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The World Of Rhuen

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A type of vampire:


Name: Vampire (Draculian)


Type: Vampire (Classical)


Average Life Span: Indefinite


Habitat: Earth AB: Any human habitation, tend to be insland and away from large rivers or lakes.


Description: They look like the person they were before they became a vampire, as in any human ethnicity with no external traits to give them away other than longer than average canine teeth.


Some of these took to wearing Victorian and gothic style clothing, but that was a choice based on the invididual.


History and Abilities: It actually took a bit of time and researchers to conclude and classify this as a separate breed. Initially they had the “Classical” classification which was (Typical, Nosferatu, and Pointed Ears). The “typical” isn’t a thing any more, Nosferatu are often called the Orlockians, and Pointed Ears are now called “Nobles” a sub-set of the “Elven Vampires”. The biggest trick was telling a Draculian apart from a Blood Zombie, a Neo-Classical, or a Fundamentalist. The closest being the Neo-Classical. The main differences are in powers and weaknesses, otherwise they pretty much look the same.


Feeding: Draculians can feed on the blood of any vertebrate and invertebrate, giving them a large range of creatures they can feed on. Taste wise they are better set to mammals than anything else. Although taste does vary by individual, and this was one of the first signs that Draculians were their own breed, given that many vampires, especially classical types have a far more limited diet. Draculians have also been observed to injest other fluids with no ill effect, however its doubtful they derive any nourishment from them other than as fluids. Oddly Draculians don’t drink that much blood at a time, even compared to natural blood drinking animals.



     Powers: Draculians are named after “Count Dracula” as unlike the Fundamentalists which resemble a hodgepodge of various movie vampires with most of the weaknesses and basic powers, the Draculians are closer to Count Dracula in power and have far fewer weaknesses or restraints on them.

   Draculians can with age and/or training learn various Psychic abilities such as (Telepathy, Hypnosis, Distant Viewing, Telekinesis, and Puppetry), that later meaning they can mental hijack an animal or person and see what they see and control their movements, as if they were them. This ended up creating the misconception that Draculians could turn into small animals, a myth they would have preferred stayed. After all what is better than letting a hunter think they killed you when all they did was kill an animal you were controlling by remote.

   The Telekinesis of a Draculian is fairly advanced, at its higher ends shown to provide flight class levitation and throwing people and large objects around. Some that have lived a very long time can even produce telekinetic forcefields and make large things and solid rock/metal violently explode. Some have even used the telekinetic fields to make it look like cloth was becoming wings or being used like a tentacle or blade (the field is around the material), this makes a useful frame for the fields as well as an aesthetic.

   Physically Draculians depending on age and training have been observed to be anywhere from twice too twenty times as strong as a human, their skin has a quality that makes them nearly bullet proof and very hard to cut. They have incredible durability and healing, they have even been seen to fall from a ten story height without it slowing them down. With their dexterity, agility, and strength they are also very adept at climbing rocky and brick surfaces.


Weaknesses: Like many vampires Draculians have weaknesses, however most are far from lethal, making this breed stand out among the classical and earning their name.


1: Sunlight: Exposure to sunlight weakens their powers and strength, a few hours of direct sunlight and they will no different than a human. That is until they are out of the sun, where their powers will return over time, a few hours and they are back to how they were before. If in total darkness their powers will return even faster.


2: Garlic: the smell of garlic is like a skunk to a Draculian. If they eat Garlic it upsets their digestive system in a way similar to lactose intolerance, giving them intense abdominal pain and dehydrated bowel movements.


3: Water: No it doesn’t burn them or anything, its just that Draculians don’t float, their bodies are highly oxygen efficient, which helps to reduce their need for blood, it also means their body has little internal air at any given time, thus they sink like a stone. While they could hold their breath for nearly twelve hourse they can drown or die from asphyxiation eventually. This is why they don’t like crossing large bodies of water, which perpetuated the classical myth of running water and that Draculians could be harmed by water like Fundamentalists.


4: Some flowers and other plants: this one seems to be more individualized, all Draculians have at least one more weakness, an allergic reaction to one or more plants besides the universal garlic; the more common ones being Wolfsbane, Holly, Mistletoe, and Roses.


   As seen they have few weaknesses, their powers and weaknesses are a fair balance. They don’t possess insane god-like powers but they are well above humans especially with age, and they don’t have a slew of weird weaknesses that could wipe them out. Thus the Draculian while not common across the globe, (some did get over the fear of large bodies of water for the sake of travel), eventually over time became more common than some types which had less intelligence or more psychotic behaviors. Draculians in some vampire nations, as serendipity has it tend to be viewed as a close caste of aristocracy such as counts and dukes.



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Another type of vampire:



Name: Vampire (Neo-Classical)


Type: Vampire (Classical)


Average Life Span: Indefinite


Habitat: Earth AB: Any human habitation


Description: They look like the person they were before they became a vampire, as in any human ethnicity with no external traits to give them away other than longer than average canine teeth.


Some of these took to wearing Victorian and gothic style clothing, but that was a choice based on the invididual.


History and Abilities: The “Neo-classical” was a late description, discovered later even than the Draculian. Originally these were regarded as (strong Fundamentalist vampires) or intellegent versions of “Blood Zombies”. However a clear difference between them and Draculians is that Neo-classicals can swim, and yes as such have no weaknesses to water either. They are similar to Fundamentalist vampires yet different powers and fewer weaknesses, but are not as strong as the Draculians and many other breeds. In short it comes down to the specifics such as diet, powers, and weaknesses to really tell classical apart from each other; in fact if not for a few powers and a weakness to sunlight this breed really would be (Smart Blood Zombies).


Feeding: They are blood drinkers, able to consume blood from any vertebrate  (except for fish). Neo-classical vampires are susceptible to being addicted to mammalian and especially human blood if they drink too much at one time. The addiction is like smoking, it can be overcome but is a bit difficult needing will-power and time, and possibly to be weaned off of it. They require much like blood zombies to feed a lot each night or grow weak.


Powers: The Neo-classicals are called as such because their powers and weaknesses resemble those of vampirs in post 2000 movies for the most part. They have the super-human strength, dexterity, agility, wall climbing, and senses of most vampires, although the strength is equal to that of Blood Zombies placing them below Fundamentalists and Draculians in the Classicals group.


   Neo-classicals have a minor hypnotic stare that works only with prolonged eye contact, they do however have a pheromone charm that makes them smell like they are wearing perfume or cologne and with prolonged exposure can make a human lower their guard and inhibitions. They have very durable bodies with a quality that makes them very hard to cut and can regenerate in a short time from most injuries, even those that should be fatal like being stabbed in the heart, so long as the damage isn’t anything intense like burning out the heart or blasting it to pieces. This has raised the myth that to kill them requires having the head cut-off or stabbed in the heart with a silver stake (see weaknesses), as this are sure fire kills against them.


   With age and/or training Neo-classicals can learn some shape shifting powers, mainly growing strong claw like nails (hands and feet), changing skin color to grey (also become thicker), and altering their faces and dermis shape like ridges, horn like ridges even, plates, scales and such. However when asleep or relaxed they revert to a human like state. This trained minor-shape shifting has allowed some to hide among more monstrous vampires for times or give the impression they are “evolving” into a greater being. But even those that have lived for centuries will attest they are still not stronger than the true monstrous looking vampires.


Weaknesses: While lacking in showy powers, the Neo-classical also lacks too many debilitating weaknesses, giving them an advantage over other classicals.


1: Sunlight: Sunlight is potentially fatal with a prolonged exposure. They will start to sizzle fairly quickly, having a first degree sun-burn in a few seconds. It reacts like a sun-burn not fire or anything like that, although at about thirty seconds when it becomes a third degree burn steam will start to come out of them. They can heal from this, but the sun damage does weaken their healing rate (for any damage) until the sun-burn fully heals. A few nights for first and second degree, nearly a week for third.


2: Silver: They are allergic to silver, it burns them like acid to the touch. If it gets inside them it can do a great deal of damage. This being their only weaponizable weakness it birthed the myth that a silver stake to the heart was needed to kill them as this was a sure fire quick and painful death.


3: Reflection: There is a theory this is tied to the sunlight burning weakness. They produce a psychic wave that bonds to photons, however it is a bit weak. This causes those that first look at them and then a reflection to see a ghostly reflection (see-through). However if one looks at the reflection first it is normal, and will remain so. They are fully visible on cameras and film.


    In the end Neo-classicals turned out to be a fairly common group, to survive many had blended into the Blood Zombie populations, viewing themselves as the gifted smart-ones. Some even gaining control over their Blood Zombie brethren to become their leaders. Due to being closer to them, Blood Zombies are more likely to listen to Neo-classicals than other types of vampires (which in some cased would use them as a go-between), as Blood Zombies seem to naturally distrust or fear the other vampire breeds.



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Story time:


The Seven Stones series:






     The Ju-el Empire, for two million years this race has been space born, or so they say. In their home universe this mighty empire has claimed three galaxies. Thanks to their concept of manifest destiny, as well as having seeded several of these worlds, they have conquered the Earths of countless others. In appearance the Ju-el would seem to be all female, although a variety of hermaphrodites and disguised males are also part of their species; parasitic genetics, adapted hybrid cells, internally male (cloacae kiss sperm drop, outward look just like females), as well as external hermaphrodites. Due to how wide spread they are, their technological appearance and degree of complexity varies; they also have a tendency when (conquering) a world to use a technology that they locals can adapt to, even adding the local styles at times. Looking closer they are distinct from humans, even being all female in appearance, their eyes are a bit larger, their hair count greater, lack of pores, hair is silkier, bodies proportioned a bit different with longer arms and legs especially in the shins, and their tongues are rather long, not to mention the small noses for the most part, although the larger eyes may be only making it seem this way. It has been said that on worlds they are preparing for conquest they will slowly and secretly alter the local concepts of beauty to match their alien appearances.


    The Ju-el are not alone however, and have in their expansive conquest met with some resistance; although not much. Some races they have an uneasy truce with such as the Kuhrai (humanoid cat like), the Kik (humanoid fox like), The Suihrai (humanoids with shape shifting shadow powers), the Dimension Society (human race of immortals, most notable as the Dimension Police), and individual entities of a cosmic nature *including a few immortal sorceresses*. They are at war with some, the Humans of Reality-Q and the Qwie Empire of Reality-P have proven a roadblock for the Ju-el who prefer a peaceful conquest or to overpower the local humans technologically not giving them a choice; their superiors aren’t happy that humans of any reality reached a competitive level and refuse to join them. Their greatest rivals however are the Croon Alliance species, none-humanoids that view humanoids as pure cosmic evil (there are reasons for that, but not necessary here to go into); only thing important is that the Croon Alliance makes it a point to exterminate any humanoids (not just human) species they come across in the multi-verse.


   Here is where this story begins, a legend known to one of the Croon Races, a nearly extinct race that the Croon found only a handful of members of in suspended animation aboard a deep space colony ship. The ship had suffered damage from enemy vessels killing most of the sleeping members within. Their species told a familiar story to the Croon, their ancestors worshipped and were used by mind controlling humanoid gods, a chaotic backlash from generations of control drove their species mad when the psionic opiate that was given by the humanoids left with them. The colonists told that by the time their kind were able to regain some sense of control over their internal instinctive rage they had already destroyed most of their own species and ruined their world. They left into space, these colonists told of finding a race of humanoids that resembled (albeit much smaller) the creatures they had worshipped. The Croon were proud to hear that the fleet of colony ships intended to exterminate what were clearly the spawn of their gods, demons most likely, and take their world.


    The ensuing war however decimated the world of the “demons”, polluting the seas they lived in, as the “demons” would not die off easily, they possessed something strange, some unlimited power source that ran their greatest city; the city the last of them fled to for survival. They would sooner destroy their own world than surrender it; using their mystic power stone they unleashed a power that cleaned the surface of their world of all life, not even corpses remained, and decimated the attacking fleet. The Croon could identify the world they spoke of, a dead world with ruins beneath the surface, no power sources or signs of life to be seen; but if something were lying dormant it would be worth a look. The Ju-el would agree, thanks to their drone spies.




   The vessel is relatively small, a stealth vessel with a crew of no more than ten, a Ju-el Infiltrator; normally used to sneak agents onto worlds, both primitive and advanced without being noticed. The captain is Shino, a woman who would easily pass for an Amazon on Earth, nearly seven feet tall, built like a powerhouse with breasts and hips that defy the muscle tone of her arms, legs, and abs with their fullness. She has hand selected her crew, a small group of no more five not counting herself. The Ace pilot Sera, Sniper expert and co-pilot Junira, Shino’s Bio-android companion and a powerful combatant in her own right Ja-Kal, and a pair of relatively green rookies who proved to be experts in combat, explosive disposal, trap disarming, and planetary exploration as well as ruin exploration, Gina and June.


   Shino, Sera, Junira, and Ja-Kal are already in the cabin of the small vessel when Gina and June show up.


  Shino is standing before her assembling crew, Sera already in the pilot’s seat, Junira is her co-pilot beside her, with Ja-Kal leaning against the wall as though she were bored with waiting, apparently more focused on a tiny ball of fluff settling in her dark mane of hair than what is happening around her.


  “Gina reporting for duty,” says the short brown haired rather plane looking rookie saluting.


 “June, reporting for duty,” says June saluting, her short blue hair in the same style as Gina’s a typical style for rookies, having to earn fancier hair style privileges with rank.


  “Take your seats,” orders Shino.


  June and Gina exchange looks and head towards their seats, as June passes Ja-Kal she does a double take at the bio-android and mutters, “you have to be kidding me.”


  “Is something wrong?” asks Shino in a commanding voice.


  “Nothing,” says June, “I mean…just…never saw a Bio-Android with a warrior’s rank before.”


  “Ja-Kal has earned her place,” says Shino eying the rookie, “is this going to be a problem?”


  “No ma’am,” says June, “my apologies ma’am.”


  “Good,” says Shino, “as you all know from debriefing we are heading for the planet Dry-Iial. A world destroyed in a war between the natives, a humanoid race of reptilians and a tentacle glob race, apparently survivors of the invaders have made contact with the Croon alliance, who are on their way to Dry-Iial as well. You already know all of this of course, this is just your second and only chance to back out, if you can’t work with each other say so now, because you will watch each other’s back am I clear?”


  She eyes an uneasy June and Gina as she speaks.


  “Get this bucket moving already,” says Ja-Kal, “I don’t have enough time to be goofing off at this part.”


  Shino looks uneasily at Ja-Kal then quickly covers that up, “Sera, Junira, get us out of dock and to Dry-Iial as quickly as possible. Gina, June, keep your eyes open for anyone and anything getting too close, Ja-Kal take your position.”


   Shino seats in the captain’s seat while Ja-Kal sits in a chair at a fighter station. The vessel leaves dock and is vanishes into sub-ethereal space.




    Dey-Iial fits its name, at least how it sounds in English far too well; for it is a desolate world. The air is breathable; however there are no sounds of higher order life upon the surface, not even the chirping of small simple creatures that can be found on even the most war torn of worlds. The Ju-el stealth craft sends down near some ruins, only distinguishable from the surrounding landscape by their geometric forms. Gina, June, Shino, and Ja-Kal are armored up; although aside from the visor helmets their armor seems a bit more form fitting than one would suspect from advanced protective gear; on a practical purpose it allows for ease of movement even in tight areas. Sera and Juniro stay at their posts on the cloaked ship, scanning for Croon ships, Life Imprints on the surface, and ready at the surface and anti-air weapons.


   The three Ju-el and Bio-android are silent as they make their way through the ruins; nothing has moved down here in centuries at the least. The security system is long corroded away, defensive mechs lie about more than half rusted; yet the energy scans show something is down below them giving off a signature; one that is only detectable by multi-dimensional scanners. Shino gives the hand sign to be quick as the walls crumble while they force a door open and hover down a shaft to the bottom floor. The mission has been uneventful thus far, as it should be, even as they approach what would be the central power room; their schematics and scans show that indeed all the lines and decayed tubes that would be the power conduits of this ex-city all originate from this one small room; befitting the rumor of an immense power source.


   June and Gina enter first, having been trained to spot and dispose of any active traps. June waves Shino and Ja-kal into the entrance of the room, Shino watches Gina look around the circular blue room while June makes her way to the alter like pedestal in the center with a small palm sized blue gemstone sitting in a circular impression under a broken clear dome. Ja-kal is watching the rear, ever vigilante of the Croon that were supposed to also be interested in this planet; although the likely hood they’d both be here at the same exact time would be unlikely and poor timing on part of the Ju-el.


   Gina is halfway around the perimeter, her scanners detecting nothing, and not picking up on any signs of simple machine traps either. June is examining the pedestal, her left hand shifting over the surface brushing aside ancient dust and chips while her scanner waves in from the other side. She turns around with the blue gemstone in her hand to face Shino, she gives the hand signal of “safe” and walks over to Shino and Ja-Kal. While holding it out she waves her scanner over it in front of Shino, the scanner reads out a zero power outage and a makeup no different than any other stone. Shino gives the signal that it’s time to leave; June takes the blue gemstone with her as they leave.


   Safely back in the ship, which is quick to take off, just missing a Croon drone passing their part of the city; apparently they lacked the information of where the power core would be or knowledge enough of humanoid aesthetics to pick up what their power systems would look like and trace them back to their point of origin.


  Shino looks at June who is holding the gemstone and asks, “Why’d you grab the rock?”


  June *shrugs*, “I figured since this was what we came for, even if it’s not active now, it clearly was part of that machine; in the lab back at base we might be able to find something the field scanner missed.”


  June looks over at Ja-Kal who June is surprised doesn’t show any concern over, or even really gives more than a casual glance at the stone, she merely says to June, “Time has expired, I must return…go to sleep.”


  Shino doesn’t look happy at this news but nods as Ja-Kal exits to somewhere in the back of the ship.


  June whispers to Gina, “I wander what that is all about.”


  “If you must know,” says Shino surprising the two rookies, “Ja-Kal has a glitch in her system; when she was built somehow her system developed a power output higher than her structure could handle; this was unfixable; however it gives her bursts of speed, strength, and energy manipulation capabilities far exceeding normal Bio-androids; the down side is she has to enter a self-repairing hibernation period at irregular intervals as the power fluctuates inside her…even when not in combat.”


  June *shrugs*, she knows there has to be more to that; but figures its either private with Shino or else top secret; and knows better than the press the issue. Gina does much the same following June’s example.




   June has kept the stone on her person while the ship enters hyperspace, keeping it in her suit pocket in fact; back in the holding area, not far from where a “sleeping” Ja-Kal is inside a stasis pod, there is a holding crate, inside it is an inert worthless exact replica of the stone in June has somehow manufactured a thermos around and even filled with water. No one but Gina is aware of the switch, or even how June managed it on a small stealth vessel.


  As the small vessel travels through hyperspace it is suddenly hit by turbalance.


  “What is happening?!” demands Shino


  To which Sera replies, “A temporal pocket!”


  “Why didn’t the sensors detect it?” demands Shino


 “It just materialized…inside the ship!”




 “The stone,” says Shino, “hyperspace must have been its trigger…June, Gina, go back and secure that damned rock!”


  As the two run back to the hold Gina whispers amidst the turbelance, “what is really happening?”


 June has no time to answer as when they open the hold the very space around them is consumed by rolling ethereal waves of white and blue. The ship vanishes, Gina vanishes, the crates vanish. June stands alone with the clothes on her back and the gem in her pocket; well…that and the body of Ja-Kal floating horizontally in the air. June fumbles with the gem in her pocket, the thin almost undetectable barrier around it still active.


  As June looks around her at this mystery the folds of time and space part behind Ja-Kal, a tall buxom woman wearing a black corset like top, black tight pants, black riding boots, wearing a calf length black cape with a red inner lining, long hair the color of drying blood, pale skin, and eyes like shimmering blue jewels. June is still as the strange woman only has eyes for the Bio-android.


  As the woman stands over the still form she says, “Ah, Jackal…Ja…Kal…anywho…it has been a long while my…ghost in the machine. I should not let you rest where they may find the changes I have made and….”


  The woman spies June, “and how do you come to be here Ju-el?”


  Before June can speak the woman says, “Ah yes…I remember…that stone; seems it had some power after all…that you pocketed…do not worry…that gem is of no relevance to me.”


  June gives the figure a curious look as the woman levitates Ja-Kal back towards a rip in the dimensional fabric.


