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The World Of Rhuen

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Posted 20 September 2012 - 05:06 PM

post 2000 of this, is a Rune Monster and a cat-girl at that. Figures LoL

Species: Neko Mimi

Type: Cat

Element: Magic

Turns from: Mage Cat

Turns Into (Known): Advanced Neko Mimi

Description: A cute teenage girl with larger than normal eyes (otherwise human eyes), who is wearing a Traditional Japanese Yukata, or Shrine Maiden outfit. Her hair is a solid color (what ever the dominant color was in the Mage Cat’s fur), however she has two cat-ears on top of her head that look to be made out of her hair (she has normal human ears as well), the cat ears can twitch and move but have no flesh to them *hair ears*. Her human hair is long, going clear down her back.

The Neko Mimi is most often found attending old spell casters and alchemists of renown talent; or more commonly seen at shrines where this Rune Monster was passed down from generation to generation by the priests and priestesses as the guardian, attendant, or even mascot of the shrine.

Summoning: Normally these are seen as stated above thanks to the Mystic Kitten and Mage Cat being passed down from one generation to the next at a shrine; however they can be summoned directly. Summoning a Neko Mimmi however is no small feat and may require a whole room full of priests sitting in a circle around a sigil chanting for hours.

Wild Appearances: Only twice has a Neko Mimmi been spotted with out a master, both were in old homes where their old master lived and they stayed behind after their master died following their normal routine (last instructions) as though in denial their master was gone.

They are cute, especially with their feline mannerisms added in, and talk in a sweet voice; but don’t let that fool you most Neko Mimmi are centuries old and hold vast amounts of magical knowledge. Physically about as strong as a human girl they aren’t much for direct conflict, but they can cast medium and high level spells with ease. *up to A class spells*. This form has a few innate powers.

1: Prediction: Allows them to dodge moves, or predict the weather.

2: Luck Change: can increase or decrease someone’s luck.

3: Anomaly: This spell causes a random status change, including injury types like “burn” or “poison”. (it may also heal).

4: Heal: As the name says it heals, small too medium effect.

5: Cure: can cure poisoning and some diseases (great for shrine buisiness).

6: Mystic Barrier: they can erect a C class magic energy based force field.

(as seen, the innate powers this form comes with aren’t much for direct combat; this form has to be taught combat spells. They can’t learn any physical strike moves other than “Slap” and “Back Hand”.)

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 03:20 PM

Forgive me Rhuen for i have sin :(, i have stopped reading your epic awesome post's because i have had not much time to read and now i don't even know were i left off :crybaby: but from a short glimpse it all looks very interesting :D i hope to catch up soon :D and keep up the good work.

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 04:13 PM

Don't worry, since these have been daily just estimate what the day was and check that on the post dates. When I catch up on say an online comic strip I try to think if it looks familiar. You'd be amazed what you actually remember.

and now the next Rune Monster

Species: Advanced Neko Mimi

Type: Cat

Element: Magic

Turns from: Neko Mimmi

Turns Into (Known): Nekojin

Description: An older teenage girl than the Neko Mimi, she retains all the other human characteristics except her outfit is now a maid’s uniform (can vary a little but usually French Maid), the cat ear’s on her head are now real ears *hair color is solid, but the cat ears have the pattern (if any) that was present in the Mage Cat; she still has the human ears as well. She now also has a cat-tail (same coloration as cat-ears). Her hair is now shorter, usually no more than shoulder length but can also just be a few inches on the neck, but always clean as a maid’s should be.

The Advanced Neko Mimi, is rare, usually only seen in this form in the homes of those who had been renowned spell casters for generations. Some older shrines have Neko Mimi that can turn into Advanced Neko Mimi; but tend to have them stay in Neko Mimi form for the sake of the Shrine reserving the “Advanced” form for combat.

Summoning: Summoning one directly isn’t impossible, anything can be summoned directly technically; but to summon an Advanced Neko Mimi requires oddly enough less people and time than the Neko Mimi, but considerably more sacrifice; mostly in the form of bribes for the Advanced Neko Mimi in the summoning circle with the Cat Rune Stone as well as the primary party making a blood oath to be a good and trusting master (these higher forms can be strict on the terms of the contract).

