, a Metaphysically distorted world. Such worlds often harbor such interesting hunts; orcs, trolls, elves, even dragons and assortments of monstrous beasts. Give the anomalous creatures this clan has given to using infrared holograms as well as collecting masks, helmets, weapons, and such to better represent their prey; especially those like so many undead and artificial monsters that do not leave behind a skull.


   The season was nearly over, Sti’laka had hunted several Swamp Orcs, Lizard Men, one Toxic Ghoul, and a Giant Alligator Man, whose skin she would make into a cover for her furniture back home. The approach of the strange vessel was obvious to her, using stealth far more advanced than most clans would use on a hunt, given the nature of some of her prey, and resistant to water (also given the nature of some of her prey), she followed it to its landing. She actually watched the strange blue armored alien from on top of his own ship as he noisily made his way into the swamp. He made no real attempt to conceal himself, and even in infrared she could tell his armor would stick out in this environment, giving off its own heat, and electrical fields; she checked other spectrums and found the alien’s armor didn’t even blend in color wise. Although she has gone after hunters that just try to break up their outline as their prey was color blind. She followed the weird alien as it went straight for her hut; it was clearly hunting HER; as it tried to hide in the bushes it never heard her coming and it was over just that quick.


   After cleaning and packing up her prey Sti’laka decides to check out the alien’s ship again, after all it was clearly coming after her and was also clearly not local. The alien left the door open, some small animals had already crawled inside from the swamp. The place is strange, like a bizarro version of her own culture, skulls and bones hanging from nets haphazardly, weapons on the walls, clearly a trophy hunter. But as to how it would know where she was that she would find out as a glowing screen tells her something is on display. Altering her mask’s spectrum she comes across a color spectrum revealing that it shows the image of a typical male Yautja, one from a different clan however; standing in a tree; and a map of this planet and where her ship is hiding.


  She *growls* at the screen and is surprised when a female human voice says, “Monster has entered the contestant’s vessel; searching…searching…found…multi-versal hunt contestant Hak’tash of the Hirogen has been killed…beginning retrieval and reanimation sequence.”


  Sti’laka rips the control panel off and finds a piece of technology that does not fit the rest of the tech around it, as it gives off a Dimension tech signature.


  “Warning,” says the computer voice, “do not interfere with controls or permanent contestant death may result and…”


  Sti’laka rips the control box out. The screen goes dark, as does the ship. She examines the box a moment and takes it with her.


  -sometime later-


  Sti’laka has emptied her trophy case from her ship back into her trophy case back home; however that computer, the one that located her, yet used the image of someone that clearly wasn’t her has her intrigued. Hooking it up to one of her hunt ships it comes online.


  “Trauma experienced, core systems malfunctioned, hunter registration losts…contact with main systems lost, database intact, new registration system intact, registration link up lost.”


  Sti’laka in a feminine yet terrifying voice says imitating the human language the computer is speaking, “What…are…you?”


  “Multiverse hunting competition database and locator.”


 “Function.” Says Sti’laka


 “To locate prey based on a point system for contestants of the hunt…do you want to register?”


 “Why?” asks Sti’laka


  The computer may not have understood the context as it says, “Registering will allow control over this system, as well as the locations of and data on various challenging prey from across the multi-verse; many of whom regarded as un-killable monsters to the locals.”


  Sti’laka *laughs*, a database of prey; this will be perfect for the next hunting season.




  *Out of respect for the prey that got her this new computer she would have its skull in her trophy case for the next season’s hunts; which begin with something the computer insists are nearly un-killable, vampires.


   -The Ahk would be unable to retrieve their technology for it is the works of a greater more chaotic entity that had prevented their technology from instantly reviving the Hirogen, and from escaping back to its creators via a dimension chip the moment it was being damaged. Eyes are watching, and are curious, eyes that dwarf the Ahk-

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story time:


Predator vs Fright Night



  Darkness conceals much, the mortal man flees the shadows around him as mere moments before he and his girlfriend had been accosted in the cemetery during their secretive fetish fuck-fest on a grave stone by a creature that should not exist. The silent killer is quick to move through the shadows before the fleeing man grabbing him as easily as a cat catches a sparrow; the pale skinned beast with snake like fangs grabs the man and sinks its teeth into his neck. More blood falls to the ground than seems to go down the vampire’s throat.


  A flash of blue light and smoke and the vampire drops its prey. A blast coming from somewhere in the tree line has gone through the vampire and its prey. The vampire drops his victim to the ground, the hole starting to heal already as he turns around. He scans the tree line seeing nothing, he perks up his ears and sniffs the air; his vampire senses picking up something…something weird. It is not a human, a dog, a wolf, or anything he has ever smelled before. He starts to zero in on a heart beat not far away in the bushes, he peers directly at it, nothing…no…a distortion, his eyes turn red and…another blast, a stronger one hits him dead center in the chest throwing him back on the ground. As he tries to get up he hears a *whirring* sound, then nothing as a disk like projectile slices his head off. His body ignites and turns to ash.


  A figure uncloaks over the ash, a semi-busty grey-skinned with dark grey stripes alien creature wearing black sleek plates of armor on her shins, hips, waist, bust, and shoulders, with a cannon on her left shoulder and a sharp face concealing mask with long reddish tinted black dreadlocks down her back. She leans down over the ash, setting down a brown vial off her belt that opens up with a touch of her claw like finger. Her bare claw like toes touch the edge of ash as she hunkers down next to what used to be a vampire. As she scoops up a handful of she makes an odd clicking sound. The ash pours from her hand into the vial; odd symbols appear on the vial with a pictograph that depicts a pair of fangs. She slows down her movements, rather than picking up the vial right away as it closes she instead reaches for the disk blade embedded in the ground. With a quick movement she stands and slices the head off a second vampire, a female that was trying to sneak up behind her. A second vial and more ash collected.


   Later inside her black sleek stealth like craft the female creature sets the two vials onto a red glowing plate ; a clicking sound, and then a human female voice; “Congratulations Sti’laka of Predator clan…Shadow Born; your kills of two FN1 reality vampires  has been recorded.”


   The female Predator known as Sti’laka sits at a control panel typing odd symbols, her trophy room aboard this large yet only one Predator housed craft now only having the two vials with their fang pictographs and the clearly human letters and number FN1 appearing on the vials.


   If what she is doing could be regarded as a smile then so be it. This computer is not of her kind, taken from a creature from another universe called a Hirogen that claimed to be part of some multi-verse expanding hunting contest among bounty hunters and warriors selected by some glowing energy beings. She was to be his prey; instead she took the computer and modified it so she could use it to track down and hunt dangerous exotic prey across the multi-verse in her own craft, filling it with trophies each hunting season to bring back to her clan in triumph.