  “Rhulan?” asks the June, “I know that’s you.”


 The woman who is indeed known by the name Rhulan stops and looks at June with a puzzling look and thinks a moment before saying, “How is it that you know my name? Now I know it has been a short trip with you, and for me these events happened decades ago; however not even my Ju-El lover…and…*laughter*…master knew who I really was possessing that body…I most certainly did not tell some Ju-el grunt my name; perhaps that is a mind stone…a tap to the Acoshic record.”



  Rhulan waves her arm and Ja-Kal vanishes through the rip before she eyes the girl named June, “Perhaps I should take that stone from you, least the Ju-el think they should pose a risk to my world!”


  Rhulan summons the shadowy serpent, griffin headed Avi-Wraiths to swarm about the dimensional pocket.


 Rhulan must shield her eyes as a bright flash comes over June, where the Ju-el rookie stood now stands…virtually the exact same woman only a bit taller, longer hair, larger breasts, and wearing a strange blue and white sorceress costume with a dress of cut straps, a belt connected to a simulation of a vest; the whole thing giving a weird grid vibe.


  “This is how I know you Rhulan!” announces June as she summons blue sleek mechanical spider robots that seem made from the very *material that is not material* of the time/space distortion around them, “I am June! The Sorceress of Science! The very creator of the stone I have taken from its resting place, who fed the knowledge of its location and importance to the Ju-el, least it fall into the hands of those aliens who would threaten our creations!”


  “I see,” says Rhulan, “A sorceress…if you be a member of the Dimension Police know this…I am Rhulan the Celestial Sorceress…ranked by their records as the second most powerful spell caster in the multi-verse, second only to the reality-warper Misaline. If you are not them…well you gamble with those like the Ju-el…sorceress; in either case…Do Not Interfere With ME!”


  With that Rhulan vanishes into the ether, her Avi-wraiths vanishing as well. June is left standing alone in the distorted space; as it vanishes her appearance returns to what it was prior to her transformation. As normal space comes back into alignment June reaches her hand out timidly forward and says, “Rhu…lan…did you…did you give yourself amnesia?”


   The world returns to focus, Gina looks around just before Shino bursts through the door and looks directly at the empty stasis pod.


  “What happened?! Where is Ja-Kal?!”


  “I’m sorry,” says June quickly, “She was…taken, just vanished, I thought I saw a person, a tall woman wearing black with red hair in the flash…I can’t be certain…however it seems they left the stone…”


  “I don’t care about that worthless rock!” shouts Shino standing in disbelief before Ja-Kal’s pod,

“I don’t know who this person is…”


  Shino *smiles*, “They have no idea who they are messing with, me, Ja-Kal, or the Ju-El military!”



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a type of vampire:


Name: Blood Zombie


Type: Vampire (Classical)


Average Life Span: Indefinite


Habitat: Earth AB: Any human habitation


Description: They look like the person they were before they became a vampire, as in any human ethnicity with no external traits to give them away other than longer than average canine teeth.


History and Abilities: These are not true “zombies” in any real sense of the word; this term has been given to what would be the most common type of vampire to appear on Earth AB after the Blood Mist spread. These people aside from a very small handful of powers, feeding on blood, and elongated canines would be virtually indisquinshable from ordinary humans if not for their feral nature. These people would become like animals, some forming troops and packs with others like them; other than this slight social behavior they are savage. When the Blood Mist first occurred it was thought that all the “classicals” were this group, some just smarter than others until the distinct differences in abilities, feeding, intelligence, and weaknesses were documented.


Feeding: Blood Zombies feed on the blood of any animal, the fluids of even insects and mollusks will be greedily consumed; however they are especially drawn to the blood of warm blooded creatures including humans (mainly due to size and ease of hunting compared to other large warm blooded creatures). It is important to remember that Blood Zombies are essentially blood thirsty apes despite retaining their human apperance.


Powers: A Blood Zombie’s physical strength is about four times that of what their physique would imply. While impressive for a human this still makes them weaker than most predators, so its good that they form packs and swarms for their own survival. Blood Zombies have a twice normal healing speed, and even scars will heal, as well as night vision, dog level hearing and olfactory senses. When they get a blood trail very little will dissuade them from the hunt.


Weaknesses: The Blood Zombie actually has very few vampire weaknesses; making them nearly human really.


Sunlight: This doesn’t actually harm them, they have become nocturnal and light hurts their sensitive eyes and makes them feel tired.


Garlic, Onions, and other strong oders: With their heightened olfactory senses and physical changes they can be made to avoid an area that reeks of certain plants and even chemical smells. However if a pack or troop puts it together (as in seeing a person) that these smells mean there is a large amount of prey in the area they will push themselves past it as it’s a discomfort not a proper weakness issue.


   In the end Blood Zombies may be on the low end of the vampiric spectrum, they are however due to numbers and lack of exploitable weaknesses along with being as strong as four people a real threat to the average person who wanders or became stuck in their territory. Their low intelligence makes reasoning with them nearly impossible. This vampire also cannot turn anyone and has to reproduce like any normal creature. Some believe these people were simpl ythe result of a bio-shock, reducing their intelligence as no supernatural abilities were added to them to compensate for the biological shifts. They hypothesis that a Blood Zombie raised by normal humans could become like a normal human (intelligence wise), and that over time the troops and packs may develop culture.



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story time,


Seven Stones 5






   Deep in the woods there is an old wooden cabin, it is at the end of a dirt road and is a stone’s throw away from a pristine lake that few know is hidden up here. The history of this cabin is one of blood, murder, madness, and the supernatural. Occult rituals, cult suicides, human sacrifice, cannibalism, and many more, the fact this cabin isn’t on a list of America’s most haunted locations and become a major tourist attraction is only because the cult that uses the site (said to be a door to the thousand hells) has several influential local families as members.




    They failed, the two men were sent to this forsaken place on a mission to save the young woman now bound, gagged, and dressed in some slinky red dress forced on her by the cult. She is tied to a pole while the dank room is filled with robed men and women chanting “Seeka, Seeka, Seeka, Seeka,”


  The two men are chained to a rig brought in as the cult leaders didn’t trust the old wood to hold these men even with chains. They are gagged and powerless to do anything but watch as an old woman is wheeled in, an old woman with horns growing from her head. The woman tied up is conscious and struggles as the old woman caresses the bound thigh.


  “Perfect,” hisses the old woman, “You are a find specimen my dear.”


  She looks up into the face of the girl as she wheels back a short distance, “I am Seeka my dear, this body may not seem like it now, but it was once young and beautiful like yourself. My spirit has kept this shell alive for nearly two hundred years; until this last year I was beautiful; when time catches up to these shells it catches up with avengence.”


  She *chokes a laugh*, “even though I am powerful, your bodies are ill-suited to hold me my dear sexy young tits


  The girl starts to hurt her wrists struggling now.


  “Restrain her!” demands the old horned crone.


 Several cultist hold her still.


 “Prepare my new vessel,” demands the crone prompting the cultists to force a strange fluid down her throat and one to bring in a lacquer box with a velvet lining inside cushioning a red gem stone.


 “What is this?” asks the crone as her decrepit hand passes over the stone, “what power it possesses…”


  “The Hell Stone,” whispers the cultist bowing and presenting it to the crone, “With this stone grand demoness the new vessel shall not only be able to house your greatness, it shall also be capable of wielding your full power without worry of destroying the vessel.”


  “Such…magnificence,” says the crone, “embed the stone at once.”


  The man passes the crone towards the other men, the drugged fluid now taking full effect and making the girl turn pale and fall asleep.


  The crone licks her ancient lips at the two bound and gagged men, “When I am in my new body I will enjoy turning you to my side…you will enjoy it to,”


  She wheels over to them and grabs one by his struggling crotch, “perhaps I should not wait to gobble your meat and potatoes…”


  She licks her dry wrinkled lips as she starts to unzip the struggling man’s pants.


  She stops only as the girl screams and red glow draws her attention, the gem stone is embedded magically into the girl’s forehead. A pair of forward curving brown horns appear on the sides of the girl’s head.


  The crone turns, “soon pretty boy…soon.”


  The man *sighs* as best he can through the gag.


  The woman wheels over in front of the bound girl as the robed figures bowed on the floor fall silent. The head cultists chant,


  “Great Queen of Hell, Master of all that is Damned, Lord of the True Hell, Master of all Sin, We call out to you to come to us and possess this vessel prepared for you, great master of the Inferno accept our sacrifice.”


  The head cultist turns and cuts his hand, “Born from my blood, I sacrifice you to the Empress of the Inferno.”


  He draws a sigil on the girl’s chest above her breasts and steps aside.


  The woman in the wheel chair opens her mouth, a pink smoke snakes out head towards the girl.


 The girl’s eyes shoot open, glowing red, her mouth stands wide, the cabin shakes and a red light streams in from outside. The pink smoke seems to hesitate a moment before suddenly and very quickly being sucked into the mouth of the girl.


  The crone turns to dust and bones collapsing on the floor. The girl laughs manically and rips free of her restraints, floating the air, and unseen breeze floating her garments about as she survey the room now illuminated by the red light from the windows.


  “I knew it,” says the cultist, “the Hell stone was perfect.”


  He bows down, “Great Seeka, you are now upon our world fully and more powerful than ever before; the world is yours grand one.”


  “Seeka?” asks the girl, “was that the name of the creature I consumed?”


 The cultists look about each other confused.


 She touches the gem embedded in her forehead, “Ah..the Stone of Sin, I crafted this so long ago I nearly forgot it even existed.”


  She feels up the body she is in, “Ah…a young nubile creature…”


  She turns to the head cultist, “I will remember you…a man who would sacrifice his own daughter to a demoness…hmmm….your soul speaks volumes, after she possessed your child you and these others intended to have a blood orgy, fucking these other two men and sacrificing them as well to become zombies.”


   “Grand Seeka?” asks the head cultist, “is…are…”


  “Your demoness is dead,” says the girl, “I am Chaykonaka…the Queen of Hell!”


  The cabin shakes and feels to lift like an elevator.


  “You are in my domain, this structure and all within her are now in Hell, your souls are mine, your lives are ended.”


   She puts her arms down and the cabin is ablaze with the cultists bursting into flames and quickly becoming ash.


  She turns to the two men, “I have no interest in wasting my time speaking to vile low class trash such as them…you however have an air about you…”


   With a wave of her hand their gags are gone and they are no longer bound.


  “Tell me your names…and I may free this girl…for I have no use for a proxy body.”


  The two men look at each other, one says, “I am Sammy Gatling,” the other says, “I am Dane Gatling.”


  The girl *laughs* a boisterous sound that shakes the very air with a burning heat.


  “These are not your names,” she says lifting her hand; both men feel paralyzed.


  She taps them on their foreheads with her long nail, drawing a drop of blood each and tasting it.


 “A chaotic force,” she says, “has altered your names, your history, your very identities for the sake of a story; to make you an homage to a television show.”


  She touches the gem on her head, “The same force that no doubt replaced the Demon Crystal those men no doubt thought they had with this…a Sorceress Stone; one of seven crafted in a time and place long ago.”


  The two men feel faint, their memories feeling fuzzy; it dawns on them that all the hunting of demons and monsters they had been doing, tracking this cult, joining the hunters whose location they shouldn’t have even known; all of it has only been part of their lives for about two months.


  The one who called himself Sammy says, “My…my name is Jeff….I’m…was a manager at a department store.”


 The one who called himself Dane says, “Shit…my wife has to be worried about me…I was on my way to the office and then….I drove over your house and which…you had all those weapons.”


  “That wasn’t my house,” says Jeff, “I don’t how I even got there…and we…we thought we were brothers and…we were taking orders from a woman on the phone…said she was our hunter mother…”


  Chaykonaka looks bored, “Then it is done, return to your homes, return to the mundane if you wish. I return this body to your world with no memories of my presence.”


  There is a bright red flash and the two men find themselves sitting by their car, the girl is asleep, dressed in slightly singed normal clothes. The cabin is burning down.


  “How do I explain this to my wife,” says the man who was called Dane.


  “Screw that,” says Jeff, “explaining this shit right here to the cops is going to be hard enough.”


 “I’d go with drugged my a cult on your ways to or from work, and snapped out of it right when things were going Jones’ Town on you.”


  It is the same woman’s voice they remembered from the phone calls.


 Sitting on the car is a woman with a fairly large rack, long un-naturally especially as it doesn’t look be artificially colored green hair, dressed in some Renaissance fair sorceress green with gold trim costume and cape.


  The two men stand up and reach for weapons that aren’t there, taken by the cultists.


  “Calm down now boys,” says the woman, “Don’t want to wake up the girl, poor thing, although the remnant effects of Chay’s possession should be interesting to watch. I bet she could become a much more interesting hunter than you two knock-offs; surpressed demon powers, a…ooooh…a slayer, hunting evil with evil powers; going to have to give her a new life…what with her mom and dad both burned up and…well…cultists that were trying to sacrifice her to a wannabe demon queen.”


  “Who the fuck are you?” asks the ex-Dane (Tim…his name is Tim).


  “I am the one who made your lives more interesting,” says the woman.


  “You stole our lives,” accuses Jeff


 “and gave you an out, you will get 15 minutes of fame…unless you want to continue hunting…I am giving you the choice now. Return to your mundane lives, or continue as my hunters.”


  “Fuck you lady,” says Tim, “I have a wife and kids and…”


  She’s gone, no flash, no time goes by, just not there, nor is the girl who was in the car.


 “Fuck this,” says Tim, “I am walking back to town and calling the cops myself and…”


  A green wave swallows Jeff as a black wave swallows Tim, the two waves collide and retreat.


 Jeff is now standing in a green field with a large mansion in the background and a table with tea and stuffed animals nearby; a woman is sitting there wearing a green almost see-through dress and has long green wavy hair.


  “Could have sworn I implied no,” says Jeff walking over, he stops as the stuffed toys start laughing at him.


  “I am not the one you spoke to,” says the woman sipping her tea, “That was Sally…I am Misaline…her daughter and…”


  She looks at Jeff and looks around, she narrows her eyes as she says, “Shit…thought it felt like someone else was making a grab into a Sally Show…mmmm…I wanted both of them..”


  Misaline twirls her fingers opening a portal to find a dark place, barren rocks and a woman dressed as a dominatrix with long black hair has Tim tied to a rack and bound.


  “Hey!” shouts Misaline, “that’s my toy!”


 The woman turns and aims her riding crop at Misaline, “Little girl, just because your mommy fucked with these men’s lives doesn’t make them yours my default.”


  She smacks Tim’s toned ass with her riding crop, “The show Sally ripped off…and even her rip-off was one big…cock tease after another…”


  She manifests a vicious looking strap-on dildo, “So I am going to let out every single one of those frustrations on this guy who your mommy resurrect three times in three months thanks to dealing his soul to me when the show was over. So I will have my fun with this pretty boy.”


  Misaline bites her lip and twirls her finger at Jeff making him levitate.


 “Wait a second,” says Jeff


  Misaline yells, “If I can’t have them both then I don’t want either of them, especially not just the whiny one!”


  She magically flings him through the portal which closes behind him; he rolls across the ground over to the dominatrix.


  Chains erupts from the ground around his arms and legs as she puts her boot on his chest.


  “Lady,” starts Jeff looking over at Tim who has a ball-gag in his mouth.


  “I am the Sorceress of Shadows,” says the woman, “Mother of the twins of Death, Goddess of the Dark Realms beyond the Shadow Veil.”


  She lets her foot off, his clothes magically vanish, replaces by tight constricting black leather clothes as he is also tied to a wooden plank that rises up into the. With a flip of her wrists the contraption morphs and bends him over onto all fours while a ball gag fits into his mouth.


  She looks him in the eye, “You will call me queen.”


  She sits on his back, her strap-on slapping the small of his back. A device appears that forces his head to turn and look at Tim, who likewise has a device fixed to his head forcing him to look at Jeff.


  “A shame you don’t still believe you are brothers,” says the Sorceress, “that would make for some fun…well…”


  She kneads his ass, “First to shave this hairy ass.”


 Jeff can’t escape as he feels a lotion materialize and cover his ass and a series of razor blades slide around it.


  “Much better,” says the sorceress, “but you still need lubed up before you can handle me.”


  Jeff can hear something oozing behind him, and see what looks be a green slime-girl approaching.


  “You fuck him,” says the sorceress, “while I have some fun with the tough guy.”


  The contraptions on their heads vanish so they no longer have to look at each other. However Jeff feels something as the smooth slimy woman puts her hands on his hips, something like a dick head pressing against his anus, that effortlessly slides into him all the way, halfway back out, then slams his ass.  It’s not as painful as he would have thought, then again this creature might as well be made of lube.


  Tim is not so lucky as the sorceress leans down in front of him taking his entire dick in her mouth, he feels his shaft slide back as his balls slide over her lips and in there as well; then *chomp*.  He winces but there is no pain, he feels nothing except something new…something squishy between his legs.


  The ball-gag vanishes.


  “What the fuck did you do to me you crazy bitch!” yells out Tim.


  Tim’s whole body shakes in a way he could never have imagined as the sorceress plunges three fingers into his wet pussy. She pulls them out and plunges them back in making Tim *moan*


  “You’re ready,” says the sorceress.


 With a  gesture the contraption goes horizontal lining him up with her waist.


 “Woah…hold on…” says Tim.


  She lines up the head of her giant strap-on with Tim’s virgin pussy, “A one,”


  She backs up and just slightly stretch the lips with the head going forward before backing up again, “two…and”


  Just as she plunges forward Tim vanishes in a red flash; the green slime girl leaps back shrieking as her fuck toy also vanishes…right off her dick like extension.


  Sharon turns, an irritated expression upon her brow as she stares directly at the woman in red with red eyes, dark brown hair trailing down her back, long red dress and foreword curved horns upon her head. No doubt words in a fashion pass between the two, these two entities that defy human comprehension.



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Story time:


fanfic stuff:


Predator Tales of the Four clans: Intro


   Across the multi-verse there are several subspecies of those known as “Predators”, a group evolving into sequential hermaphrodites have come to be known as the Hish; some of them even developing metaphysical powers and hunting likewise empowered prey. Most go by Yautja, although at least three variants on lung composition are known, and three variants on dreadlock structure (braided hair, tech-sensory organs, and fleshy tendrils). One of the Sub-species has grown large and whose culture focuses on the number of kills rather than the challenge, resorting to the use of drones, attack beasts, and traps to rake up those numbers; even making deals with governments on some worlds to seek out challenging prey among their species to send to hunting preserves. Of rather unexpected interest are four clans belonging to four odd sub-species.


   The Shadow Born, a mainly nocturnal sub-species possessing enhanced Infrared vision, able to easily make out depth and minute details, with a hint of ultraviolet and echolocation. Hunters consist of both males and females, specializing in predatory creatures that hunt other predatory creatures, especially metaphysical variants such as vampires, werewolves, undead,  and mutations of various kinds. They use a wide variety of weaponry and martial arts skills. Befitting their nocturnal nature they have grey skin, often with spots or stripes on the dorsal sides like the patterns seen on more typical Yautja, as well as wearing black sleek armor. Unlike most Yautja the Shadow Born do not use self-destruct mechanisms, possibly due to their small numbers or it could just be that the females, prized among their kind and rarer don’t use them; specifics are not clear.


  The Plain Hunters, a sub-species with a yellowish tint to their skin, standing taller than most Yautja and using typically lower tech weaponry, or otherwise adjusting the tech level to fit what they are hunting. They do not use self-destructs, viewing self termination as dishonorable although if one finds another has had their will broken they will kill the one of lost honor to restore their “sister’s” honor. This is what some might describe as an “Amazon” culture, consisting of females only; who will hunt males of other Yautja clans for the purpose of reproduction. The Plain Hunters only give birth to females, there have never been any signs that they even can produce male offspring. They use far more advanced stealth than other clans, adjusting it to match their prey, sometimes to stalk a male for days to decide if he is worthy or even capable of spending a night with her.


   The Kaiju-Killers, a fun name given to a clan that look like typical Yautja hunters, no taller, odd coloration, armor looks about the same as should be expected; senses seem normal. The only difference is they possess metaphysical strengths, what could be described as super-human at the C-class; able to leap fifty feet in the air, take heavy fire power with minimal bleeding, punch dents in tanks and rip apart steel with their bare hands with ease. They have found most prey lacking, instead journeying the multi-verse searching for very powerful prey; using what other clans would consider war-grade only weaponry and sometimes even vehicles they hunt down creatures often referred to as “Kaiju”. Monstrous abnormalities capable of destroying villages, towns, and cities; including also giant killer robots; their trophy cases can sometimes be lived in like a village.