Although some have found that there is a cheap way around it using catnip and cat toys and a big fresh fish using the same sigil. The Advanced Neko Mimi can be unpredictable on who it accepts as her master. For this reason there has even been a case or two of a small household having one after a son or daughter overdid it trying to summon a Mystic Kitten or Mage Cat. A rare case where a higher form may be easier to call than a lower form.

-there is a rumor that this oddity exists because this is a new transformation, and in ancient times the Neko Mimi would transform directly into the Nekojin. But this form now exists as a psychological buffer (each transformation having different skills and emotions can be trying for some Rune Monsters; almost like multiple personalities).

Wild Appearances: There are only four known to exist “wild”, but it seems it was their master’s last wish and final order. They formed a mercenary team known as The Gun Cats, which are also detectives.

These attractive young ladies can be poise one moment, and wild cats the next. They are starting to come into being sexual, but do it in a cute way (usually just as a tease to get their way). For some reason it becomes easy for people to forget the intelligence and planning that exists in this Rune Monster with her bipolar like personality switching from obedient maid one moment to kick-ass fighter the next. She can be taught a good range of physical attacks, her magic attacks are no better than a Neko Mimi, but her innate abilities make up for it.

1: MOE Machine Guns: She summons a pair of machine guns and opens fire, usually after leaping into the air. (this move counts as a Physical move as far as elements are concerned)

2: Black Cat Feather Duster: Produces a black feather duster with a black cat head made of wood (cute Halloween design) on the handle top. She summons up a whirl wind with this (Wind type attack).

3: Meow Hand Grenades: produces two hand grenades which meow as they are thrown, explode normally (Fire type move)

4: Witch Broom: Produces a broom, which she can fly on, even standing on it with her perfect balance to give her height advantage when there is nothing else to stand on.

5: Stinging Whip: Produces a long black whip. She will use it after summoning it as her physical weapon.

6: Black Cat Rocket Launcher: produces a rocket launcher, the rocket has a black Halloween cat face painted on it. The rocket flies slow for a rocket, but can change directions and loop in the air as it chases its target. (Fire type move).

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 07:01 PM

due to illness I wont have the next Gyro outline up till next saturday, but keeping with my pattern of breaking up the trend on the weekend, tonight I am posting a type of demon.

Species: Obesias

Type: Physical

Home world: *Unknown* can be found in many places.

Description: These demons are very tall, usually around fifteen too fifty feet with a very round gut body, they tend have thick arms and long nail or clawed hands. They usually have either very short legs or tentacles in place of legs. Normally they don’t have hair, but the females have been known to have short hair; they usually tie it up in a bun. These things never have a normal human skin tone or texture, ranging from jet black too warty and green. Their mouths are usually very big. Their ears vary from human like, big, pointed, and even fin like. In all their external features have a great deal of variety but their basic shape is always the same, big, fat, and don’t look like they should be able to move around.

The biggest and most well known power of this race of demons is their ability to eat pretty much anything; but they do have a sense of taste and what different ones like varies. As an added oddity they don’t seem to need to breathe, but they can “eat” air and other gases. Their physical and additional powers vary, but are usually psionic or Geokinetic in nature.

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 08:00 PM

So if you were going down the layers of The Cone (in hell) how much time do you think you would have spent going down by this point? Because this one could take a while to get out of it.

The Cone Layer 32: Blinding Maze:
In this land there is a constant insanely bright light, yet the temperature is only room temperature. This is a light so bright that it might as well be darkness as it overcomes the eyes. This land is also a maze of interconnected tunnels. The only sound here is the echo that emanates from every direction from every sound one makes. Somewhere in this vast network of tunnels is a trap door that will open up when someone steps on it; given that like every layer this area is about the size of North America, although only one floor and only then about seven feet high for the ceiling it could take several lifetimes before one stumbles onto this trap door.

There is no Overlord for this place, as nothing has ever wanted to claim it.