   The Metal-Masks, a very unusual and often regarded as a myth or rumor clan said to have crashed and been lost on a mystical world filled with monsters. This clan retains their technology yet their style has merged with the local humanoids, becoming metal plates and chainmail. They live in matriarchal villages with the males journeying to hunt. They have developed new weapons based on a combination of technology and sorcery allowing them to hunt giants, gargoyles, golems, dragons, and other such fantastical creatures. On this new world they have become regarded as yet another humanoid race, albeit one to be avoided, even more so than orcs, for many an orc skull does adorn a Metal-Mask’s wall. Using the mystic portals of this world some have even found their way back to other universes and re-obtained ships and other higher order technology.



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story time:




  Predator vs Hirogen:


   The vessel is full of trophies from past hunts, his blue armor showing signs of glorious battles with many races across the Delta Quandrant. He shields his eyes as a strange spiraling light appears before him.


  “Hak’tash of the Hirogen,” says the spiral of light, “I am of the Ahk, we have observed you and many like you. We offer you the chance for greater glory, for hunts unlike any you have ever seen before, and become known throughout all of the multiverse as the greatest hunter to ever live.”


  “I am listening,” says Hak’tash.


  “It is a contest,” says the Ahk, “between great hunters from many different realities, among all of this universe we have selected you are this reality’s greatest hunter.”


  A tablet appears before him, “This computer is designed to integrate with any conceivable technology, we have also granted your ship the ability to slip between dimensions and universes. With this there is a vast list of species and individual creatures that should prove a challenging hunt for almost anyone.”


  Hak’tash scrolls through the tablet, “strange prey indeed. I will take your challenge and prove that I Hak’tash of the Hirogen is the best hunter to ever live.”




   Hak’tash has hunted down thirteen different monsters in the contest,


 1: *Wolf-Man*


 2: *Creature of the Black Lagoon*


 3: *Terminator*


 4:*Dracula 1930’s*


5:  *Nosferatu*


6: *Vampire: Whedenverse 10*


7: *Vampire: Fright Night R*


8: *Werewolf: Underworld*


9: *Vampire: BloodRayne*


10: *Vampire: Marvel 615*


11: *ScareWolf: Dragon Quest IX*


12: *Vampire: Legacy of Kain*


13: *Robocop*


   He flips through the list of monsters and champions, “Nothing has been much a challenge, machine taken down with magnetic weapons, creatures with easy to exploit weaknesses, or else mindless beasts…is there nothing can give me a worthy…hunt.”


  “Master,” comes the female voice of the computer, “my analysis of your chosen hunts and behavior indicates a preference for creatures that will attempt to hunt and track you back as you hunt them.”


  “Yes,” says Hak’tash, “predators are the true show of one’s worth and skill, hunt or be hunted.”


 “Might I suggest then,” says the computer, “a Predator.”


 “These have all been predators,” says Hak’tash, “I don’t need just any predator that will stalk me.”


  “My apologies,” says the computer, “Predator…an alien race often regarded by humans simply by the term Predator giving their hunting culture and aggressive behavior; due to a complicated multiversal nature…as in the presence of many variants in biology and cultural structure with some root similarities they are known by different local names, however the term Predator comes up as a common name. They are well known for hunting dangerous creatures, collecting the skulls and other items of their prey especially those that challenge them directly, the use of stealth and ranged weapons as well as melee weapons, and their imposing strength.”


  “Show me this…Predator.” commands Hak’tash


  The screen shows a typical Yautja male in mask. Sub-windows come up showing the face minus the mask, size comparison to Hak’tash, highlighting the cloak, combi stick, smart disc, infrared vision, gauntlet claws, and self-destruct.


  “kill or be killed,” says Hak’tash, “and fail to kill it and only maim it and the prey will insure there is no victor…excellent, take me to this prey.”




    The Hirogen drop shuttle exits the Ahk produced wormhole over a small blue planet freckled with islands with not a single land mass any larger than a small country. The readings on the instruments don’t make sense as several small land masses show confined weather systems, deserts the size of small parks, isolated pockets of eternal winter; even when a land mass just north of that is tropical. A world with a very artificial feel to it climates as though each roughly city sized land mass or group of islands were meant to be a small world unto themselves. His instruments lock onto the Yautja ship thanks to the Ahk computer and modifications. His vessels zeroes in on a swamp like region of one of the semi-circular land masses, passing over a small village of what seem to be humanoids that are very tall with tusks protruding from their bottom lips.


   Hak’tash’s ship lands in the swamp on a thin patch of dry land. He exits his ship, phazer drawn, the creature locator on his arm informing him that the Predator’s ship is to the north. He steps carefully through the very odd swamp, fog rolling around the edges of trees, strange bugs and amphibians here and there. He carefully observes the land around him, making sure to stay down wind as he circles the area his map his map is showing him. However as he approaches the area what he comes across is most puzzling; hanging high in a tree is the skinned body of what appears to be a humanoid alligator, a creature he is unfamiliar with in either case yet is still fairly large and dangerous looking. He ducks down behind some bushes downwind of what is clearly not a space ship in any sense; instead he sees a hut sitting out on the water, pikes are around the area with skulls on them. Humanoid skulls with tusks, reptilian skulls, something deformed and covered in spikes, and various things with daggers for teeth.


  The branches crinkle as he slowly makes his way through the bushes, he looks around, observing the tree tops as that is where the recorder showed this prey hiding before. He stops dead in his tracks as a long curved sickle blade slices through his chest and abdomen. He is killed instantly and falls to the ground as the blade is pull out by the invisible creature standing directly behind him. The figure un-cloaks revealing its weapon to be a long black combi stick with a scythe like blade that retracts impossibly as the staff like weapon shrinks down to an impossibly thin form and is put on the hip of the large female creature. She is tall, much taller than Hak’tash was, while she resembles the creature that was on the Hirogen’s screen she is distinctly different, like many humanoid aliens from Hak’tash’s own dimension and humanoids of this world upon which he landed she has breasts; her skin is a different color; a grey with darker grey stripes along the dorsal sides. While her armor is roughly the same shape and placement as the one from the Ahk record, in this case it is sleeker and black as shadow.


   She reaches down, her claw like hand ripping into the hole her blade made and grabs the sliced heart of the Hirogen and crushes it in her palm; she does not know this creature, however given some things on this world she has hunted she isn’t taking any chances. She steps back watching the corpse a moment, waiting to see what happens; on this world she has hunted creatures that would reanimate, transform, and some explode into blue flames upon death. Finding this creature truly dead she reaches into the hole, lifting the body like a tote bag and carries it back to her hut. She is quick to strip it of its armor for examination, and decapitates it after setting the helmet aside. After putting the skull on a spike she examines the helmet and puts it back on the skull.




    Her name is Sti’laka of the Shadow Born clan; one of several clans that have ventured beyond the veil of their own universe in search of worthy prey. Using a large ring like device to open worm holes between realities her clan has found many new hunting grounds. Using solo or small hunting party ships; intentionally making the ring too small for even a scout ship to pass through, each season hunters go out with empty trophy cases in their small vessels in the hopes of bringing back a new set of trophies to add to their growing collections. In this way they found worlds like this one, this world called Jenna, a Metaphysically distorted world. Such worlds often harbor such interesting hunts; orcs, trolls, elves, even dragons and assortments of monstrous beasts. Give the anomalous creatures this clan has given to using infrared holograms as well as collecting masks, helmets, weapons, and such to better represent their prey; especially those like so many undead and artificial monsters that do not leave behind a skull.


   The season was nearly over, Sti’laka had hunted several Swamp Orcs, Lizard Men, one Toxic Ghoul, and a Giant Alligator Man, whose skin she would make into a cover for her furniture back home. The approach of the strange vessel was obvious to her, using stealth far more advanced than most clans would use on a hunt, given the nature of some of her prey, and resistant to water (also given the nature of some of her prey), she followed it to its landing. She actually watched the strange blue armored alien from on top of his own ship as he noisily made his way into the swamp. He made no real attempt to conceal himself, and even in infrared she could tell his armor would stick out in this environment, giving off its own heat, and electrical fields; she checked other spectrums and found the alien’s armor didn’t even blend in color wise. Although she has gone after hunters that just try to break up their outline as their prey was color blind. She followed the weird alien as it went straight for her hut; it was clearly hunting HER; as it tried to hide in the bushes it never heard her coming and it was over just that quick.


   After cleaning and packing up her prey Sti’laka decides to check out the alien’s ship again, after all it was clearly coming after her and was also clearly not local. The alien left the door open, some small animals had already crawled inside from the swamp. The place is strange, like a bizarro version of her own culture, skulls and bones hanging from nets haphazardly, weapons on the walls, clearly a trophy hunter. But as to how it would know where she was that she would find out as a glowing screen tells her something is on display. Altering her mask’s spectrum she comes across a color spectrum revealing that it shows the image of a typical male Yautja, one from a different clan however; standing in a tree; and a map of this planet and where her ship is hiding.


  She *growls* at the screen and is surprised when a female human voice says, “Monster has entered the contestant’s vessel; searching…searching…found…multi-versal hunt contestant Hak’tash of the Hirogen has been killed…beginning retrieval and reanimation sequence.”


  Sti’laka rips the control panel off and finds a piece of technology that does not fit the rest of the tech around it, as it gives off a Dimension tech signature.


  “Warning,” says the computer voice, “do not interfere with controls or permanent contestant death may result and…”


  Sti’laka rips the control box out. The screen goes dark, as does the ship. She examines the box a moment and takes it with her.


  -sometime later-


  Sti’laka has emptied her trophy case from her ship back into her trophy case back home; however that computer, the one that located her, yet used the image of someone that clearly wasn’t her has her intrigued. Hooking it up to one of her hunt ships it comes online.


  “Trauma experienced, core systems malfunctioned, hunter registration losts…contact with main systems lost, database intact, new registration system intact, registration link up lost.”


  Sti’laka in a feminine yet terrifying voice says imitating the human language the computer is speaking, “What…are…you?”


  “Multiverse hunting competition database and locator.”


 “Function.” Says Sti’laka


 “To locate prey based on a point system for contestants of the hunt…do you want to register?”


 “Why?” asks Sti’laka


  The computer may not have understood the context as it says, “Registering will allow control over this system, as well as the locations of and data on various challenging prey from across the multi-verse; many of whom regarded as un-killable monsters to the locals.”


  Sti’laka *laughs*, a database of prey; this will be perfect for the next hunting season.




  *Out of respect for the prey that got her this new computer she would have its skull in her trophy case for the next season’s hunts; which begin with something the computer insists are nearly un-killable, vampires.


   -The Ahk would be unable to retrieve their technology for it is the works of a greater more chaotic entity that had prevented their technology from instantly reviving the Hirogen, and from escaping back to its creators via a dimension chip the moment it was being damaged. Eyes are watching, and are curious, eyes that dwarf the Ahk-



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story time:


Predator vs Fright Night



  Darkness conceals much, the mortal man flees the shadows around him as mere moments before he and his girlfriend had been accosted in the cemetery during their secretive fetish fuck-fest on a grave stone by a creature that should not exist. The silent killer is quick to move through the shadows before the fleeing man grabbing him as easily as a cat catches a sparrow; the pale skinned beast with snake like fangs grabs the man and sinks its teeth into his neck. More blood falls to the ground than seems to go down the vampire’s throat.


  A flash of blue light and smoke and the vampire drops its prey. A blast coming from somewhere in the tree line has gone through the vampire and its prey. The vampire drops his victim to the ground, the hole starting to heal already as he turns around. He scans the tree line seeing nothing, he perks up his ears and sniffs the air; his vampire senses picking up something…something weird. It is not a human, a dog, a wolf, or anything he has ever smelled before. He starts to zero in on a heart beat not far away in the bushes, he peers directly at it, nothing…no…a distortion, his eyes turn red and…another blast, a stronger one hits him dead center in the chest throwing him back on the ground. As he tries to get up he hears a *whirring* sound, then nothing as a disk like projectile slices his head off. His body ignites and turns to ash.


  A figure uncloaks over the ash, a semi-busty grey-skinned with dark grey stripes alien creature wearing black sleek plates of armor on her shins, hips, waist, bust, and shoulders, with a cannon on her left shoulder and a sharp face concealing mask with long reddish tinted black dreadlocks down her back. She leans down over the ash, setting down a brown vial off her belt that opens up with a touch of her claw like finger. Her bare claw like toes touch the edge of ash as she hunkers down next to what used to be a vampire. As she scoops up a handful of she makes an odd clicking sound. The ash pours from her hand into the vial; odd symbols appear on the vial with a pictograph that depicts a pair of fangs. She slows down her movements, rather than picking up the vial right away as it closes she instead reaches for the disk blade embedded in the ground. With a quick movement she stands and slices the head off a second vampire, a female that was trying to sneak up behind her. A second vial and more ash collected.


   Later inside her black sleek stealth like craft the female creature sets the two vials onto a red glowing plate ; a clicking sound, and then a human female voice; “Congratulations Sti’laka of Predator clan…Shadow Born; your kills of two FN1 reality vampires  has been recorded.”


   The female Predator known as Sti’laka sits at a control panel typing odd symbols, her trophy room aboard this large yet only one Predator housed craft now only having the two vials with their fang pictographs and the clearly human letters and number FN1 appearing on the vials.


   If what she is doing could be regarded as a smile then so be it. This computer is not of her kind, taken from a creature from another universe called a Hirogen that claimed to be part of some multi-verse expanding hunting contest among bounty hunters and warriors selected by some glowing energy beings. She was to be his prey; instead she took the computer and modified it so she could use it to track down and hunt dangerous exotic prey across the multi-verse in her own craft, filling it with trophies each hunting season to bring back to her clan in triumph.



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Predator vs Jason


   The forest in the dead of night, nearby a crystal clear lake of pristine beauty; not far off there is camp where young humans rest after a day of fun and challenges. The night is filled with sound, crickets, night birds, and one other, the howls of a girl in sexual congress as she bounces atop her boyfriend; her tits flapping in the cool night air. A blanket is rolled out on the ground; a poor choice in location with poison ivy not five feet from them, and mosquitoes seeking a feast of exposed youthful flesh. The boy is enjoying himself as he lies back on the lumpy ground, more concerned with the lumps bouncing on his would be manhood. The age of these two could be anywhere between sixteen and twenty five depending on the local statutes regarding the hiring of camp councilors; however such are likely lax given the last forty years or so of constantly hiring over sexed hormone sacks who’d rather boff in the woods than keep an eye on the kids under their care; and the fact this same camp has been repeatedly closed and investigated for over two hundred murders in four decades in, around, and tied to this location.


   The sweat soaked teens-young adults enjoying the carnal pleasures of each other’s bodies are unaware that other eyes are upon them. The boy’s hands holding the girl’s shapely hips spread out over his waist as his head lulls back; the girl bouncing for all her worth while also admiring the boy’s sculpted chest and abs with her delicate fingers and hungry eyes. They are unaware of the giant of a man making his way through the tree line, a hockey mask obscuring his face, brandishing a machete he found somewhere sneaking up behind them.


  An explosion and flash of blue light alerts the horny naked couple to their surroundings; they scream as they disjoin and run from the giant weapon wielding man with a smoking hole in his abdomen. Rather than pursue the two horny humans the giant murderous undead-mutant serial killer known as Jason Voorhees touches the smoking hole, slowly moving his masked head and then turns around machete raised. A second blue energy bolt strikes his elbow severing his arm in two, below the elbow (machete included) falls to the ground. He just looks down, not making a sound or really reacting and reaches down to pick up the machete with his left hand.


  A monstrous shriek as an invisible foe lands upon his back, extending a pair of serrated metal claws from above the right hand it stabs repeatedly into Jason’s back. No blood, only severed cloth and dust like flesh. He thrusts his body up throwing his attacker off, who does a back flip and lands on its feet knees bent. Jason turns silent, machete in hand, turning his head like a confused dog. The figure un-cloaks revealing a female with a semi-busty chest that is nearly as tall as he is. She is grey skinned with dark grey stripes on the dorsal sides wearing sparse sleek black armor and face concealing sleek black mask. Her hair is long; black with a dark reddish tint; dreadlocks adorned with brace like bands. She stands a moment before Jason before *clicking* at him and assuming a fighting posture. Jason charges her, as best he can be said to charge trying to come down on her with the machete, she blocks with her claws and with a quick movement actually cuts his blade in two, the metal glowing from the plasma edge her blades emitted.


  Without even a second of time elapsing the Predator known as Sti’laka leaps into the air, knees tucked and kicks Jason hard in the chest, this repels her back through the air while knocking Jason to the ground. In this brief instant she also fires a bolt; which blasts apart a chunk of his ribcage where is heart should be.


   She lands with a thud in the dirt and pauses a moment at her unmoving prey. It should be dead, however as her infrared vision has told her this creature is emitting no body heat, she has judged this thing to be similar to the vampires she has hunted before and gives it a moment. It twitches and begins to rise up. Sti’laka takes her smart disk from her waist and tosses it, severing a whole through Jason’s abdomen and flying behind him. She stand as Jason with half a machete in hand charges her; stopping however halfway to her as the smart disk flies back through his neck. His head begins to separate from his body as she catches the disc and returns it to her belt.


  Sti’laka looks away reaching down for the vampire dust collecting vial, when the sound of footsteps alerts her to the impossible. Jason is holding his head in place with his remaining hand and moving rather quickly. She rolls out of the way just in time as Jason stomps his foot into a tree, actually getting his stuck by being embedded into the trunk. Sti’laka leaps high into the air and does a flying round-house kick, smashing her bare foot through Jason’s hand and knocking his head off sending it rolling some distance away.


   The body falls but does not turn to dust, Sti’laka watches it as she walks past it, the arm reaches out flopping about, her shoulder cannon blasts his arm apart. She pauses walking towards the severed head, turning her neck back at the body. She locks on to the right leg, blasts it apart at the knee, then the left leg doing the same. She turns and looks down at the head, kicking it softly with her foot. The eyes open and turn at her. She pulls out a scanner, symbols appear in her view display that inform her that this thing has a metaphysical cell structure, the largest piece remaining, even ash, will regenerate and reanimate either over time or with a strong enough stimulus nearby….meaning its skull could reform the body and become a disruption; even in her locked trophy case. Jason can only watch as her clawed fingers poke through the eye holes of his mask and pull it off. She scans it and moves a heated laser over the interior burning up and brushing off any cells; not sure if they would still regenerate into another of this creature with the main body still intact. She takes a few steps and pauses; she looks back at the disfigured head watching her, and blasts it into a smoking crater with her shoulder cannon.


   Sometime later she places the hockey mask on a hook through one of the eyes in her trophy case. An interactive hologram control appears before it, she taps through a series of still blue shots of Jason as recorded by her mask, stopping on the image she had of the brute standing over the pile of tools after picking out the machete from a shed and walking out the door from when she was stalking the undead creature. Her mask display goes over the earlier scene of the two humans fucking in the forest right before Jason showed up and makes an *irritated clicking* sound and *huffs*.


    Later the two horny councilors would return with some friends with flash lights and find a smoking pit where Jason’s head had been, but no signs of what happened beyond that (other than a badly damaged tree), not even Jason’s body. Unseen by Sti’laka or the humans Jason’s body parts sank into the ground as if it were quicksand shortly after being dispatched by the alien hunter; dragged by the cursed forces of the area back to the bottom of the lake where it slowly began to reattach the severed parts and regenerate a new head…and oddly a new hocky mask rises from the lake bed as if delivered by an unseen hand.



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story time: fanfic


   The Multi-verse can be a funny thing sometimes, for its infinite array of alternate realities, differing physics, and less extreme parallel timelines; sometimes odd connections can be made. In one reality the infamous creature Jason Voorhees was inconveniently…or conveniently depending on one’s perspective stepped on by a Godzilla that happened to appear at Crystal Lake via a Dimension Tide portal that had been used in its native reality to remove it from that Earth; while in another universe a different Jason was hunted down and dispatched by a female Yautja of the Shadow Born clan. A third Jason however bears an unlikely connection to a particular version of the killer doll Chucky. This Jason ran afoul the sorceress Rhulan during one of her bouts about the multi-verse; a sorceress who has gone one on one against ancient dragons, devils, gods, and Eldritch Abominations; holding her own even if nearly killed by some of these powerful foes…naturally an undead serial killer wielding gardening implements and pipes was reduced to ash. Ash that reformed into Jason after sinking into the mud of Camp Crystal Lake.