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 06:12 PM

a Rune Monster

Species: Nekojin

Type: Cat

Element: Magic

Turns from: Advanced Neko Mimmi

Turns Into (Known): Feral Nekojin, Nekomata, Neko Elf

Description: A young woman wearing what look to be bandage straps around her chest and her crotch/thigh area. Alternately they may also be wearing a bikini bathing or leather. (there is some discussion on if this reflects the next transformation but that is still being researched and has no effect on this form’s stats).

She otherwise looks almost exactly like her Advanced Neko Mimmi form, save that her human ears have vanished, leaving only the cat ears on her head; her eyes are now slit pupils, and her fingernails and toenails are now long and claw like.

The Nekojin is very rare, although ancient descriptions exist (but none of Advanced Neko Mimmi) which has lead researchers to believe this form was the original transformation from Neko Mimmi and Advanced Neko Mimmi is a modern addition. The Nekojin are very rare to come across, more often viewed as a sudden feral anger transformation of the Advanced Neko Mimmi (at the very least one household to have an Advanced Neko Mimmi thought this when she first shed her uniform and underwent this very minimal transformation).

Summoning: Summoning a Nekojin directly is a tricky venture, its not clear how exactly its done, its actually easier to summon the three forms a Nekojin can turn into, or the Advanced Neko Mimmi which is easier than all them. Mostly because it requires the Cat Rune, a massive sigil (about twenty feet across), the use of three chanters, and a sacrifice of three pounds of rubies.

Wild Appearances: A few are claimed to have been spotted in the mountain woods near the same city the Gun Cats operate out of; these sightings have been brushed off by the authorities who believe it is the Gun Cats being spotted as they might be able to transform.

These lithe young ladies are not nearly as poise as their previous forms, and tend to have a bit of a mischievous side, their fighting style reflects this and is far more primal than their previous forms. They can climb most walls using their claw like nails and leap over twenty feet into the air.

1: Slash: A might slash with their fingernails, which can slice through hard wood.

2: Mighty Kick: A powerful martial arts kick able to shatter most trees.

3: Mighty Punch: A powerful punch able to shatter most trees and knock down even metal doors.

4: Sudden Flash: A sudden burst of speed allowing her to appear over fifty feet away in seconds, and hit with three times her normal force.

5: Battle Aura: A fiery energy aura temporarily boosting all her stats.

6: Shock Shot: A focused blast of electricity from between her hands and fired as a single lightning bolt (an Electric attack)

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Posted 25 September 2012 - 06:23 PM

these nest three days we will be looking at the three forms the Nekojin can assume.

Species: Feral Nekojin

Type: Cat

Element: Magic, Electric

Turns from: Nekojin

Turns Into (Known): Nekohime

Description: She looks almost exactly like the Nekojin, except that she has fangs, has lost the bandage clothes and in their place she now has fur in the shape of a bikini, and some on her abdomen, her hands and feet now have fur as does her forearms and calves. Her hands and feet are a bit larger than normal and have claws. Her body is also now a big more muscular than the Nekojin form.

This transformation is written about in ancient documents, but recorded more as an enraged form of the Nekojin. This form is very aggressive, both in battle and getting what it wants, whether that be food or something more carnal. There has been more than one embarrassing moment where this form was assumed, battled and defeated with ease a deadly threat to her master; only for her to turn on her master and practically rape them or kill others before she regained control and reverted back a few transformations to a Neko Mimmi form and apologized. For this reason this form and the one above it down this line are very rare to witness. Some have declared this the Berserker path in regards to the three transformations the Nekojin can assume.

Summoning: The exact method has been lost. There was a report of someone in a mansion once successfully summoning a Feral Nekojin, but it couldn’t be contracted with (the service personel who witnessed the event and escaped claimed it declared the summoner a weak fool deserving only of death). It then proceeded to kill him and destroy the mansion before running off.

Wild Appearances: There is at least one known to be running wild somewhere, but she is a reclusive and stealthy creature staying away from human habitations. This would be the same one that had been summoned and turned on the summoner.


She is strong and fast as the wind. Able to climb solid rock, leap thirty feet into the air, balance on power lines, and smash her body easily through stone and trees.

Her abilities don’t feel like something belonging to a “Magic” type as they are very physical.

1: Spirit Claw: A powerful slash move that uses (Spirit) energy.

2: Battle Aura: A blue fiery aura that increases her stats.

3: Lightning Punch: A powerful (electric) punch that sends out a shockwave.

4: Thunder Kick: A powerful kick accompanied with an (electric) blast.

5: Rage of the Beast King: a very fast combo of slashes and kicks that could leave a car in threads.

6: Lightning Bolt: Summons a lightning bolt to strike her opponent.

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Posted 26 September 2012 - 05:04 PM

that was the Berserker Path, now we see the Spirit path.

Species: Nekomata

Type: Cat

Element: Magic, Spirit

Turns from: Nekojin

Turns Into (Known): Bakeneko

Description: She looks almost exactly like the Nekojin, the only changes are that her hair and fur are now blue, her eyes are blue (regardless of previous form colors), her skin is now deathly pale and there is a fork in her tail near the end.

The Nekomata is the easiest transformation for a Nekojin to “upgrade” into. The physical difference is so small that some thought it but a boosted mode or something, but it has a new element and new special attacks as well. Personality wise the Nekomata is a little slyer and reclusive, preferring dark places than the more outgoing Nekojin.

Summoning: A Nekomata has never been successfully summoned directly and contracted. There is a method for summoning one involving the Cat Rune, a sigil, full moon lit night and silver thread sacrificed. But all that happens is the Nekomata thanks them for the gift, rejects any contract and vanishes back to where ever Rune Monsters come from.

Wild Appearances: Oddly enough it is said on the night of a full moon they may appear in the mist in the forest. But they are gone back to their own realm come the morning.

Physically only a little higher in stats than the Nekojin, the trick comes in her new abilities.

1: Spirit Claw: A powerful slash that uses (spirit) energy.

2: Bandage Wrap: the bandages around her chest, and sometimes her hips and crotch, grow new bandages which snake out and entangle the target. Have also used them for everyday uses.

3: Spirit Kick: A powerful kick that also uses (spirit) energy.

4: Spirit Fire: A blue (spirit / fire) attack that acts like a flame thrower like burst from the hand(s)

5: Mist Vanish: summons a mist that fills the area, she can vanish into the mist like a ghost. As a passive effect she can do this with any fog.

6: Summon (Ghost Cats): She summons illusionary ghostly cats that swarm and attack her target (they use spirit energy to cause damage).

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Posted 27 September 2012 - 06:11 PM

and here is the Pure Magic path

Species: Neko Elf

Type: Cat

Element: Magic

Turns from: Nekojin

Turns Into (Known): Neko Sorceress

Description: Looks just like the Nekojin, the hair style can be the same or longer. However it looses its cat ears and now has elf ears. It now is wearing a small top and loin cloth which seem to be made of some kind of leather like cloth, the color is a darker shade than its hair color. It also holds a wooden staff weapon. In the end it looks like an elven sorceress with a cat tail.

The Neko Elf is an extremely rare form for the Nekojin to be able to take, this form is also very strong willed, even a previous master will need to renegotiate the contract. These are almost never seen, although there are rumors of a Neko Elf disguised as a human in robes and actually running a temple with several Neko Mimmi as the assistants (The Cat temple).

Summoning: It is said that in ancient times there was only one place where the summoning of a Neko Elf was possible, the Cat Temple now sits on that spot and forbids the practice claiming that the Neko Elf is too powerful of a magic element Rune Monster to be allowed to bargain with humans.

Wild Appearances: Sightings are treated as mere rumor. There is the rumor of the Cat Temple, and that some Neko Elf may appear and hide around humans, while their initial transformed state is very noticeable, nothing stops them from changing clothes or using their Disguise Spell to hide.

Despite appearances they are physically very strong, fast, and agile, and that staff may look like wood but it is made of magic energy and packs a wallop. They can learn pretty much any spell type attack up to and including S-class.