   One particular Chucky also had a run in with this exact same sorceress after she was tasked to hunt down and exterminate a hand full of movie monsters by the goddess of chaos as part of some BS karmic redemption bit after she tried to murder Superman. The soul of this particular Chucky was grabbed from the limbo of chaos (as he had been utterly destroyed by chaos energy) by an inter-dimensional force of evil known as the Darkness (or father by the red Devil guy from the movie Legend); which restored Chucky and several others killed by the sorceress Rhulan. Chucky met the same Jason that had shared a similar yet not as bad fate at this time, treated like a toy by the child like minded psycho that is Jason. This Chucky however was tasked along with his Bride, The Leprechaun, and the Ginger Dead Man (yes the undead cookie with a revolver) to murder the sorceress and her white mage apprentice while they slept. Chucky and his Bride went after the white mage while the Leprechaun was dispatched by a super-powered maid android, the ginger dead man had the misfortune of facing Rhulan (which a fight between a foot tall cookie with a gun and a high class immortal sorceress went about as predictably as one would imagine). The Bride of Chucky was disintegrated by Hollia the white mage’s dragon familiar while Chucky was exorcised by Hollia and his soul sent to Hell.


   -that Jason Chucky met by the way was sent to the mystical world of Aesperia where a mystic archer was able to incapacitate him; after which Jason was given to an ancient immortal who was also a movie buff from another reality by the name of Count Vampyre who is now keeping that Jason as one of the many monsters wandering his property, namely a large lake by his castle-


    For an unknown length of time this Chucky’s soul, taking the form of his true body Charles Lee Ray, was trapped in the vast maddening wilderness of one Hell or another. His soul was raised from Hell by the goddess of Chaos and told that if he could defeat a single opponent he would be granted his life back…turned out this opponent was Godzilla who was pre-occupied with the siren like female dragoness Azuara; despite the fact neither Kaiju was aware Chucky was on a nearby building still managed to kill the murderous doll; the Goddess of Chaos confessed she did this just for “shits and giggles”. Chucky however ended up not back in the Hell he knew, but during the transfer his soul was trapped back in the doll and wound up in a strange distorted toy box like realm that he was informed by a jester marionette was the toy box for evil toys belonging to the reality distorting sorceress known as Misaline.


   So how exactly does all this equate to Chucky fighting a Predator? Well, Chucky with a handful of evil puppets, namely the toys from “Demonic Toys”, a few video game villains, and an evil Pinocchio have teamed up together to find a way out of the toy box…successfully entering Misaline’s mansion. A mansion that is a bridge dimension all to its self, with a shifting structure and doors that lead into various dimensions and millions of gardens that can be seen from various windows or parts of windows. The guards of Misaline’s mansion round up most of the toys, Chucky however manages to escape through a door however before the human sized maid doll can grab him.


    Chucky escapes out the door from a well lit magical world into a dark city street. Looking behind him he sees the door to a two story house with darkened windows save for one with the curtains drawn, the silhouette unmistakably that of Misaline reading a book.


   Chucky flips off the silhouette while saying, “Fuck you bitch,” before jumping down the steps and rushing off into the dark down the asphalt street of the unknown city.




     In the bushes lurks the small figure of Chucky the possessed doll, not far away a man fumbles for the keys to his car. This is a rather plain looking man; one would never think that he was anything special. Chucky secured a knife and some piano wire from a closed down and oddly abandoned with everything lying around diner (that had a piano to entertain guests). Chucky stops as the man turns and hisses, his face distorting into a lumpy hideous form with thick ridges above his eyes and long protruding fangs. Over Chucky’s head the black armored female predator known as Sti’Laka leaps, her gauntlet claws stabbing into the vampire and rising it off the ground. The vampire hisses and growl at her while unsuccessfully trying to claw at her arm, her skin like all of the Shadow Born clan aside from being grey and striped having a quality making them very hard to cut. A blade extends out the side of her left gauntlet like a short sword as she slices the vampire’s head off. She barely has time to drop it before it turns to dust.


   Sti’laka hunkers down to scoop the ash into a vial, the letters and numbers WVBA12 appearing below fang like pictographs. She senses movement leaping at her and by reflex twists and smashes her fist into Chucky sending him flying into the sidewalk. He has in his hands the knife. Sti’laka’s infrared vision barely registers this opponent as having much of an internal temperature, she looks at the bush and back at Chucky, this was the thing she had dismissed as a rodent or small cat, however her scanners alert her that the body is also made of a polymer and not flesh as well as a metaphysical energy being present.


   “Okay,” says Chucky standing up his face twisting hideously, “I don’t know how you did that you sci-fi convention reject bitch, but that asshole was going to be my ride out of this shithole town.”


  He points his knife at her, “So how about you take the Halloween mask off and give me a ride, because…babe a I owe you one for hitting me, so either you give me a ride…seeing as you can see I can’t reach the gas pedal, or I cut you up.”


  She just looks in his direction.


 “Yeah I know,” says Chucky, “talking doll…lot to take…so get the fuck over it and…”


 “Take the Halloween mask off,” repeats back Sti’laka in his voice.


  She stands up and disconnects her mask’s breathing tubes and connection cables, her face is oddly slender for her kind, the tusk spikes on her lower mandibles giving a pointed chin illusion to her facial structure. A scanner like blue light beams from her gauntlet and her hunting mask vanishes, apparently pulled into her gauntlet by some alien technology. She growls at Chucky before extending her mandibles and roaring while extending her gauntlet blades.


  “and it’s not a mask….shit…” says Chucky, “okay bitch…let’s dance.”


  He runs at her with the knife, and she punts him through the air. He lands about fifty feet away in the street.


  “Shit,” groans Chucky his plastic face contorting.


  He runs off into the nearby park looking for some cover. Sti’laka however runs after him. She leans down as she runs trying to slice the tiny plastic opponent, however he manages to dodge and makes a U-turn back towards the street. The house he had come out of isn’t too far away, like maybe a block or two.


  “Got to get a different door,” he says to himself, “crazy green haired bitch…figures it would take me to some post apocalyptic shit hole like…shit!”


  He rolls out of the way just in time not to be stepped on, Sti’laka’s foot embedded in the sidewalk. Chucky grabs the piano wire and wraps it around her foot as quickly as he can.


  “This is what you get for fucking with…oof!*


  The piano wire doesn’t cut her skin, and she pulls her foot free with chucky still holding on, the wire however does cut up his plastic finger, making him bleed profusely.


  Sti’laka throws aside the piano wire off her ankle and nearly does a double take at the sight of this plastic thing she figured was some weird scout drone she had to take out before it could alert someone; although it did challenge her to combat….at least she thought it did before it ran off.


  Chucky gets up holding the knife, “okay bitch…you’re strong…I get it…but I can make anyone bleed and …later!”


  He spots the house in line of sight and makes a bee line for it.


  Sti’laka fires several small dart pellets from her wrist gauntlet slicing through Chucky’s body, despite bleeding through several holes he still runs. However a combi stick being impaled through his body and into the road holds him tight.


  “Oh fuck this,” says Chucky looking back at the surprised Predator, “and fuck you!”


  She lifts the spear like weapon up, Chucky still impaled on it and slams it tip down into the road slamming Chucky face down into the asphalt. She reaches down wrapping her hand around Chucky’s tiny neck and just by squeezing crushing his neck into bloody pulp making his head fall off and roll a short distance.


  She examines her hand covered in the odd lukewarm blood that quickly cools in the night air. She produces her mask from the storage device and reattaches it before grabbing the living plastic flesh head by the hair.


  “fucking bitch!” screams Chucky.


 Sti’laka turns he head around holding it oddly close to her mask as if posing for a cross-over poster before she says in a slightly feminine yet growling voice, “another one” .



  While walking towards the park by the car where she dusted a vampire she pauses and sets

Chucky’s head on the roof of the car.


  Chucky says, “what the matter bitch? Want to take a fucking picture?”

 In a flash of a moment she leaps and turns, her combi stick extending further than before, the end extending into a scythe like blade as she swings it through the air, it slices off the head of a vampire that was only a blur in Chucky’s eyes. A few more swishes and three other charging vampires are decapitated. Not far off a fifth vampire says, “fuck this,” and makes a break for it. Sti’laka’s shoulder cannon aimed for his head makes short work of him (blasting the head apart being pretty much the same as decapitation , only minus having the head left), he turns to dust as well. She retracts her staff back into an impossibly thin stick that had been on her back under the dreadlocks and held tight to her armor.


  She produces five more vials from her wrist based storage device, scooping up bits of the five separate piles before they blow away.


  As she walks back over to Chucky’s head he says, “what the fuck…were you going easy on me?”


  She looks down as she grabs him by the hair and hisses out, “yes,” and walks off with now six vampire as vials and the head of a living doll.


   Not far away a small camera device on a roof top is signaling video of the street back to the Slayers base outside of town.


  Buffy says, “looks like we have a new player in vamp town.”


 “No,” says a purple haired woman, “that creature is not of this world…not of this universe, my ex-master may have arranged for this hunter to appear here to punish her escaped toy…or she knows we are watching her mansion’s door in your world.”


  Elsewhere and sometime later on Sti’laka’s ship she sets the vampire vials down on red grids, the female voiced computer she had taken from a foolish Hirogen sometime back that had tried to hunt her spouting out congratulations of killing six Whedenverse Buffy slash Angel parallel world twelve vampires. She doesn’t really care, she had intended one but these vampires were weak, the two foot doll had giving her more of a challenge. A spike extends up next to a familiar hockey mask impaled through its eyes. She jams Chucky’s head down on the spike.


  “Bitch,” mutters Chucky still able to talk.


  Next to Chucky is another head, a burnt head wearing a Fedora, a clawed glove lying down under it.


  “Looks like I have a room-mate,” says Freddy Krueger.


 “How the fuck she’d get you?” asks Chucky, “Last I saw your dumb ass it was going to that wizard world.”


  “No fucking clue what you’re talking about…most likely a different Freddy…just like our pal’s sports equipment over there…on my world I fought that son of a bitch. But that don’t *sniff* smell like the Jason I knew.”


   Sti’laka finds herself stuck in place while trying to leave the room, a green archaic symbol on the floor under her feet. It levitates and turns her around. She can’t move or speak as a woman with a large bust, long wavy green hair, and wearing green robes stands in her ship…not that Sti’laka can see green right now; to her eyes there is a female form amidst twirling thermal clouds and her scanner going ballistic with its symbols indicating a metaphysical entity beyond hunting or military class encounters warning to abort confrontation and retreat.


  The woman looks at Freddy’s and Chucky’s heads, “Our Predator friend here wants trophies,”


  She looks at Sti’Laka as she says, “not room-mates am I right; I will leave you with their heads for your collection hunter…however their souls…”


  She looks at Freddy and Chucky as her eyes glow with a menacing green, “are mine,” her expression could make a dragon question if he’s a newt.


  She holds out her hand, a green sigil appearing in the air as blue and red energies pull from Freddy and Chucky’s heads, leaving their heads lifeless and the holograms turning on, showing Freddy taunting with his glove claws and Chucky standing ready to fight with his knife as when he was barking orders at someone he thought was dressed in a costume. A flash of green light and the woman known as Misaline vanishes with the souls of these two combatants. Sti’laka once freed is quick to examine her collection; she sort of laughs realizing the talking heads are now silent; as they should be. But she isn’t spending a second longer than she has to on a planet with an Apex Extinction class metaphysical being around.




   Later Freddy would find himself stuck inside a Freddy Krueger plastic action figure and Chucky inside a similar sized Chucky toy, both being held in plastic like (yet a drastically different and much stronger material) terrariums made to look like their own homes or native environments. Their fate being decorations and “pets” for Misaline and her guests to look at; among other micro-horror creatures, Chucky’s other side neighbore being a tiny drone Xenomorph.


*to follow this Chucky’s backstory,

  (Rhulan vs Chucky)

  (Late Night Assassins)


  (Chucky Meets Godzilla)


 *for the Jason mentioned

  (Sorceress by the Lake Side)


  (Moonlight Lake)



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Predator vs Freddy



   On the surface this appears to be a normal looking tea room for a proper British Lady, however upon closer examination, things start to seem…off. Such as by looking out a nearby window one would see a volleyball game going on, with a huge breasted female Cthulhu on one side with a floating Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons; only with a pair of massively muscular humanoid arms with grey skin and demon like claws; playing against a plastic life sized and fully mobile and articulated Barbie Doll who is partnered with something sort of resembling superman with bat-man’s head wearing chains around his torso and instead of a cape he has four red octopus tentacles hanging and swishing about off his shoulders.


  As interesting as a story about these four creatures might be…they have nothing to do with this story really; our story is back inside the room as along two walls there are lined aquariums and terrariums made of a material not yet known to humans (unless this is being read after Axlex Sythetic Polymer has been invented or has a different name in your reality material that replaces plastic as the go to clear cheap material). Inside these cages, for all intensive purposes, are miniature living plastic creatures, monsters from across time, space, dimensions, and realities being held here trapped inside living plastic replicas of their original bodies…or best known bodies. The absolute hilarity of this situation being that Chucky is in the form of the possessed doll he is most recognized as, only instead of being a two foot tall plastic toy he is now a two inches tall plastic toy. On one side of him is a plastic Xenomorph, on the other a plastic Freddy Krueger; as to how Chucky and Freddy got like this…well; read (Predator vs Chucky).


   The Xenomorph is no fun, can’t talk and basically just hunches around trying to hide in the fake replica of a hive. This Freddy however met Chucky while they were both decapitated living heads on Sti’laka’s trophy case; eventually Freddy would tell Chucky how he came to be in that trophy case; this is a third person retelling of how that happened.




    After the events of (Freddy vs Jason), the decapitated head of Freddy Krueger had been set in the cabin with Jason’s other heads. The soul of the dream killer was eventually able to exit the head, not sure why he was stuck in it in the first place; being killed while in the mortal world usually seems him right back to the dream world; but apparently this form of death has a lag to that happening. Regardless as time passed Freddy regained the strength to enter the dreams of teens and kids; as with many instances of this happening some of the survivors of his attacks discovered that they could pull him out of the dream world after grabbing onto him and waking up, doing so with bits of his clothing. A funny thing about dreams, most of the time they are self induced hallucinations, confined to one’s own head; other times a person’s dream state mind may bind to their astral body and wander the astral plane. Freddy works by creating an astral pocket around a specific person, a tiny pocket dimension that he completely controls. These are mystical terms, to a scientist these would be in place of astral body, dimensional imprint and in place of astral plane a form of sub-space or one of the two co-habited dimensions that our dimensional imprint coincides with, and Freddy would be creating a pocket dimension in which he traps a person’s dimensional imprint and creates a direct physical link with the physical body so he can harm and kill people from the safety and total control of his own realm.


  A fun fact about vehicles that travel across realities, entering a new reality introduces into it not just foreign physical matter but also the other eleven dimensions attached to that matter, creating a massive distortion wake before the dimensions synch up; so it was while bland teen boy who looks to be in his twenties is leaning over generic attractive teen girl who looks to be in her twenties pondering when he should wake her as she is trying to lure Freddy into their trap to drag him into the “real world” that the most unexpected thing happened.


  The girl screamed as a pillar of blue electric light shot up around her; meanwhile on Sti’laka’s ship a ghostly image of the girl appeared as did Freddy; as in this same moment her vessel was entering that reality. The girl having a physical body returned to her body, however the dimensional stabilizers and localized gravity of the alien vessel trapped the materializing dream demon there. Sta’laka turned her head confused at the strange creature giving off no heat signature but weird metaphysical energy signatures. Freddy however mistook the Shadow Born Yautja female for the girl he was after going all “dream warrior” on him, unaware yet that he had entered the real world and taunted her before going in for a slash. His arm was grabbed, and wrist crushed by Sti’laka’s powerful grip. She threw him back a short ways, extended her combi stick to scythe form and cut his head off. This Predator was certainly surprised to find this undead thing still able to talk and badmouth her after its head was cut off. She stuck it on a spike behind a force field with the claw glove under it before dropping the body out of the hatch, right in the front lawn of the kids who had been trying to pull him into the real world. They never found out who or what had killed the man who had been killing their friends


   Of course the rest is history (Predator vs Chucky), Misaline the reality warping sorceress took back Chucky’s soul from his severed head and while there took Freddy’s soul as well. As a point, the Freddy Chucky knew prior to this one had been dodging spell traps that propagated through the minds of humans who came into contact with one another, set out in the mind of the first person by the dimension hopping sorceress Rhulan before the Darkness, an ancient mystical force had saved him with the promise of a new world to terrorize. This world had turned out to be Aesperia, where he had begun to terrorize the youths of a small town; unfortunately for him this being a mystical world they knew the signs of a demon right away and called upon a priestess by the name of Lana. She used a dream eater dagger along with a series of spells to extract Freddy from the dream world and send him into the dagger; which proceeded to digest him into nothingness *designed specifically for dream demons and psychic parasites*. This Freddy should consider himself lucky that his run in with multi-dimensinal forces started with getting his head cut off by a Yautja and ended with him trapped in a terrarium as a plastic action figure of himself.

story time:



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a hentai story:


Arisia in the Serpents' Lair


  A tall bosomed blond wearing silver armor that can’t justifiably be called armor as it barely covers her massive melons, and barely hides her nether secrets from view, the see-through crotch veil serving no real purpose over it other than to tantalize people. She has gauntlets and boots that are proper armor yet…seem so off with not even chainmail to guard the rest of her. She is Arisia of the Glamazons, and aside from armor she does have a small bag attached to an otherwise purposeless belt around her waist; this bag is of an enchanted nature as it holds within it a pocket dimension containing all manner of mystical weapons, items, and treasure, including a pair of spirit swords that she would normally have strapped her back or waist except that this time she needs to hide her magic items. For on this day she is seeking a rumored treasure deep in the jungles of Higgin’s Bath, a terrible place filled with creatures that can sense magic and attack any source of it they encounter. It is stated in legend that somewhere in this jungle is a temple erected by the Mad Goddess, who put a curse upon this land creating the beasts here that seek out magic like a drug.


  Arisia however is not here for the temple, she is here because of something else, her treasure finding map (magical map that locates hoards of magic items and precious gems/metals) pointed out an unusual hoard of such in the jungle; meaning, un-plundered ruins most likely. Thankfully her memory is perfect and she doesn’t need to use the magic map to find her destination; which in of its self is a super-power given the dense jungle and lack of landmarks on the map.  


  As Arisia approaches the entrance of a cave found at the exact spot the map had indicated she has failed to take two rather important things into account, her armor with the defensive aura it produces and her own innate abilities are also magic; while not in great enough output to attract the attack beasts in this region of the jungle, it’s still enough for her presence to be noticed by other creatures of a magical nature that have taken up residence in this jungle.


   The cave is strange, the walls and ceiling are too smooth, the floor too dry, and even with her hiding away her magic items there should at least be some random monsters hiding out in the cave; yet none are to be found. Deeper and deeper she goes, the cave illuminated by crystal lights embedded into the walls; unfortunately Arisia has no experience or training in geology or in sorcery really to know that these are far from natural formations. Deep in the depths of the cave she comes to a massive chamber filled with treasures galore, chalices, necklaces, decorative shields and armor, among various gems and piles of gold coins.


   The gold before her suddenly becomes a blur as a sting strikes Arisia in the neck, then blackness. She awakens in the emerald green coils of a massive Naga, its body easily over thirty feet long, the waist down is a this massive dragon scale like snake, from the waist up it appears to be a light skinned woman with impressively large gravity defying breasts, a pointed chin face, and shoulder length dark green hair, darker than even its own coils. The piercing yellow eyes with slit pupils study the Glamazon in its coils, half its lower body on the ground with more than enough of its tail tightly wrapped around the woman invading its nest. The Naga lifts her in the air studying her; Arisia looks down at the monster, despite the thickness of its tail and length the human part is no larger than herself. While Naga can dislocate their jaws as she knows this creature that while like a snake swallows its prey whole cannot do the same to her even though the human ribs can expand a good bit and the body lacks the normal structure and organs of a human; she is still too large of prey. Although she fears the creature studying her may be contemplating trying as much, or else chopping her up as foooooood…..


   Her thoughts trail in a long O and an *eep* escapes her lips in surprise as the Naga’s forked tongue flickers into around her pussy beneath her barely there armored bikini. The tongue flicks around her inner thigh and snakes under the bikini tasting her intimate and already wet nethers.

An idea comes to Arisia; she runs her tongue along the dragon like scales and opens her luscious lips as wide as she can to suck on the thick meat of the coils before her. She can hear the Naga *purr* and loosen its grip slightly. She is turned around a bit as the coils move to present the tip of its tail before her waiting lips. She runs her tongue along the underside before engulfing the tip in her mouth, sucking on it with a lip massaging motion. Below her the Naga is playing with its tits as it watches her.


  She is jerked back slightly as the Naga moves, backing up against some rocks as with its incredibly long body it maneuvers Arisia down so her face is in front of the Naga’s tits. As best she can, being angled in the air by the monster she sucks on the tit before her face while it plays with its other tit, she times herself to gently biting the erect nipple to when the Naga pinches its other tit. The Naga lets out a satisfied *growl* as it seems to relax a bit more while she runs her tongue around the areola in gentle circles.


   She almost bites down when the Naga suddenly tightens its coils and moves her so her back is facing the cave entrance as the Naga re-positions its self. It slithers its body up the cave wall so Arisia is face to face with the oddly small slit between the human body and the snake body, she opens her mouth prepared to stick her tongue into a waiting pussy only for a cock to spring forth from the slit nearly poking her in the eye. She looks up a moment, seeing the Naga arms spread out on the rock holding its self in place looking down at her. She parts her delicious lips and takes only the head of the cock into her mouth, her lips teasing around the rim of the cock head in a way that by this Naga’s noises it has never experienced such a sensation before. With the way she is being pushed she has no choice but to now take the entire cock into her mouth, thankful she long ago repressed her gag reflex. Oddly while she sucks the creature doesn’t pump its cock into her mouth and throat like so many lovers had in the past; instead seeming to just be enjoying its self; although in the moment she looks up, her mouth and tongue massaging the monster’s shaft she see the creature is smiling and looking not at her but something else.


  A loud *roar* stops Arisia from her sucking, although she can’t back off the cock while being held tightly by the Naga. The source of the roar is behind her, coming from the only exit from this cave. As she is pulled away the Naga’s member exits her mouth with an audible *pop*. As she is pulled aside she can now see the other creature, a giant Naga, identical in every way to the first one except this one’s human torso would be a nine foot tall Amazon and the snake body is thicker. Arisia finds herself being dragged around as the two Naga embrace and intertwine their coils, the new one having a pussy rather than a cock it is evident that the larger one is a female while the other despite the appearance of the human torso was in fact a male. The two Naga coil around each other on the cave floor knocking over piles of gold coins as the male’s cock is plunged into and gripped by the female.


  Arisia has to *gasp* for breath as the female wraps her longer, thicker body around the male’s coils that were already around Arisia; however while watching the two snake monsters fuck and lock lips in passionate embrace the Glamazon Warrior gets an idea. Finding the tip of the larger female’s tail close by she flicks her tongue on it. She hears the larger Naga *moan* and maneuver her tail even while still fucking the other one to give Arisia more access. Like with the one before she runs her tongue and full wet lips over the surface before sucking on the tip of the tail like a sweet candy. 


  With their breasts squished together and their genitals still locked together the two Naga watch the Glamazon in their combined coils as she sucks on the female tails; feel her curvy body warming up and rubbing between them. The smaller (male) Naga moves its coils so the female can squeeze her tail between and directly feels Arisia’s warmth as well. They smile at each other and speak in a language of *hisses*.


   Arisia is lifted into the air and rolled about, her legs are freed from their coils, while held a bit gently about the torso, her arms still pinned to her sides. She finds herself settled down between the two Naga, their coils about her as though she were the center of strange oroborous. Her face is pressed into the pussy of the giant female. Knowing what it wants she runs her tongue along the sides of the pussy before sucking on the giant clit. While the female Naga’s pussy juices flow down Arisia’s chin she can feel the male’s delicate feminine hands spreading her legs apart and the head of its cock pressed up against her glistening pussy. With her chin buried in snake monster vagina, her own pussy is deeply penetrated by the other’s human yet oddly pumping on its own now cock. She can feel that the two Naga are leaning over her, their long snake like tongues intertwined as they mutually enjoy the Glamazon between them.  Even as the Naga’s cock pumps against Arisia’s insides she can feel the female’s pussy doing the strangest thing; it is opening up and lapping at her face as though trying to locate and lock around a cock, the wet sides splashing against her cheeks as she sucks on the clit.


   Arisia finds herself pulled away from the pussy as the male backs out of fucking her; she does not know when but the male has completely look go of her and now she is only in the coils of the larger female Naga. She is lifted into the air, she would have thought she would have to suck this one’s tits, however she is lifted clear above the Naga’s head, a tinge of fear enters her mind thinking over how large this one is; fears of being shoved down the monster’s throat legs first short lived as she feels her ankles being grabbed by the Naga and spread apart, her pussy parked on the monster’s face. Its massive mouth practically engulfs her inter nether regions between her legs, feeling that long forked tongue flicking into her pussy. With the creature’s wanton suction and insisting flicks of the tongue it is drinking down Arisia’s pussy juice greedily. This creature clearly knows exactly where to aim and how much pressure to use to bring a woman to repeated orgasms quickly.


  Arisia feels the female Naga beneath her move around oddly, looking down between exhausted *moans* from repeated orgasms she spies the all too feminine looking male coiling around the female Naga, climbing her like tree, even above Arisia, her face once again pressed before the male Naga’s cock. She once more takes the cock into her mouth, although a bit meekly this time; for all her strength and endurance, this giant Naga working over her pussy has surpassed anything Arisia has ever experienced before. As she sucks on the cock she notices through semi-blurry vision the oddest thing, the slit the cock came out of is slick, her own pussy juices mixed with that of the female no doubt, and then *bam* poked right in the cheek by a second cock erupting from the slit. The male Naga lets out a loud pleasurable *sigh* as the second cock emerges.


  Arisia lets out a disappointed *groan* as the male pulls away and the female releases her pussy. She is brought down face to face with the giant Naga, the male climbs down so his two cocks are before their faces. The female Naga smiles, gives Arisia a quick and somewhat sloppy kiss, before turning her head with its hand towards one of the cocks while the female takes the other into its mouth. Arisia needs no further cue as she takes the other cock, the newly emerged one into her mouth. The male Naga is writhing, his bountiful breasts heaving in deep breath. Arisia is a bit taken back as the slit on the male is oozing out a sticky substance. The female pulls Arisia back and pins both cocks together with her hand and takes both at once into her mouth, deep throating them and pulling completely off of them, dragging the sticking substance over the lengths with her mouth sticking them together.


  Arisia cringes at the *snapping* sound as the female Naga pulls her lips apart breaking the sticking substance off her lips. She licks her forked tongue around Arisia’s mouth, Arisia can feel that the sticky substance had been on her face and the female’s tongue was dissolving it with a special saliva.


   Arisia finds herself being completely unwound on the floor as the two Naga fully embrace, the two cocks together plunging into the wide gaping and wanton hungry pussy of the female Naga.

Arisia stands, her legs a bit wobbly watching the monsters, fully taking in how long and huge they both really are. The male Naga gives Arisia a sly look and speaks for the first time, “This part will take hours,” it says in a clearly feminine yet hissing voice, “for your payment as you have done so well you may take whatever treasure you can fit in your two handsss.”


   Arisia had come for more, and *shrugs* she did get more than she expected really, the best orgasms she had ever experienced in her life in fact. Behind her as she makes her way out of the cave she can hear massive crashes as the two Naga corkscrew their bodies through the cave during their hours long fucking. Outside she *takes a deep breath* and deposits the gold, gems, and one magic amulet she found into her magic pouch. A curious expression comes over her as she realizes something; the Naga’s words to her…she had come to steal from their treasure…and it was caught fucking her by its mate….


  “That son of a bitch passed me off as a prostitute to its mate,” she says aloud with a *laugh* before making her way to a nearby spring she spotted to relax and get something fluids back in her.



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Story time:


The Seven Stones: The Stone of Storms:




   This place is less a room or a hut than it might be thought of as a lavish tent in some manner as the walls appear to be made of a fine purple decorative fabric, yet there are glass windows somehow held in felt fabric like frames in the billowing curtain of a wall. Curtains of green cloth flutter despite the windows being closed. The room has a soft wooden colored stone floor with a circular alter raised above the rest near the far end away from the curtain like tent flap of a door; a butterfly pattern with arcane drawings and lines throughout it. The room is filled with a golden apparatus of wires and tubes with a large tube off to the right of a pedestal. Lightning sparks flash in the tube from a black stone suspended in the air. Billows puff and wheels with rods turn throughout the large apparatus whose golden rope woven wires connect to the raised section of the floor, the butterfly pattern starting to glow blue as energy surges through it.


   Standing behind a pedestal facing the altar is a pair of women whose age cannot be a certainty, their appearance is human yet distinctly not; youthful in frame and face (despite the enlarged eyes), yet full in bust (a stark contrast to the rest of the primarily thin body). They are dressed in colorful garb best known as the “magical girl” style. Not far from them is another girl/woman dressed in red leather knight armor, carrying a short sword and tiny shield; she stands by the tube containing the black stone.


    The magical-girls chant with a scroll unfurled before them, words that become light in the air heard only by faeries as whispers. A cyclone of blue energy erupts on the altar and a figure emerges. The magical girls *whimper* in fear, the knight draws her sword, as what stands before them is a tall woman with a fairly large bust, dressed in a black corset like tip with midriff showing, black tight pants, black hiking boots, long blood red hair, and a black cape with a red inner lining. This woman who easily stands twice the size of any of these people looks across the room with her piercing dark fiery blue eyes.




  “Who has summoned me,” says the woman in a stern voice, followed by, “also how…and why?”


   One of the magical girls speaks up, “G…great Goddess of Magic…we…we summoned you…our…our world is in trouble.”


   The woman *raises an eyebrow*, “you summoned me…to save your world?”


  “As the prophecy states,” says the armored girl, “when the world is in trouble, the Golden

Apparatus is to be assembled, a stone of power placed into the cylinder, and the ritual recited to summon forth the Goddess of Magic.”


   “Yes,” says the other magical girl, “The Goddess of Magic, she who crafted our world and wrote the very rules of magic themselves, who framed the mystic matrix that guides creation. Our world is being polluted by an outside power, an evil that flows…and…”


  The woman steps down from the altar, looking around the room in clear curiosity; she runs her hand through a green curtain which disperses into a cloud of green butterflies that reassemble into a curtain when she passes by.


  The woman takes a deep breath, “the translation spell can be a bit odd at times,” she says, “especially when it comes to nouns; when you say The Goddess of Magic, are you saying one goddess of magic or a singular individual as a title.”


  The two magical girls and the knight look at each other confused; “There is only one goddess of magic…” starts one of the magical girls.


  “As I thought,” says the woman, “I can sense this world’s designs…whimsical magic, butterflies, sparkling spells, rhyme schemes, things poofed into existence with cute effects, the very nature of this world…I bet you even have heart shaped trees or some such things.”


  “What…” starts a magical girl,


 “the other…I can sense it,” says the woman, “a completely different school of magic, nay…a different design completely has entered your world…ah yes…one based on darkness, shadows, magic that works better at night, attack spells, secrecy, curses, and necromancy.”


  “The evil magic,” says the knight, “then…you do know of it.”



  “Dark and icky,” says the one magical girl who was stuttering before, “its…scary and nasty…and what’s…necro…mancy?”


  “Using the dead and commanding them mostly,” says the woman.


 “ewww,” says the two magical girls.


 “I have seen it,” says the knight, “horrible things that will haunt me for the rest of my life while out fighting them…we…we can’t win…and”


  “you called the wrong goddess,” says the woman.


 “What?” they all say in unison.


 “You’re world,” says the woman, “is one based on the book of Splendor, the Green Book of the pleasant scent that causes life to bloom around it. You may never have seen it, but the one who created it and the rules that govern its magic is your goddess of magic. This foreign magic is not from your world, it is crafted by another; let’s call her Shadow for simplicity’s sake. If you are wishing to call the governess and creator of your very world’s magic, then this is a conflict between them not I…although it is curious that you could even summon me using a spell meant for Splendor and…”


  She spies the black stone in the cylinder, “that would explain it.”


  She walks over towards it, the knight steps between her and the stone, sword drawn, “This is a sacred Power Stone, The Thunderbolt Stone” says the knight, “as you are not the Goddess of Magic you come no further.”


  “you intend to stop me from taking the…seriously…Thunderbolt Stone? Of all the names this item has been called, the Stone of Storms, the Tempest Rock, the Shard of Chaos’ Staff, the Original Philosopher’s Stone…and your world gives it such a generic name…oh also I already took it.”


  The woman holds up her hand, the stone is in it.


 “How’d you?” says the knight looking behind her at the empty cylinder.


 “I am the creator of this stone,” says the woman, “it is based on my power, using this powerful item would over-ride your summoning spell and summon I instead.”


  The woman steps before the much smaller magical girls and eyes the parchment they used for summoning. As she reaches for it the knight leaps at her with sword drawn.


  “Telek!” yells out the woman, causing the knight to be stuck in mid-air unable to move.


 “I will do you a favor,” says the woman who with a gesture causes the parchment to float into the air and flip around into her hand.


  “As you wish to summon the one who crafted the whimsical magic of your world against the Shadow magic of another; I grant you two perfect scrolls.”


  She flips the scroll into the air where it divides into two, a scroll with glowing glittering green letters, and a rod of magic wood, the other a foul thing with letters so black they burn the eye to look at them, parchment made of some kind of skin, and held by a rod crafted from the bone of an unknown beast.


  She smiles and says, “these scrolls will summon my sisters, Splendor and Shadow, summon them both and let them decide what fate befalls your world if you do not wish to settle matters with your no doubt also primarily mortal opponents. I however have no stake here, I am not your creator, nor that of your enemy.”


  “She says weird things,” whispers one of the magical girls in fear speaking to the other and eyeing the scrolls, “sis…who is she?”


  The woman turns, her eyes glowing bright, electric sparks of blue and purple dance about her corneas, the ground shakes as she speaks, “I am the Storm! The Tempest! She who crafted the magic of Power, of the Elements, and the Sea of Chaos!”


   Everything settles down, the three girls are thoroughly terrified.


  As the woman stands upon the altar she crosses her arms and says, “Cosmic secrets have been revealed to you…far beyond no doubt than what was ever meant to be known to your world. Your Goddess is not alone, no doubt you have faced trials she herself has made possible, but you now face as you clearly realized a power from beyond your world; wholly unlike any magic good or evil you have ever faced. You are right to call upon her…”


  The woman holds up the stone as she glows blue and levitates in the air, “This however was never meant to touch your world, nor was I…farewell little creatures of this whimsical world.”


  With that she vanishes.


  “What…what happened?” asks the knight upon being freed from the spell.


 “Where did you get that Power Stone?” asks one of the Magical Girls?


 “I got it from a magic dungeon of course,” says the knight, “you asked for the strongest power stone I had, and that Thunderbolt Stone was way stronger than any other I ever had, like one shot a Red Dragon powerful…I mean you wanted to summon the Goddess for crying out loud…I…sorry…I had no idea it…whatever that was.”


  “Its no matter,” says one of the magical girls, “We still need to summon the Goddess of Magic and…”


  She is brought to reality that the scroll is now two scrolls.


 “We need another power stone,” says the knight looking at the empty cylinder.


 “We don’t,” says the magical girl reaching for the green lettered scroll, “I can feel the magic in this…its strong…like really strong.”


  “and…” says the other magical girl eyeing the other scroll which she swears sounds like its breathing.


  “bury it,” says the clearly older or more mature magical girl, “we must lock it in a guardian mimic box and place it in the deepest depths of the forbidden castle.”


  “didn’t that lady,” starts the younger or less mature magical girl.


  “We don’t know what that giantess was,” says the other magical girl, “but this one scroll she left does have the holy aura and the letters are those of the holy language, it is a powerful summoning spell…but this other…if its true the enemy has a different Goddess…a…Shadow Goddess…we can’t summon it…nor can we allow this scroll to fall into their hands.”


   They do not know that an invisible spy, a spirit summoned by the Shadow King Mordrid has seen the whole thing; and through it so has he and his sorceress the dark mistress of magic Nefaria.





   The kind in dark armor, with inky black hair, stroking a black cat, sits on a dark throne looking over a pool at the base of the steps of his throne, watching and hearing the whole thing.


  He turns to the woman standing beside him, the woman whose sorcery gave him access to this strange nearly defenseless yet filled with resources world, whose magic created his undead army and allows him now to spy on his enemies. A tall pale woman with well sized breasts and hips, wearing an oddly clingy black robe, her hair thick on top, a bit short in back, and odd lacey feather like veil over her ears and down the sides of her face.


  “So what is it that we just saw?” asks the king.


  “As my magic,” says the Nefaria, “is bound to the spirit of Shadows, it seems this world as a whole is bound to the spirit of Splendor.”


  “and that woman?” asks the king.


  “The spirit of the Storm,” says Nefaria her voice a bit shaky at saying that, “it seems these small humanoids had an item in their position capable of summoning her…and they wasted it, seems the spirit has no interest in a world or a conflict between schools of magic that are not her own.”


  “I thought you told me spirits had to obey whoever summoned them?” asks the king.


  “If they are summoned correctly,” says Nefaria, “this one was not, a…mistake in their power source rather than the incantation summoned a spirit with no bindings upon it.”


  “I see,” says the king contemplating all this, “send some of the spirits and undead to accompany my soldiers, we must have that other scroll before these…things bury it. Imagine having the Spirit of Shadow Magic herself under my command.”


  “As you wish my sire,” says Nefaria.




   The magical girls, now with and elder magician once more perform the ritual; their knight on her way with the sealed scroll. It astonishes them but the scroll works even without a Power Stone; what manifest before them is a figure similar to the last; a giantess twice their size, full in the chest and with long hair; this one however her hair is a dark green and wavy like vines, butterflies of every color adorn her hair; her garments are sheer green material that at once seems to be see through yet is not; as it glistens like dew made of light. In the face however there is a clear similarity to the other one that was summoned.


  The goddess folds her hands before her waist and nods her head with a smile, “my children, my Whim-chans, I hear your prayers and answer in your time of dire need oh…”


  A confused expression comes over her face as she looks at the scroll, and turns to look at the empty cylinder. A moment later this is gone and she is back to her pleasant demeanor.


  She walks about the room, “I can feel a great imbalance, a darkness has come to this world that does not belong. Magic from an alien dimension and…”


  She cocks her head, “another magic was here…one that…”


  She looks at the scroll, “I see now,” and looks at the Whim-chan magicians, they feel a slight ting in their heads.


  The goddess shows concern, “What have you done?”


  The magicians look among each other as the goddess speaks, “the magic that was here only briefly showed you her benevolence, I understand your fear, however in your fear you have endangered your entire world.”


  She looks off in the distance, the direction the scroll was taken, “the dark scroll is in danger; the enemy is coming for it. Should the scroll fall into their hands they may summon the Shadow Goddess who will be bound to obey their commands; if they do this instead of you my gentle Whims it will be a great tragedy…for when the gods fight it is the mortals who suffer for it.”


  With that the goddess vanishes like smoke. Although they do not know, she has not left; watching them from the spirit plane.




    Far from the world of Whim, across dimensions into a universe filled with clouds and floating flat worlds held in stone like rims upon a white nebular sea, there is a world that may seem familiar; a world that looks like a distorted map of the Earth, with the eastern end being North and South America with half the Atlantic, and the western end being the other half of the Atlantic. There are seas where seas should not be, islands where they should not, as well as islands missing and the positions of mountains and valleys not wholly like the Earth; more a general resemblance really. Near the North Eastern coast of what would be the United States, instead is a continent called Ravashira, there is a place called Stratalia. It is a school for sorcery and adventurers; as well as a city, a space port, and a palace of the Lia family.