1: Disguise: They cast an illusion that can give them a variety of appearances, in battle to intimidate opponents, or make them under-estimate them when first seen (what looks like one thing may instead be a Neko Elf), as well as to hide by casting illusions of people, walls, trees, and statues.

2: Thunder Blast: Shoots a strong blue blast of electricity from the staff or hands. (Electric)

3: Fire Ball: throws an exploding fire ball from the staff or hands (Fire)

4: Cyclone: Summons a small green cyclone (Wind)

5: Earthquake: summons a fissure through the ground (Earth)

6: Mystic Bolt: purple energy sphere is thrown from the staff or hands and explodes (Magic)

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Posted 28 September 2012 - 03:15 PM

the highest transformation of the Berserker path

Species: Nekohime

Type: Cat

Element: Magic, Angelic

Turns from: Feral Nekojin

Turns Into (Known): *highest form* (has an “Angel Mode”)

Description: Has the same musculature and figure as the Feral Nekojin, except now not just the arms, tail, ears, and legs have fur, but the entire body (same fur pattern as the Mage Cat form). The face has become cat like. The hair on the may or may not still be present. These have what is called an “angel mode” however it is not a full transformation as it adds no new special powers or takes away any, or changes personality; it only adds flight and boosts their attack strength.

This form is extremely rare to encounter and powerful, to the point that ancient from the era of the games refers to even more ancient texts than them stating that their ancestors may have worshipped some of these that appeared as deities. They have the ferocity of the Feral Nekojin but can focus it.

Summoning: Ancient texts describe a way, but in it, it regards the contract more as the summoner worshipping and waiting on the Nekohime hand and foot and apparently is surprisingly easy for one person to do, as such the scroll describing the method has been locked away by the Rune Monster control committee as this Rune Monster is rated as too powerful and willful to allow to be summoned directly.
Wild Appearances: If the Ancient’s texts of their ancients is to be believed then on certain days of the year some of these may appear.

Their physical strength, durability, and flight transformation (Angel Mode) that triples their already impressive stats makes them incredibly powerful against most foes. They can learn most physical attacks, and most elemental attacks (except for spell types). Their spell power in this form is only at B-class, but their direct special attacks is up to Omega-class.

1: Angel Mode: grows wings (same color and pattern as fur), this triples stats and grants flight.

2: Devastation Claw: A powerful slash able to shred tanks and stone.

3: Devastation Kick: A powerful kick able to turn granite to dust.

4: Angel Aura: Adds angelic energy to all attacks, including an aura dash added.

5: Aura Blast: An energy blast from the hand/claw. In its normal state this is a purple mystic blast (Magic), in Angel Mode it becomes an (Angelic) energy blast. With Angel Aura added on Angel Mode it becomes equivalent to (Golden Destroyer).
Angel Aura over the normal state becomes a blue (Spirit) energy blast.

6: Wrath of the Blood Moon: A high level attack that effects the local environment, the moon turns blood red (as seen by anyone with in seven mile radius), the clouds in this same radius become blood red and gather in circles. Red blood like rain may come down, and a red energy beam seems to shoot from the moon (comes from the magic layer in the atmosphere causing this seven mile radius illusion). This beam can level whole battle fields.

(in Angel Mode, she can fire this blast directly from her hands, giving her better aim with it, and the cloud stuff that gives away it is about to fire doesn’t happen).

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 05:17 PM

the latest Adventure of Gyro-Lee outline

Chapter 5:

Once the player returns to the Sundrive club and goes back to see the King of Thieves. A cute-scene begins

Gyro approaches the posh throne of the self appointed King of Thieves in the basement of his palace of decidence and debauchery holding before him a treasure whose granduar proclaims (does not belong here), the Golden Sceptre of Polymoebial.

“Amazing,” says the King of Thieves, his eyes filled with a look that for a moment makes Lars think the thin man is about to try and screw the treasure.

The King of Thieves turns and rather than place the scepter on a stand or on the wall sets it on a table next to himself, with a dismissive wave of his hand he says, “now escort our friends out.”

“What about our deal?” asks Gyro.

“Don’t worry about,” says the King of Thieves lounging back, “my men will meet you at the back alley near the station.”