    Here in a study is the sorceress Rhulan, sitting at a desk with the stone of storms sitting on the desk before her. There is a knock on the door, Rhulan need barely utter a “come in,” as the person is very familiar to her; a young woman a head shorter than Rhulan; dressed in white sorceress robes; her long brown cascading over her back like an earthy cape over the blazing white garment; her blue eyes watching Rhulan with a bit of concern.


   “Is something wrong?” asks the woman known as Hollia, “you vanished from the party so abruptly.”


  This is not mere exaggeration as Rhulan had literally been standing there talking with Hollia’s mother the Light Elf Jasma, when Rhulan literally vanished into thin air. Hollia had senses when Rhulan returned shortly after.


  “Just an old oddity,” says Rhulan, “I am taking care of now.”


  A small black swirling vortex appears on Rhulan’s desk, with a *flick* of the finger she knocks the stone into it; both it and the portal vanishing. Hollia of course saw this, but decides not to ask, as that stone was giving off a strange power, so similar to Rhulan’s own. Rhulan gets up an smiles as she wraps her arm over the smaller woman’s shoulder as they head back down to the celebration.




   On yet another world, this one an actual Earth in the void of space; however the continents are not in the exact positions and the coastlines are different due to a higher sea level. Over a grassy plane the sky darkens with spiral black clouds as the Stone of Storms flies from the sky like a meteor from the middle and strikes the ground. Not far off a creature resembling a pony with a bird like head nearly throws off its rider in fear. The three foot tall humanoid rabbit like creature that is the rider, dressed in leather clothes and many pouches calms his beast. As the sky clear he says in his language, “what strange weather, is it an omen about my journey?


  He rides over to where the stone struck the ground; his beast is fearful of the smoking crating so he leaps from its back. He examines the crater finding a smooth black crystal like stone as large as his hand. Picking it up he examines that is cool to the touch and makes the fur on his arm rise on end to the touch. He pockets the stone and returns to his beast to continue his mission of peace.




    -we now return to the story you were reading…already in progress-


   The Whim-chan knights stand defeated, exhausted, the dark army soldiers have better weapons, longer reaches, two feet on any Whim-chan easily, better armor, and are mostly undead soldiers. The Whim-chan are lucky the undead guards had orders to keep them alive as prisoners for the Dark King. The Whim-chan caravan was easy to find, what with having a bunch of colorful knights, colorful ponies, banners, and a large cage in the middle with a large blue colored chest with eyes and teeth snarling at anyone who got to close; a mimic with the dark scroll inside it.




   “You will never succeed!” yells the red armored female Whim-chan knight; while she and her company are tied up with rope before the Dark King in one of his many throne rooms, all with a raised throne atop steps, this one lacking the scrying pool and instead a wide floor. The Whim-chan knights are tied up with rope and are bound to the floor with skeleton guards watching them from behind. Between the Whim-chan knights and the king is the cage holding the mimic.


  Nefaria descends the steps at the king’s command, “Nefaria, destroy that creature, retrieve the scroll, and summon the Shadow Spirit to serve us.”


  “You can’t do this!” yells out one of the male knights, although for them the only real tell on gender is the presence of breasts, “don’t you know this is pure evil?”


  The female knight adds in, “evil never wins, you will fail, that mimic was created by the great sage herself and,”


  Nefaria chants a spell,


 “Jeg kaller på deg, med skjell rødere enn solnedgangen
Med øyne som skinner sterkere enn tusen lykter
Med hoggtenner som kan ta motet fra den sterkeste av gudene
Med en pust som kan få de eldste og viseste av trær til å visne hen og dø
Jeg kaller på deg for å forvitre og korruptere de som står foran meg
Korrupsjonens Vilje!



The Dark King raises a brow, her words are no longer in his language despite the spell placed on her. A pink energy comes over the cage and the mimic, the cage dissolves and the mimic after a moment of thrashing explodes in blue flames. The dark scroll is left behind on the floor. Nefaria flips it open on the floor, and in a quick motion bites her thumb; drawing blood and spreads it in a line over the text.


  “In my true name,” says Nefaria, “known only by my blood I summon you forth and bind you to my command, Sharon the Sorceress of Shadows I summon you!”


  A dark cyclone erupt and in the room stands a woman, so much like the other two that had been summoned before, save this one is dressed in black armor that would be sparse and barely cover anything if not for shadow cloth beneath it covering her skin save for her arms and head; her long black wavy hair draws contrast to her pale complexion and deep blue eyes.


  Nefaria holds up her wrists, a magical chain and cuffs of orange light emanating from them,

“Sharon, as I summoned you obey me and free me from this mad-man’s binding spell!”


  “Traitor!” yells out the Dark King, “guards kill her!”


  Sharon barely need glance in the direction of the skeleton guards and they turn to dust.


 Sharon grabs the magical chain, the whole thing shattering in her grasp.


 “Why would I pledge allegiance to you?” scowls Nefaria looking at the dark king, “your Necromancer summoned me from my dark palace, your offer of payment was only a lie so he could place this binding spell on me.”


  Sharon raises a brow looking down at a mystical purple rune appearing on her left wrist.


  Nefaria *laughs*, “You have no room to complain…my master,” she says, “as you bound me to your will, now you are bound to mine…oh we will have fun…my master…but first I command thee…”


  She is interrupted by a cyclone of green glittering leaves and strange whimsical music filling the air and a bright light. There are the two magical girls holding up the nature scroll.


  “Impossible!” shouts Nefaria, “your magic cannot exist in this place!”


  “By the magic of creation,” shout the two magical girls in unison, “we summon The Goddess of Splendor, bound by the scroll, come forth Goddess Sally!”


  Sharon raises an eyebrow as the Goddess of Splendor in all her divine glory appears through a green cyclone and the sound of birds singing.


  The Dark King watches in horror at something those down on the floor don’t seem to notice, for they are inside a bubble created by these two divine figures, the world around them is distorting, the castle, the floor, shifting and changing with the landscape that had been there before.


  “I do not wish to fight you little sister,” says Sharon manifesting a dark sword with a horned skull on the guard, “I am however bound by the scroll’s magic to obey my summoner.”


  “As am I,” says the goddess in stoic grandeur, “I will protect this world, even if that means I must recreate it.”


  Those words seem to pass over the heads of the Whim-chan people, however the Dark King looks about him the words of dangerous immortals known all too well to him, the only exit to this room being the door the distortion blocks, he looks down and meets the gaze of Nefaria, whose wicked smile tells him she too can see the distortion and her threats from the day he bound her are holding true, the day the Necromancer’s spell of binding were poorly worded enough for Nefaria to kill the Necromancer outright once the binding was done but keep her in the King’s command; her threat to kill not only him but all that he has created once the binding is no more.


  Her *laughter* confirming his fear, her laughter distracts the Whim-chan from making any orders for their goddess, not apparently noticing that neither goddess is even moving without direct orders to attack one another.


  “Yes!” shouts out Nefaria, “bring upon this world’s apocalypse! And while you keep the Spirit of Splendor’s attention my old master I call down cataclysm upon this ass hole’s world, Whim and Homnes shall be no more!”


  Nefaria pulls a large card from her sleeve, a card with a box for a picture that is only blackness with red glowing lines that appear at the right angles.


  “Behold my most secret of summoning cards!” she shouts, “Ancient Homnes rightfully buried the temple grounds where the cards of the Runemon would appear; your world’s forgotten magical past of summoning monsters to fight your wars and for sport shall be its undoing; for I hold in my hand a card of which only one may exist at a time, that can only be used once, and a century or more will pass before another appears to replace it! The Goddess of Cataclysms!”


  She holds up the card, “I summon thee hence!”


  The card vanishes as a column of darkness filled with lightning. A second larger column appears not far away, with it the distortion grows more violent and the Dark King backs up further, and yet suddenly the distortion vanishes as the two goddesses look at each other, the Whim-chan magical girls are deeply concerned and Nefaria is frozen in fear. For standing over to the side is Rhulan…who is holding a small cupcake in her hand. She glares at the scene before her and pops the cupcake into her mouth, swallowing it whole.


   “Seriously,” says Rhulan miffed, “Two summoning in one day…it normally takes centuries or even millennia between times that any fool manages to summon me even once *sigh* I spent the last one thousand years as a schizophrenic statue and ghosts…all it would have taken is just one jack-ass anywhere in existence summoning me for my mind and body to be freed completely..and now sometime after I was already freed and repaired myself completely…now…now two times in one frapping day I am summoned and…”


   She looks around her, “it’s the same world isn’t it? I…I took the stone away…so how the hell…”


  She looks directly at Nefaria who in turn ducks behind Sharon.


  “You…this aura…the…ah yes…Runemon cards…forgot I had one set for myself for that royal family to use in case their world was in danger or something…totally forgot I set it to reconfigure and…Nefaria.”


  Her voice on Nefaria’s name sends a chill down the sorceress’ spine.


  “Protect me Sharon,” says Nefaria, “protect me from Rhulan’s wrath.”


  Sharon turns with her sword drawn.


 Rhulan *snaps* her fingers, the dark scroll and the nature scroll burst into flames. The Whim-chan magical girls *shriek* as they put of sparkling energy barriers.


  The goddess of Splendor stands by as Sharon’s sword vanishes in shadow. She turns to a now *whimpering* Nefaria, an emotionless expression yet conveying anger most extreme upon her face.


  Sharon grabs Nefaria by the upper arm, “Okay bitch, seems you need some retraining on who the master is.”


  With that Sharon and Nefaria vanish in shadows, blacking out from reality and then gone.


  The goddess of Splendor turns as green sparks slowly fly up around her, “My dear little creations, return to your lands and know peace, for all shall be right by the ‘morrow.”


  With that the Whim-chans all vanish in green leafy cyclones.


  “I may not know exactly what is happening here,” says the Dark King, “but I do know the difference between a god and some witches who figured out how to be immortal playing god.”


  Neither Rhulan nor the goddess of Splendor are looking at him, instead meeting each other’s gaze while the Goddess slowly vanishes in sparkling green lights, right before her face vanishes a smile appears that does not belong on such a figure.


  “Do not ignore me!” yells out the Dark King brandishing his sword, “I am ruler of the Gothaham Empire I…”


  Rhulan *snaps* her fingers and his head explodes. His lifeless body falls on the ground.


  “All yours Sally,” says Rhulan as she vanishes.


 In a moment the air grows light, massive branches rip through the castle, undead soldiers become dust and water, the king’s body dissolving as though in acid as the castle melts around his corpse as well.




   In the shadow realm Nefaria is tied up to a rack, her ankles and arms spread apart and bound to the table. Sharon stands over her, the shadow cloth retreating into her armor showing off her milky silk smooth skin between the dark metals.


 “How…” whispers Nefaria.


  Sharon is holding a ball gag, “What was that? Does my disobedient pet who dares bite at her master have a question?”


  Nefaria is in a state of disbelief, “the card…it…it summoned the sorceress Rhulan…I…I know she’s powerful…second highest ranked spell caster according to the dimension police; only behind the sorceress Misaline…but…the Runemon cards…she…”


  Sharon leans on the rack, “She made them, some silly whim of hers or another.”


  Sharon holds up the ball gag, pull the straps apart.


  “But how?” asks Nefaria.


  “Oh fine,” says Sharon frustrated, “this is really bothering my horny you know, just look at my face and the answer should come to you.”


  Nefaria looks at her, there is…a resemblance.


 Nefaria is about to speak when Sharon shoves the ball-gag in her mouth and straddles her prisoner’s waist, “now there will be no more questions about my sister or my other sister or anything else…you will think only of me, and penance for your crimes my little bitch.”



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fanfic time:


Predator vs the Giant Gila Monster (its an old B-movie)



   They are the Metal Masks; long ago a Yautja colony ship was caught in a trans-dimensional wormhole as they were set between realities to find a new territory. Their ship crashed on a Metaphysical class world, a world of many humanoid races and sentient beasts among other things. Over the millennia the Metal Masks would come to be seen as just another humanoid race among so many, their long life spans putting them in the same category as the High Elves and Dwarves, who also secretly held knowledge of technology as the Metal Masks did. Their style of weaponry and armor aesthetics have changed to be similar to that of other humanoid hunters of the great beasts of this world. Thanks to sorcerers and their inter-dimensional portals connecting their world with other metaphysical worlds the Metal Masks were able to study how this works in this reality and connect it to others despite the trans-reality tempest around such a reality as this one. The Metal Masks have re-acquired ships, tech, and can now hunt among different worlds as they did before.


    San’kar, brave warrior of the Metal Masks, his armor isn’t very different than that of a typical Yautja, at least not in placement, instead of fishnet links he has chain-mail wire, his armor is plated steel, his mask is silver; yet is technological. He carries no plasma caster (shoulder cannon), or gauntlet claws; instead he carries a broadsword. He has hunted orcs, trolls, goblins, and is well known in the northern mountains for slaying a fire dragon single handedly. With his clan now traveling to other realities he has joined the hunt for new prey with new challenges.




    An inter-dimensional portal appears above a mundane looking Earth; a small inconspicuous wedge shaped vessel exits the portal and vanishes via a cloaking device as it heads towards the South Western United States. Upon the ground San’kar tracks large reptilian footprints through the desert. In the warm night air San’kar hears the sound a vehicle crashing followed by a woman’s scream. His cloak deployed he crosses over a hill to the sight of a giant Gila Monster devouring a human woman, pulling her body from a car it knocked off the road. Her body being torn apart as the massive lizard wrestles it from the car’s seatbelt and interior with its giant jaws barley able to squeeze into the door frame.


   San’kar takes aim as the beast finishes its meal and blasts it in the back of the neck at the base of the head. The creature flops down by the car, smoke rising from the hole in its neck. San’kar treks over to the beast quietly, prepared for the monster to rise up at any moment; one shot has never taken down a dragon before; even by surprise.  However he finds the great big lizard dead, the blast cleanly severing its spinal column. Using his sword he cleaves the head from the body, and with a few taps of his gauntlet controls summons his ship to retrieve the head with its scan like sub-space storage device.


   The human authorities arrive some time later, finding the decapitated lizard; pondering what sort of thing could do that to this creature. A dissection of the body would reveal the remains of several towns people and livestock; the lizard had been strangely voracious, bloating its gut with far more than it needed. The towns people however and the national guard would be on high alert and the lookout for the unknown creature or individual that killed the giant Gila Monster; however they would never find them and in time life would return to normal.



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story time:


Vampire Stalker:




    Silent as a shadow, more invisible than the wind, unseen wings glide against cliffs of glass and steel. A world of light and sound, far distant from the world of stone and wood in which pin points of light marked the location of the preferred prey against the darkness below while the glittering lights and beauty shone above. The silent entity does not care, a world of wood, straw, stone, metal, or beyond, all that matters is desire.


   The corner of a street, just one block from a noisy weekend club, a woman who is more a girl than a fully developed woman although her outfit says differently as does the look in her eyes. Her name is not important; it is one of the first things she threw away in her life. The club is not her destination; it is her cover as she waits nearby. Above her something goes unseen, clinging to the brick and mortar, or perhaps simply sitting upon the vertical surface with no more concern for gravity than the people who scurry about the world below. The girl-woman has drawn its attention, watching as a hawk watches a rabbit from above, unseen and unknown to the watched.


   The girl’s phone rings, she answers it with a, “yeah… okay…yes sir… I got it.”


  The watching one can hear the man on the other end as well as music in the background, “Your first client is leaving the club, you treat him right. Now he likes it rough and you let him do whatever the fuck he wants, I told him no scars, I don’t need my merchandise damaged, but yeah you better not fuck this up. He can do whatever, remember that, but don’t let that mother fucker Marcus tie you up, that fucker tries to actually hurt you, there is a gun under the bed don’t forget that. But don’t you even fucking think of actually shooting that mother fucker unless he is about to actually fucking kill your ass got it?”


  After she speaks the man on the line finishes, “He don’t want to be seen picking you up, so get your ass to the apartment before he gets there.”


    Curiosity perhaps or something else, the girl does not know that something else is watching her. As she tries to walk in killer hills and movement restricting “sexy” outfit, she has a silent observer moving along the walls, skimming just over their surfaces like a fish against the side of a tank, only ever so often scraping them with its unseen claws clicking bits of brick off. The girl’s mind is a million miles away, very likely as her accent is thick, speaking volumes in her short words and mumblings in a South East Asian dialect. She does not notice the *twang* of a stop light as something invisible perches upon it, a flapping sound and four sets of sharp digits clutching and scratching the metal surface. A wind blows the door to the apartment building open as she walks inside; she only turns briefly at the base of the steps as the door bobs a bit in the sudden gust and closes.



   Although the neighborhood looks okay, it is not uptown, this is downtown, this is where people live when they work at the clubs and need to be near the offices to work the menial jobs and such about the downtown area. This is an apartment of the daily grind not as bad as the wanting to be forgotten or down on their luck; certainly not as good as that from wince some of her clients come from. Men…sometimes women, mostly men, who have wives and families sometimes, men who want an escape from their lives of being controlled and bossed around; these are her clients, or rather her master’s clients, she is the tool he uses to give these men an outlet, something meek, something that can’t report them, something they can control and walk away without a shred of remorse. This is how she views her own life, this is why her name is now (Bitch), Bitch get on your knees, Bitch suck my cock, Bitch you better stop looking at me, Bitch it don’t hurt stop crying…Stupid Bitch.


   As she opens the apartment she feels dizzy and backs away from the door nearly hitting the opposite wall a foreign thought in her head, “Bitch is not a name.” a thought not in her own voice and echoing in both English and her own language. She shakes her head leaning against the wall looking into the dark simple apartment with the door hanging open. She naturally arrived well before the client, her master…


   “A master watches over their pack, the thing in your mind is not a master.”


  She shakes her head and walks into the poorly furnished room. Kept simple, no pictures, a fridge with beer, for her and the others and the clients. She smiles at least her boss lets her have this.


  She looks around, no weird thoughts but she does feel dizzy, a cold chill coming from the window that she could have sworn was closed a second ago. As she walks over she gets a strange warm breeze sensation over her skin. The client is below approaching the apartment, the man she knows as “Marcus” a man she had to pleasure on several occasions, a rough unkind man. He likes to pull hair and scream about his day. The others have told horror stories about him, how he even left a scar on one and broke another’s arm. He has gone in and out of prison on drug related charges and rape, even though he pays for the same thing from the girls in her master’s harem.


   “Sounds like a worthless human with no reason to exist.”


  She looks around frantically, that time she swears it was a whisper in the room with her. She looks at the beer and whispers, “great…he put LSD in the fucking beer again.”





   Not much later, she is prepared, having changed into one of the dresses in the closet, the outfit she knows this client likes and pays extra to violently rip off the girls. She turns her head quickly as a hot breeze from nowhere blows across her ear. She has no time to contemplate this as she can hear the door knob being shaken, a man she knows is Marcus is cursing as he fumbles with the lock. He is a large man, a very strong man, and by no means a gentle man. She knows this as the door slams open with him cussing about having to work for some shit he’s paying for. The smell of alcohol and the slur of his speech is unmistakable as he lumbers over her, grabs her by the hair and throws her on the bed.


  “Be a good bitch and give daddy want he wants,” he slurs like a slobbering beast looming over her on the bed. He grabs her hair, twisting it around his knuckles as he hold hers down, his hairy knuckles reach for the v-neck of the dress above her bosom…and he freezes.


  With her head held painfully tight in one spot she can’t look anywhere but in Marcus’ terrified eyes, which are focused elsewhere. He turns white as a sheet as his grip loosens on her hair and he starts to back up off of her slowly. That is when she hears the *growl*, a sound not like a dog or a cat or any creature she knows, a hellish sound like a tortured radio mixed with a human voice. She sees a shadow above her, something vaguely human like, from her angle she can tell it’s also very feminine as it distorts off the wall as though it had been sitting on the corner above the bed.


  The shadow’s eyes glow red as it distorts off the wall, stretching and morphing from 2-D to 3-D or else like something straining against the walls of the dimensions, not unlike the sight of something being pressed through plastic, a living moving plastic of ethereal form that binds to the form. Marcus stands and backs away slowly, his brain to out of it to register fully what is going on. In a flash she hears Marcus scream as blood gushes from his shoulder as though several meat hooks had impaled his flesh and his body is flung through the air by these very penetrations thrusting him violently through the window shattering the frame and sending him flying. No one would report hearing anything, and the police would arrive on a scene the next day of a dead body two blocks away. It would be written off as he fell from the roof there, even though there would be evidence of him slamming violently into a brick wall as if shot from a catapult before falling to the pavement.


   However that is the following day, in the meantime the woman is left stunned in the dark room, the man who was about to abuse and use her body for his own depravity attacked by something unseen. She staggers in the room in disbelief. The shadow had vanished before it had attacked the man, but now there is nothing save for the lights and sounds of the world outside. She stands in the middle of the room, the broken window the only proof that what happened was real and not an acid trip. The world beyond that shattered window feels so unreal, a portal from a world of shadows and disbelief to a world of light and sound where life continues on. She’s not sure why but until now the world never felt so open out there, so wide, like she could just fly away and live this dark prison behind.


   “Is that your desire?” asks a woman’s voice behind her.


  She turns expecting to see nothing, convinced that in a drug addled state she had attacked the man herself somehow, however reality is what it is. For before her stands something unreal, a shadow like a cloak and hood around a dark mask of a woman’s face with piercing fiery blue eyes. It is either standing or else floating with the body covering cloak upon the ground for its head easily just misses the nine foot high ceiling. The cloak opens wide, neither wing nor arm or cloth could describe the surreal extension; and edge of pure darkness that envelops her, whisking her away into shadow against a warm body large in chest and smooth to the touch. She is carried away in silence, hearing not wing beat or feeling how they left the room; only movement as the darkness, the warmth, and a strange buzzing lulls her to sleep.




     She awakens in a room like the bedroom of a castle upon a large bed of silken sheets, she stands, scratching an itch on her neck. She is weak in the legs and feels oddly dehydrated. By the bed she spies an end table with a large pitcher and glass of water; which is quick to partake in. Whilst drinking her glass she receives quiet the shock looking out a nearby window. She is indeed in a stone castle; overlooking a vast forest. She backs away as she sees several small drakes flying about.


   “Not a drug or a dream,” comes a woman’s voice.


  She had not heard the woman enter the room; a tall woman of Northern European features, with long curly black hair and wearing a black dress that surely is lingerie yet seems too fancy to sleep in; yet too clear to be worn formally.


  “Wh…where am I?” asks the woman from the city as she starts to feel dizzy.


 “I am your savior,” says the tall woman approaching her, “I give you a new life, free from your pains; just as you wished so hard for that even I heard you.”


  She falls back on the bed, her dimming vision revealing the woman before her to have the exact same figure as the shadowy form from the night before; a timid memory returning of lips upon her neck, of breasts pressed against her body, their warmth smothering her, and the sting of fangs piercing her tender neck. Her eyes widen, memory and reality of the now are one and the same. She moans as pleasure and pain become one and the same, gripping the sheets as the shadowy woman feeds on her once again.


  As she drifts back into the darkness of sleep the woman whispers in her ear; “forget the world of steel and buzzing lights; I give you a new life; a new world, a new name; you are mine now and forever; be reborn as Millia of the house of Vampyre.”



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fanfic time;


Predator vs Godzilla:



    His name is C’kint, of the aptly referred to “Kaiju-Killers” clan; his trophy case consists of the skulls of many weird creatures, most coming from the twenty foot tall range of Kaiju; mostly mutated animals or alien creatures altered by dark forces. This day however he has gone to an Earth housing a beast the locals refer to as the King of the Monsters; a massive reptilian creature emitting radiation and spitting out highly charged particles as an attack. He is agape at what he sees on the long range sensors, the creature known as Godzilla stands easily 400 feet tall, the city before it might as well be made of sand as it travels with unknown purpose, the human weapons meaningless.


  C’kint uses his ship’s teleportation technology to transport onto a nearby sky scrapper, he cloaks and leaps from the building as the side crumbles from Godzilla barely brushing against it. He lands upon the might monster’s back and makes his way up. He dodges the explosions of human missile fire among the serrated scutes upon the creature’s back. Coming upon the base of Godzilla’s neck he pulls out his combi stick expanding it into a harpoon like glowing tipped blade. He strikes down, shrieking as the blade shatters barely leaving a faint mark upon the scale, which quickly heals. His fist glows with Ki-energy, a meta-skill his clan possesses and can be learned to various degrees as a weapon, he strikes his fist down into the god like beast’s hide, shrieking as his hand absorbs all the impact. He looks towards the face, narrowing in on the eyes.


  C’kint flips up over the head landing on the muzzle before the eye, Godzilla is given a moment to pause as this tiny thing lands right in front of his eye. C’kint locks on his shoulder cannon and blasts Godzilla in the eye, the blasts actually reflect off the eye. Despite the lack of damage Godzilla roars and shakes its head about, reaching up with its claws to scratch at the tiny bug on its face flashing lights in its eye. C’kint barely dodges the massive claws, realizing he has poorly judged the dragon like creature’s durability he leaps into the open air; wing like wires spread out from his pack giving him flight. Godzilla does not give chase, continuing on its path, it destroys the city in its way, the military not even giving it pause.


     It was there and now it is gone having passed through the city continuing on its path. C’kint would see on a human television as he goes on an information gathering stealth mission that the monster known as Godzilla has gone into battle against an even larger three headed space dragon known as King Ghidorah, and after a battle that devastates the area Godzilla drives off the other monster. C’kint is given to reason, agreeing with the human reporter that this is no normal living creature, more a living embodiment of a natural disaster; he might as well have tried to hunt a hurricane for all the effects his weapons had upon the beast.


   It irritates him to abandon a hunt for a skull the size of his ship belonging to a beast the size of his clan ship, but he has other things to hunt that aren’t natural disasters.



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 hentai story:


   Once upon a time in far away land where the spring was warm and the winters cold; a land where the most advanced apparatus was the windmill for the miller; there was nestled between forest, cliffs, and the prime real-estate of a sandy beach a small fishing village. There, there was a girl who had just recently blossomed into a woman, her long dark hair like the night sky, her body near hairless and smooth, her eyes the brightest blue and her lips red like the rose. This woman’s beauty was a mixed blessing, for the all the men of the village were out to court her from the new men to the very old men; even her brother was not immune to her charms. The women however resented her; claiming she must practice witchcraft to be so beautiful; walking around looking like a princess among peasants.


    She often would wander from the village to escape the hateful eyes of the women and the lustful gazes of the men. Despite the blessing upon her and the views of her fellow villagers this woman was humble of spirit and given the simple name of Ilsa. As it happens on this day Ilsa has done what she has done so many times before, gone to the cliff of silent words; there she sings. Her voice of such melodious euphoria as to bring a chorus of birds. There happened to be upon a nearby hill a herd of sheep; the sheppard of which would spy upon Ilsa when she would come to the cliff. It is he who saw it; he thought nothing each time of her nonsensical words till now; as a mist appears from the sea like a great beast and swallows up Ilsa, when it departs she is gone, the sound of laughter filling the air. The mist flies with purpose back across the waves in a direction all fishermen know to dread. It is this he would tell Ilsa’ enraged brother.


    Days go by and Ilsa’s brother’s fury grows. Their own father forbids him use of their boat, no man will go with him, no one dares to go where the mist was headed; towards the isle of the Witch; the Elfin Isle as it is sometimes called.  The elder of the village warned him; as the legend states women of extraordinary beauty among the islands here and villages thereof would on occasion draw the attention of the witch of the Elfin Isle; who would spirit them away in her mists; granting them immortality in exchange for becoming her eternal slaves…but the legend says only those she has first invited and agreed to go would be taken.


   “I refuse to believe such a thing,” would shout the brother.


  One day he stood upon the well in the center of the town and announced, “Is there no man in this entire village brave enough to save my sister? My sister who each and every one of you had ogled and lusted after; whom you all sought after to be your wife like greedy wolves fighting over a slaughtered lamb while the other women of the village spit upon her name because of your lusts? So be it then; I don’t need any of you; if no man will help me then I will find something else that will!”


  With that the warrior Agus, brother of the stolen away maiden Ilsa did depart his fishing village vowing not to return till he had secured a ship and a means to rescue his lost sister.




    Hushed whispers and strange rumors from strange people have brought Agus to the Dark Moor, where it is said an enemy of the Witch of the Elfin Isle dwells; another witch that is who has command over all snakes and deadly things that lurk in the Dark Moor. Through the toxic bogs, past beasts without flesh yet with substance, and creatures of forms he does not know how to describe in the words of men Agus did venture to the lair of the Snake Witch; strangely unimpeded as though she knew his intent. A lavish hut disguised as the swamp around it filled with water, vines, and beasts; in the center of which is a raised throne upon which sits a woman who is undeniably beautiful; yet in no way human. Her skin is as grey as the stones and rough in texture almost as if covered in scales. Her eyes are inhuman; something between that of a cat and a snake. Her ears are long and pointed like spear tips and her hair thick black hair is braided like ropes hanging from the back of her head. Should she stand she’s easily dwarf Agus as much as he dwarfs the shorter women of his village.


   Agus yells up to the witch, “Great witch of the swamp; I hear you are no friend to the witch of the Elfin Isle; I come seeking a means to rescue my sister from her clutches.”


   Through barely parted lips and shark needle like teeth the Snake Witch does speak, “I know of what you speak; the maiden with the sorrowful song who sang upon the Cliff of Silent Words; that place where mortals go to be heard by the unseen of this world. Your plan is fruitless; as much time as has passed your sister is no doubt the witch’s slave; given herself over mind and body.”


  Agus pulls his sword free of its sheath and vows violence to the Snake Witch.


 Her laughter is a sickening sound that worms into his ears and mind like the bastard spawn of slugs and worms.


  “If you are so adamant, and prepared to risk even your life against foes you know nothing about; then I will grant you a boat that can pierce the veil around the island.”




  She raises one clawed finger from its eagle like perch of an arm rest; “However mortal you must first do a favor for me; for I am risking the loss of a boat; you must give me payment in return.”


  “What price do you ask?” speaks up Agus.


  “Not mere mortal money which holds no value to one such as I,” says the Snake Witch, “however there is an item of equal value that I covet, in the center of the Blue Lake you will find an island; hidden among the trees of that island is a hut; in that hut you will find a red gem. Remove that gem from whence it rests and bring it to me and you shall have the boat that pierces mystic veils.”


   “Why do you not take it yourself, does not sound like such a great undertaking.” says Agus.


  “Magic is not for the knowing of mortals,” says the Snake Witch, “and explaining how and why I cannot be there would serve no purpose to you or I, know only that this task is how you obtain that which you want, and may have quickly. Or how long are you willing to allow your sister to be slave to that witch upon the Elfin Isle?”


   Agus has no more to discuss here, he cares not for magical concerns; his one and only concern is the retrieval of his sister.




    The Blue Lake; so named for its tranquil blue appearance; a blue however unlike any found in nature save on birds, bugs, and flowers among other things that are not most certainly not water. The water is not safe to drink; or so the elders say, as it has a sweet flavor that is addictive, and those who do risk angering the spirits that live in the water. There are things swimming beneath these waters; these waters upon which Agus rides with a small wooden boat he bought from a nearby village which he was certain not to inform of his goings on; yet was certain that a clean boat rather than the one he used in the Dark Moor would be less likely to attract any supernatural attentions. The things that live in this water are not like any fish or snakes or anything really that Agus has ever known; perhaps a bit like eels or butterflies that fly under water.


   The island in the center is a simple exposure of rocks, upon which trees and grass grew and over time the falling stems built up a layer of soil. Agus notices that upon landing here that all becomes silent save for the noises he makes; like a violation of the sanctity of this place. No birds sing, no rodents rustle, no insects chirp; even the wind seems to grow silent and still through the leaves as he approaches a tiny inconspicuous hut nestled among the trees. The style is a bit odd, and the roof covered in some black substance with metal rims along the edges of the roof; the windows have wood crossing them with panes of glass with shudders that are nailed to the walls themselves. The structure looks both expensive and yet somehow simple at the same time.  


  Inside the hut is not what he expected, there is no fireplace, although he saw a brick chimney on the outside; there are odd metal shelves with iron cooking ware of strange styles sitting about, and even an odd rectangular book case with heavy doors on it. He opens it, although it resists to find it as cold as winter inside with ice stuck to the side within. He shakes his head muttering, “sorcery,” and looks about.  His eyes rest on what he seeks, a large red gem; it is not hidden, it simply sitting upon a wooden table in the middle of the hut among various little statues of kittens made of some clay like material. The gem rests upon a pile of papers.


  He picks up the gem and without warning the window nearby shoots open; and without wind to lift them the papers on the table fly and circle into the air taking leave out the open window.


  A woman’s voice echoes from the walls themselves, “Foolish creature that enters here, by your actions the seal has been broken and the dark spells freed upon your world. They shall find the minds of mortals and propagate themselves within; bringing forth magic the likes of which this world has never known.”


   Agus shouts as he holds up the gem, “Voice; spirit of the Blue Lake, I only wish to save my sister from the Witch of the Elfin Isle! The Snake Witch of the Dark Moor promised me a boat to pierce the island’s veil if I brought her this gem!”


  *Laughter* echoes through the cabin from a woman standing at the door way, she is but a blur in Agus eyes, as he feels a bit dizzy.


  “Brother?” says the woman in a familiar voice.


  His vision clears to see his sister standing there, her long dark hair a backdrop to a see through white gown that glitters oddly.


  “Ilsa?” asks Agus running over to her, his eyes fighting him to look down upon her body.


  “This is what you want,” whispers Ilsa in his ears, pressing her frame against him, her warm breasts against his chest, with only the thin cloth separating them…his chest is bare now.


  He tries to shake the dizziness, why is he naked, he wanders only a moment, as Ilsa whispers, “this is what you want…big brother…”


  His cock shoots to attention as the fuzziness comes over him, his face flush as he is backed up against the edge of a bed that wasn’t there before; the table gone, the shelves gone, the room is different yet the same as though everything vanished from within and was replaced by this bed and the odd orb hanging from the ceiling emitting faint light.


   His thoughts of confusion are lost as Ilsa stands upon her toes and kisses him, her red sweet lips gently pressed against his in such a timid manner; he wraps his arms around her, the strange garment she is wearing falls from her in an impossible manner and vanishes through the floor boards like a thousand tiny strings of light. Her eyes sparkle with a lust he has never seen in them before as she softly bites his lower lip, while one hand strokes his back echoing his embrace her other seeks out his spear of manhood and grips the shaft surprising him.


  He breaks his embrace as she nibbles on his chin, bending her back a manner he knows too well thanks to a certain girl from a traveling circus who took his virginity. She trails her lips softly down his neck and shoulders, stopping a moment to kiss and circle his erect nipple with her tongue making his eyebrows furrow in confusion as he has never felt this sensation before, down his abdomen till she is facing her spear tip. With talented tongue and lips she peels back what little foreskin is left on his growing member, sucking ever so precisely along the rim bringing him to a stiffness he has never known before. Its in fact a bit painful as she small mouth only takes in less than half his manhood. Her hands caress his legs while her lips and tongue twist around his shaft. He reaches for her head only for his hand to be smacked away rather painfully.


   His legs and ass muscles tighten as he moans, “Nooo, no..nooo,”


  He shouts as he grips her shoulders, “No! Not like this!”


  A look of genuine surprise comes over Ilsa’s face as she releases his cock from between her glistening lips.


  He breathes heavily a moment before saying, “Bed…not…not…not like…a prostitute…I…”


  He is knocked back with more force than he would have accepted Ilsa capable of if his mind weren’t so fuzzy.


   Ilsa straddles his waist positioning herself above him, while she reaches down to guide him in she *yelps* as Agus flips her onto her back. Looming over her he says, “J…just…like…I…always…wa…want…*oomph*”




 With a startling strength Ilsa rolls Agus back onto his back and plunges his meat into her wanton nether lips. She *growls* as she thrusts her body down upon him with such force that he fears his waist will be crushed. She holds his wrists down with the grip of serpents.


  Her thrusts are so violent he feels he is the one being penetrated instead of the other way round; this goes so far outside his frame of reference that the woman above appears fuzzy once more. He shakes his head and his vision clears; the creature crushing his lower body while his dick betrays him inside her warmth is not his sister. She is taller, her long hair is blue, her ears pointed, and her face oddly sharp; her eye while blue have the oval pupils of a cat.


   His attempts to struggle only make the Elfin she-creature *laugh* and seem to pleasure her even more as her vicious thrusts increase. She *hisses* and *growls*; as best he can describe the inhuman sounds she makes riding his treacherous member. When he releases into her, he feels more than his dick release; its as though his entire body is draining into her; and he blacks out.




   Agus awakens, the ceiling above him is the thatched hut of the Snake Witch, chains bind his wrists and ankles. He *moans* as he feels a swirling pressure on his cock. He looks down in horror as something has his cock in its mouth; some horrible thing coming from the murky water below his wooden bed, a long slimy red fleshy thing with a flower bud like head sucking on his cock; this monster that he could best described as the bastard spawn of an octopus tentacle, a snake, and a vine is milking his dick; squeezing from the base and pulling up with sickening slurps while the inside of the soft thing massaging his cock in swirling circles.


   A pain in his palm, the red gem clinched in his fist, he releases the gem from his grasp. As it rolls on the wooden slap where he is imprisoned above the murky waters everything goes black. He awakens again this time fully clothed and lying on a normal bed, albeit sitting on a ziggurat island out of the murky water, not far off is his wooden boat from the Blue Lake, tied to a post at the base of the ziggurat.


  As he stands up, a bit weak in the knee a voice comes from all around him, the voice of the Snake Witch, “You have performed well in your task.”


  She manifests from the center of the bed; which melts into shadow, reforming around her as her throne. He backs up instinctively; reaching for a sword that is not on his person; but rather down in his boat. The giantess of a witch holds out her hand, the red gem in her grasp, “return to your village of birth mortal; there you will find a silver boat with no sail; it will be guarded by two metal golems that will only allow you to pass. Stand upon the boat and announced your destination and it will take you there. This boat can pierce the veil of the Elfin Island as you wish; although I find your quest a foolish one…”


  She eyes the gem and smiles, “A bargain is a bargain.”




    Thus it was that the hero Agus returned to his village, its people fearful of the metal behemoths that stood by the shore. What was there Agus would hardly call a boat, while larger than a raft the odd thing was made of no material he was familiar with. It had a pointed and covered tip and flat back; while painted silver it reminded him of a spear head of sorts. There was room for but one man to stand upon it behind the covered part; for which there was a door but it was firmly locked and sealed by some magic. The people watched through windows as Agus boarded the vessel, the golems vanishing like ghosts as the silver painted boat moved of its own accord upon Agus doing as the Snake Witch said and stating aloud his destination.


    The boat moves through the thick fog surrounding the Elfin Island, within the fog changes to all manner of colors, more vibrant than even the brightest rainbow; it’s all a bit much for his mind to handle and he covers his eyes in fear of going insane. He does not reopen his eyes until he hears and feels the boat come to a stop upon the shore. He stricken by what he sees; he had expected some desolate rock, instead before him is a paradise of grass, fruit covered vines growing around many lattices, marble poles decorated with statues of beautiful women seemingly wearing bed sheet robes and fantastic beasts; some even of women with the fantastic beasts; including a massive fountain that might as well be depicting an orgy of mermaids and dragons.


  “How do you come here?” asks a woman’s voice.


 Agus turns to see a short and beautiful woman with dark black hair, shark like eyes, and sharply pointed ears wearing black robes of the same style as the statues.


  “Witch of the Elfin Island?” asks Dorkaring.


 “I am called that yes,” says the woman, “now answer my question…male…how is it that you come to defile my island with your presence?”


  Dorkaring pulls out his sword, “Vile witch and temptress I come for my sister Ilsa! You abducted her from the Cliffs of Silent Songs!”



  “Oh yes,” says the witch not seeming to pay any mind to his sword, “Ilsa, my latest employee, I did not abduct her young man, she called to me. I merely hired her.”


  “You dare!” yells Agus, “you dare say my sister gave her freedom, fled her village and people, and me…her own brother forever! For that I will…”


  “Telek,” whispers the witch.


 Agus finds himself unable to move, frozen impossibly in motion.


  “I will show you then,” says the witch as a frightful smile crosses her face.


 With a few whispers she then utters aloud, “Telekinetic Hold.”