The party leaves the back room. Not a second passes after they leave before the King of Thieves reaches for the staff only to stop short as a woman’s hand with blue painted nails reaches down and grabs it.

“Now, now, Mr. O’Bish you weren’t thinking of keeping this for yourself were you?” says Aquaria emerging from behind him.

She picks up the staff, “It would seem you were indeed true to your word Mr. O’Bish,”

“O…of…of course,” says O’Bish, known otherwise as the King of Thieves. He looks around realizing that his men and “escorts” have all stopped moving, “are…they?”

“A simple mental pause spell,” says Aquaria, “no reason for anyone to know that the King of Thieves is actually loyal is there?”

“Uh,” says O’Bish, not sure how to respond.

“Now then” says Aquaria opening her whirlpool vortex, “make sure those heroes get on the train safely O’Bish. That is an order of the Empire.”

Aquaria grabs up the scepter saying only as she walks through the vortex, “your gift will be well received, rest assured.”


When the player returns to the Silver Bridge Train Station Sally the Fortune Teller will appear before Gyro again.

Sally: “Reflecting upon one’s crimes must be a stone face experience.”

She then vanishes like a ghost.

Gyro: ….

When the party goes into a previously offlimits loading area the thieves help sneak them into the cargo car.

(a cinematic scene here of the bullet train passing over the semi-magical Silver Bridge that crosses over the Archae Sea from Osopika to Sae-City).

When the train arrives Jerome and three guards are there to meet them as they get off.

Jerome: We were expecting you to try something like this…Lars. Men attack!

(The three guards attack)

Once the three guards are defeated Jerome speaks again.

Jerome: Very good Lars. If you want your friends you will have to go to Pyronicus’s villa, ha haa haa, haa.

(Jerome flees)

Magilish: Why didn’t he attack us himself?

Lars: I don’t know, I’ve never seen Jerome act like that.

Gyro: Because Pyronicus is a well renowned fire mage through out the empire said to be able to burn a forest off a mountain side in the blink of an eye.

*Gyro turns to Anna*

Gyro: If you want to stay in Sae-City…

Anna: No, I came this far. Its more battle than a priestess should ever see…however I vowed to stay by your side. Besides, it’s for the greater good.

Gyro (thinking): She says that, but that smile couldn’t be more forced.

(The player can now explore Sae-City)

-gameplay wise, despite it not making storywise sense, the player can go back across the Silver Bridge. However no NPCs overthere will have anything new to say and the King of Thieves is always “too busy” to see anyone.

While exploring Sae-City the NPCs reveal that most think of Pyronicus as a cruel and corrupt man, although no guards (which don’t react to the party) will speak officially against him, but do imply a dislike for the man. It is learned at the inn and supply stores that the villa is out west across a span of desert and supplies only go there via a Sky Bus.

As an odd out of no where thing, some of the NPCs in the magic shop, armor, and weapons district talk about a recent court case where a girl and her cross-dressing brother tried to assassinate and take over the estate of the mayor’s son; yet for somereason the Empress herself showed up during the trial and pardoned them both; even taking them away to work for her back East.

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Posted 30 September 2012 - 03:56 PM

a hell location:

The Cone Layer 33: Sands of Glass:
One arrives at a random place in this land of arid sand dunes, stale dry air, and constant noon day sunlight (no sun, the whole ceiling is glowing yellow). The average temperature in here is about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The sand is not normal sand it is actually glass, tiny dust like particles of glass in an area the size of North America. No water, food, or life forms. There is an easy exit from this to the next layer, to escape the constant pain and cutting, and that is to endure the pain at its highest all at once. Jump down a sand whirl pool, there are a good number of these (there are also sand falls that pour out of silicone rock pillars, where this glass sand comes from is…explained in the next layer). Naturally the only evidence going down one will take one to the next layer is experience from previous layers if they still remember after how ever it long it took them to escape the Blinding Maze above this layer.