 With a motion of her hand she levitates Agus and makes him follow her, his sword however is lifted from his hands and left to the ground which magically swallows it. Agus can move his eyes as he is taken, thankful now that he had not stepped upon the grass; as it seems it was a defense against outsiders; what luck indeed that he walked along the marble paths and steps.


   He is taken into a marble building through what is clearly a back entrance. The Witch looks around and whispers an enchantment that renders Agus invisible. As they venture further in the sounds of women laughing can be heard, Agus can see large bathhouses; not something he would be familiar with filled with women, but not all of normal sizes. He sees a group of human women scrubbing down a giantess on one side of a steaming pool while on the other a giantess with serrated gills for ears and a blue scaled serpent’s lower body is being washed by a group of human girls, their towels scrubbing down her scales. He can see from the corner of his eye the dragon woman leaning back in relaxed pleasure as a human scrubs her breasts with the towel.


  “Here,” whispers the witch opening a secret door in the wall, “Your sister Ilsa is scheduled to help a very important guest to my bathhouse today. You will see with your own eyes what kind of girl your sister truly is, and that she is indeed happy upon my island you foul creature.”


  The go behind a window, “A one way viewing,” says the witch, “on the other side this looks like part of the wall. I have these to observe my employees in secret and my guests of course to make sure everything is going…well.”


  Her words are caked with a strange lust in Agus’ ears as she sets him down allowing him to move once more; that is except for his legs which seem frozen in place by unseen and warm to the touch ice.



  “Only I may be come back here to watch,” says the witch, “anyone else will activate my traps so that I may catch them disobeying me.”


  The witch props open the secret door and looks around in the hall, “Now I must go and greet my guest, cannot let this one go un-greeted by the proprietor of the bathhouse.”




    Agus watches as he is stuck in place, watches the large marble tile floor room with a sizable rectunagular ornate bath in the floor right in the middle of the room. The entire room is ornate yet simple. He watches as five women enter the room, gorgeous women of lithe yet bosom figures and long hair; one of which is his sister. Ilsa stands with two others off to the side while the other two stand by the bath, setting down a tub with sponges and other foreign cleaning instruments Agus is not truly familiar with.


   He screams for his sister, “Ilsa! Ilsa! Can you not here me! It is your brother! Agus!” his screams are meaningless as he cannot hear them and they cannot hear him. He can only watch as a tall woman, not so tall as to be inhuman but certainly taller than most women he has known, enters the room. She is clad in the clothes of a sorceress, tight and revealing covering only part of her abdomen and chest, her legs and feet with hiking boots, and her back via a long cape with a red lining on the inside and black on the outside. The woman only gestures and her clothes seem to melt away into her cape, her cape remains to be removed by hand which she folds and places into a basket by the door; eyeing the Witch who had imprisoned Agus there in a manner that makes him wander if this woman trusts the witch.


   The woman enters the bath and leans on the edge, brushing her disturbingly dark red hair over the side. Agus notices that his sister and the two beside her have bottles of strange lotions and brushes with them; they remain still while the woman in the bath’s hair extends like the tendrils of some sea beast; turning a deep black as they grow. The hair settles while one of the other two by his sister picks up a snake like thing (a shower head and a hose) and washes down the hair with its rain like sprinkling. Ilsa and the other one brush the hair as the lather in the soapy lotions and shampoos.


  Agus inadvertinly reaches towards his own crotch as he watches the other two women scrubbing the woman’s arms, shoulders, and legs with the sponges. Her body floats impossibly on the water as though she were a log, or else resting upon the surface as one may rest on grass to give the women in the pool with her plenty of room to lather her abdomen and breasts, rinsing them down by squeezing  the sponges and rubbing them clean. The woman’s smile says it all to Agus, this is all for her pleasure.


  Agus catches himself as his fingers reach for his cock, pushing his hands away and clinching his fists in disgust at himself for being aroused at the sight of all these women together serving this one woman; although he would give just about anything to be in her place right now.


  He catches a glowing gleam in the woman’s dark blue eyes, and a giggle from the girls as she floats back down into the pool properly and wraps her arms around the two in with her bringing them close against her. Her smile is one of animalistic lust. Agus’s attention  however is drawn elsewhere as a loud *gasp* comes from one of the other three. The woman’s long midnight dark hair has risen up like serpents, extending to incredible lengths and wrapping around the three women. The one who gasped did so because the hair looped around her waist and between her legs and tightened up; the second is on her knees smiling as she brushing a length of hair bundled together like several tentacles as they wrap around her body, *purring* as one bundle goes between her soapy breasts. She slickens it with her mouth to a point as she spreads her legs, all the while brushing the hair. Like a quick serpent it stretches from her grasp and shoots down between her legs with its slicken tip. She *giggles* as it teases around her labia and rubs against her nether opening. The other woman is continuing to wash the hair while being held by it even as it rubs along her body, feeling every inch of her flesh. She is sure to spray herself and cover her own body with the lotions to insure the hair is cleaned while entangling her.


   The other two women are kissing the woman, both at the same time, even as she exchanges them between each other. Guiding them with her hands on their heads. She stops one from bringing her lips to the woman’s tits; however only briefly as the woman blows a blue breath upon the water; which glows for a second and then is clear, no signs of soap within it. She leans back as she guides both women to her breasts. The sight before Agus is an inhuman lesbian orgy.


   Agus is a bit pleased to find that during all this his sister has been simply standing there in disbelief watching everything; however in the commotion there is a bundle of hair wrapped around her waist beneath her robes. Agus pleads in prayer that nothing comes of this; but even while being pleasured and somehow manipulating her hair to vigorously entangle and fuck the two behind her, the woman’s eyes turn to Ilsa, with a smile and a slight gesture the robe vanishes as those of the other’s had. Ilsa bends over and *gasps*, as a tendril/bundle of hair laps over her labia with a gentle brushing, back and forth with tender flicks. Ilsa’s hips buckle as her juices wet the hair further, slicking it, allowing it to go deeper on each stroked across her womanly pleasures. Ilsa would fall to her knees, but the hair around her waist is guiding her closer to the pool, the woman within *licking* her lips Ilsa’ glistening pussy.


   Something deep within Agus burns, starting in his loins and working to his extremities; a power within him he has never known; nor ever could have known. Unbeknownst to Agus a seed was planted into his urethra by the tendril of the Snake Witch while being held by her; a seed that dissolved within him; granting him the power to break the Witch of the Elfin Isle’s magic. The invisible ice shatters and Agus with the impossible strength granted him leaps through the barrier before him surprising all the women in the pool, save for the guest who only eyes him with annoyance.


   The women would flee from the sigh of this man, except that the bathhouse guest holds them tight still; while no longer fucking them, they are still held by her arms and hair. An observable individual would notice a faint blue glow around the hair and women held in the arms; as they do. The two on the floor practically hiding behind the hair, and the two in the bath hugging tight to the guest; these four have bathed this one before.


    “Ilsa!” yells out Agus as a blue glows comes over him.


  The Witch runs into the room hearing the commotion and stops dead in her tracks seeing Agus glowing with a spiritual energy, a blade forms in his hand becoming a silver sword.


  “Ilsa!” yells Agus again, “I’ve come to bring you back to the village, back…with me!”


  “Brother,” whispers Ilsa stepping forward, feeling the hair around her waist loosen as she steps forward.


  Agus has no eyes for anything else in the room, not even noticing the With feeling ill from his light or that the figure in the pool is watching him with bemused attention.


  “No Agus,” whispers Ilsa, before shouting, “No! I…am not…I am not your’s! I am not any man’s! I don’t…I don’t want to go back!”


  Tears roll down her cheeks, “The women hate me! The men all think I’m…I’m cattle to be bought and kept…I don’t want it…I don’t….I want my own life…I…”


  “Nonsense!” shouts Agus glowing brighter, the light making the Witch nearly faint by the door, “You are under a spell! I will take you back!”


  He brandishes the sword and starts to walk over to her.


 “That will be enough of that.” says the woman in the pool nonchalantly.


 Her hair and body become darkness darker than any night Agus has ever seen, flowing as smoke, fire, water, and wind as one she pulls away from the girls and stands in the center of his vision. If he were observant he would notice a black flash coming from the basket where the cape was kept. The darkness fills much of the room blocking Agus view of the women backing up behind it around Ilsa, a darkness so beyond black as to see both like an object before him as well as a hole; a maddening depth of oblivion. The light around his body is pulled from him and sucked into the abyss of a body; great blue eyes flash as miniature suns as the figure collects back into its human form.


  Standing before Agus now is the sorceress, her clothing as it was when she entered the room complete with cape upon her back, and her hair about mid-length down her back and a deep red.


  “I’ll kill anyone who stands in my way!” shouts Agus as he charges the women with the sword.


 In a blink so fast Agus could not register it the sword is snapped in the woman’s hand and Agus is thrown back near the rubble of the wall he smashed through.


  He watches as the sword melts into glowing blue flakes that float into the woman’s mouth. She licks her lips in an obscene manner, a devilish gleam in her eyes.


  “I know this magic,” says the woman, “it was not this boy’s own.”


  The woman *laughs* between closed lips and looks over at the witch as she rights herself,

“So…tell me…little witch of the bathhouse are you keeping these women as brainwashed slaves?”


  “I…” stats the Witch, “You came here…our bargain…you….you have no right to question me, this…this is not your domain!”


  The guest’s eyes glow fiercely as she turns her attention to the Witch, “Our bargain little creature is that I will use your bathhouse, pay you well as any shall, and if I so choose may take one of your employees as my own; a bargain they should know, and I can sense if they wish to leave you. Are you telling me little creature of the bathhouse that you planted a girl among my bathers who you…knew…I would not choose….”


   She points at Agus, “in order to rile up this…man…whom you allowed to watch me bathe?”


   The Witch stammers as she realizes that she did indeed breach the contract with this sorceress.


  “You would break a contract with me,” says the woman, “you would dare allow some filthy man to watch me bathe…you would try to manipulate the situation assuming to know what my choice would be if any for my personal staff…the bargain that I agreed to, to turn my attention away from your practices for this…tithe.”


  The guest looks around, “I shall take payment for your insult little creature…all…all these girls shall come with me.”


  The four beside Ilsa are wide eyed and smiling, Ilsa has never bathed this woman before but her own experiences have not been so wholly unpleasant save for the condescending treatment of some of the creatures that come here she has had to wait on.


   The witch stands and *growls*, “No! You…” and idea comes to the Witch as an evil smiles crosses her face. She stands straight with arms crossed, “This bathhouse, this island is not merely upon this tiny world, it is part of Misaline’s domain…oh yes…and as everyone knows she is rated as the most powerful Sorceress in all of existence and you…”


   “What foolish madness do you speak!” shouts the guest, her eyes crackling lightning, her voice speaking azure flames, darkness and light swirl about her as a single form.


  She turns towards the Witch, “I am the Storm of Chaos!”


  With a grand gesture the room darkens and countless shadows spin and slither and fly from all directions taking the forms of great serpents, eels, things with the heads of griffens, and tendril vines covered in many colored eyes, a rainbow of nightmares, a great wind blasting from the darkness that cones around the woman like a still tornado of liquid madness.


  Not far off in another bath, despite the spells that keep the sounds from crossing rooms the giantess turns in fright in the direction of the commotion; the dragon queen with her sips a giant cup of tea and laughs, “Seems our hostess has at last offended her most highest of patrons, took longer than I had bet.”


  “Yes you won your bet,” says the giantess, “but is it safe to remain here.”


  The dragon queen looks about the room at the women, “Hmmm, perhaps we should take what we can and be gone?”


  They both smile at each other as they rise from the water.


  Back in the room the Witch stammers, “b…but…I thought…they…they said…”


  “I am the Storm of Chaos.” says the guest, “the Cataclysm of Creation, do not mistake the actress for her characters little creature. If not for your other patrons, servants elsewhere, and my own benevolence in such a matter I would simply take all the girls here and reduce your island to a crater on the sea floor for daring to rile me in such a manner when I was so relaxed!”


   “N…no…” stammers Agus standing.


  The guest pulls back all the darkness at an astonishing speed and raises an eyebrow looking at the man.


  “After what you have seen mortal you dare to speak to me again?” asks the guest, “Your quest is over, the spiritual power borrowed to you and your mystic weapon both devoured…by that which stands before you now; the Witch you came to fight cowers before me; I am not of this world little mortal of the soil and cold waters, by what power do you pretend to rise up and deny me?”


  “I…” says Agus, “I do not, I know your kind. You want something, a bargain, a…trade. I will do whatever it is you ask, go after whatever you ask, any task. I will brave it in exchange for my sister.”


  “Is this an offer of heroics to prove your worth of her or a trade of goods that you seek?”


  “I have nothing to prove to a woman,” says Agus, “magic or not, now name your price for Ilsa?”


  The guest’s eyes narrow, a darkness fills the room and she is gone, as are the four women and Ilsa.


  Agus looks about the room and turns to the witch, “Where? Where has that witch taken my sister?”


  “Beyond your reach little boy,” scowls the Witch.


 “Then…you…” starts Agus.


  “Beyond my reach as well,” says the Witch, “I have no desire to lose my life over a small handful of bath maidens, my only gamble was to play to her role…but she…my spies are fools who will be punished.”


   She turns to Agus, “but as for you…”


  A maiden rushes from the hall *huffing*


  “What is the matter?” asks the Witch, “can you not see I have a situation here to deal with…”


  “Another situation?” asks the maiden looking into the room seeing the smashed wall and the man and no signs of the guest or other girls that should be there, “Mistress…the Giantess and the Dragon from Jenna…they…they ditched out on their payment and took about twenty to thirty of the bath maidens with them!”


  “Damnation!” shouts the Witch, “They must have sensed the commotion and took advantage of it…I will have word with my higher up indeed on that one…”


  “and about this guest?” asks the maiden.


 “No,” says the Witch, “forget this situation, that other we can deal with, this guest…forget about it. I will clean up this mess myself.”


  The maiden bows and heads off.


  The witch points her claw like finger at Agus, “You…because of you coming here I have lost so much…if I hadn’t put Ilsa…No…you…because of you and teaching you a lesson I have lost servants, the chances I will get any of them back is near impossible! The mistress of the mansion will only laugh at me!”


  She looks around, “Damn, damn, damn it all to the depths of the true Hell…”


  She looks at Agus, “I will need to replace those servants…it could take decades or centuries to get that many to bargain with me on this and…the other worlds.”


  A wicked thought comes to her, “Perhaps I have other options to increase my staff size,”


  She points at Agus, “this is your fault so you will be the first; yes…to take your sister’s place!”


 Agus takes but two steps before a swirl of green mist flying from the witch’s hand strikes his face, placing him under a sleep spell.




   Agus awakens in a strange place, it reminds him of when he awoke in the Snake Witch’s pit, except this time the wooden slap is angled up and he is held down via shackles. But something else is wrong, his body feels wrong, he is not certain specifically what as its all over. His clothes fit loosely, his chest feels heavier, his legs, arms, and stomach tingle against his rough clothes, it’s not an increase of sensitivity, but everything feels different in a manner that is hard to describe like he can feel everything more, like more painful or less painful…just more. He moves his head and it pulls on his hair; it’s clearly longer than before.


   “How long have I been down here,” he thinks.


   A light appears and he sees a figure before him.


 “Ilsa!” he shouts, stopping as his voice comes out shriller.

 His eyes twitch looking down at his own bosoms and hairless body and back up realizing he is looking at himself in a mirror; which is not the only disorientating things; it is clear the witch has turned him into a woman; her words ringing in his ears “to take your sister’s place!”; however things look different; not clearer per say only the colors around him seem to have more contrasts and while he lacks the words to describe it things look brighter, sharper even like finer details than he would normally notice are sticking out to him. He does not know why.


  “By now you realize I have turned you into a woman,” says the Witch stepping out from behind the mirror, “a gender change can be a very disorientating thing; count yourself lucky I did while you were asleep; I hear the shock can drive your mind mad when it happens while you are awake. Your mind has had time to adjust its self, subconsciously of course; your conscious mind…what am I bothering for you’re a barbarian, explaining the intricate differences will be pointless…you have eternity to figure them out for yourself anyway.”


  “Foul witch!” shrieks Agus, her voice coming out much louder and tighter than he intended, his throat feels different like a lump is missing that he never noticed before.


  “Now now,” says the witch, “you are my new maiden, you are lucky human, I’ve granted you immortality and all it cost you was your penis…and differences in bone structure, nerve structure, ocular structure, neural mapping structure, glandular structure, and…”


  She stops seeing a confused look on his face, “…and balance and…body mass; basically how you see, feel, and can even move have changed in ways no man could have imagined. What you saw as weakness you shall experience yourself and…”


  She walks over to Agus, “my my, you really did turn into almost the spitting image of your sister didn’t you.”


  She runs her hand over Agus abdomen sending a shock through her system that makes her try to hunch up.


  “Ooooh,” says the witch, “a virgin in every way, never even touched in this new body”


  She claps her hands and chants a strange alien tune and Agus clothes vanish, replaced by frilly garbs, a metal and cloth chest piece that straps around her back in a somewhat uncomfortable way, even making her back itch a little as it presses down and off in place her shoulder blades, almost afraid the strap might fall down. The front her breasts are squished and pushed up; a sensation Agus has never known, it’s not wholly uncomfortable, just…odd, as he has never felt a weight on his chest being supported before, and the material against his nipples tickles in a pleasant way that is a bit distracting; even distracting from the skirt around her waist and soft panties pressed against sensitive smooth skin.


  Agus *gasps* at the pleasure of the witch running her hand over her smooth thigh and leg. Not just from the smoothness, an inner sensation that shoots up and makes her crotch jolt; something he never knew a woman’s privates could do.


  “I see you enjoy your new body,” says the witch, “you will make a fine bathhouse servant; a body that has never felt the rough world of man, a body smooth from its creation.”


  Agus glares at the witch, “I am a man…I…mmm,”


  The witch runs her hand up the inner thigh, spread apart by the shackles on the ankles.


  “Your body is fresh,” says the Witch, “you have not learned like a woman your age would have learned to filter the world, even the slightest touch…”


  Her fingers press down on the panties above the vaginal slit.


 “huuuuuhhhh” *gasps* Agus wide eyed and wide of mouth, she can feel a wetness escaping her.


  “Did I just piss myself?” she gasps.


 “No,” says the Witch…she eyes her, “you were a man. Don’t tell me you took women dry? Barbarian.”


  She stands before Agus and places her palms over the legs running them up the smooth surface making Agus *moan*. The witch stops on the upper thighs and presses her thumbs gently into the inner thighs on either side of the labia.


  Agus releases a wide eyed *huhhuhhuhhuh* as the witch rotates her thumbs gently in the flesh here. The Witch watches Agus face in amusement, the blushing, the sweating, even some drooling and tears. She smiles and then leans down, running her long inhuman tongue up the length of the panties over the center of the pussy, only barely parting the lips with the soaked pink panties and pressing down with thumbs and tongue as she passes over the clit.


  Agus *screams ooooooooOOOOOOHHHHH!* and soaks the panties completely with her vaginal juices.


  Agus is drained, never experiencing anything like that before in what was “his” life. She *pants*, sweat beating down her face and chin and breasts. The witch makes Agus whole body convulse by running her fingers just slightly over the soaked panties. She runs her fingers over Agus’s lips, the mixture of saltyness and sweetness foreign to Agus, not simply because of the new sense of taste, but simply because as a he she was always a selfish lover.


  The Witch leans and whispers into Agus ear, “I was thinking of calling you Agusa, but I am thinking Virginia is a better name.”


  The name means nothing to Agus, she has no idea the Witch was using a translation spell so he would understand her, but it doesn’t matter the name means something to the witch and amuses her.


  The Witch calls over to Elf maidens who were watching the whole thing to take Virginia down from the rack and escort her to her room; which she will be locked inside of and allowed nothing to allow her to harm herself should the male ego and reckless sense of honor of his culture interfere with the Witch’s plans. But just in case she whispers to Virginia, “what you experienced was only a basic orgasm for a woman, there is so much more to learn about the secrets your body holds, giving and receiving pleasures your rough male form could never have imagined.”


  They escort Virginia away while the Witch smiles *smugly* to herself, “this plan may work out better than I thought. I know more than a few spirits and mystical beings who will pay well to have such a sensitive maiden to themselves…and some especially if I told them she used to be a man, oh why didn’t I think of this before.”



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