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Posted 01 October 2012 - 07:05 PM

the highest transformation for the Spirit path

Species: Bakeneko

Type: Cat

Element: Magic, Spirit

Turns from: Nekomata

Turns Into (Known): *highest form*

Description: Basically is the Nekomata, except now she has long hair (length of her back), has an eerie blue aura glow to her, is wearing a flowing gown, is floating, and has about two too six floating blue fire ghost balls with her/orbiting about her at all times.

The Bakeneko is very aloof in personality, and soft spoken, with her nearly emotionless face it’s hard to tell if she is happy, sad, or even paying attention. She doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, but deep down she is very calculating and territorial. She will not hesitate to use force on pretty much anyone who refuses to listen to her the first time (thankfully precedence has shown that children intruding on her territory will just be picked up and dropped off outside her territory, usually dropped literally from a few feet in the air), although serious threats can expects a deadly attack.

Summoning: Supposedly there is a way, the method is locked away in the archives of the committee. Rumor has it that part of the ritual involved given one’s self sexually as a virgin to the Bakeneko and becoming its slave in exchange for its protection. This naturally would upset the committee which is very humans first on two fronts, one being that they severely look down on sexual contact with Rune Monsters (or any summoned creature for that matter) and the other being the whole reversed servitude roles.

Wild Appearances: It is said on the night of the full moon in cemeteries over a century old and boarder forests a blue mist may appear from which a single Bakeneko may emerge until the sun rises. It is said they have also been spotted under these conditions at ancient temples (although those same ones may actually be Nekomimi gone wild that have the transformation and feel compelled to undertake them at those times).

Differentiating between standard attacks and special attacks for the Bakeneko is very hard as they never attack physically, their standards seem to be combo strikes using two ghost balls. But they are able to touch things and if caught off guard are physical beings (spirit is their secondary trait after all not the primary one).

She can learn spells up to A-class, and special attacks up through S-class of (Spirit, Fire, Ice, Psionic, and Magic).

1: Intangible: a (spirit) energy version of phasing.

2: Invisible: uses a (spirit) version which makes them invisible to everything except electrical sensory.

3: Spirit Cats attack: summons a swarm of ghost balls which turn into ghostly fire cats that swarm and strike the target.

4: Ghost Freeze: turns intangible and freezing to come into contact with physically (harms those who try to attack her physically), she may also simply move part of her body through something or fly through it to freeze it. (spirit / ice)

5: Ghost Fire Blast: summons a circle of blue ghost fire balls which focus a blast of ghost fire like a beam from them. This beam is a combination of (spirit) and (psionic) power and thus doesn’t harm things like rocks and trees but can drive living things insane and does physical damage to most Rune Monsters and other summoned creatures *barring any special immunities that is*.

6: Allure: creates an illusion that preys on what the viewer would find most attractive a (psionic / spirit) type move. It usually so effective that it enthralls even strong willed victims.

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Posted 02 October 2012 - 03:44 PM

the final Rune monster of this "Magic Talking Cat" line, and the highest of the Pure Magic path of its transformations.

Species: Neko Sorceress

Type: Cat

Element: Magic, Chaos

Turns from: Neko Elf

Turns Into (Known): *highest form*

Description: Physically nearly identical to the Neko Elf, except the hair is spiky (an exaggerated version of what they had as a Neko Elf), and their ears are now a little longer and have fur. Their default clothes are now some form of battle outfit and no weapon, the main color based on what their hair color is and the secondary colors a throw back to the fur pattern they have in lower forms.

These are very proud in this form and nearly impossible to control, in fact most that have reached this form rarely allow themselves to transform to a state back earlier than Nekojin as they disapprove of their more obedient and domestic mindsets prior to that. This form is the rarest and strongest of all those in this Rune Monster line.

Summoning: There is a method, its held in the top secret vault of the Committee who have classed this Rune Monster as an Omega Threat (Rune Monsters they believe could pose a risk to the world). In fact No Rune Master is known to have control over a one of this line that can take this form as they refuse to listen to anyone who isn’t powerful themselves.

Wild Appearances: There are rumors, naturally, but the sightings are rare, with only one confirmed real *this individual acts like a Super-hero in Gorgo City*. The authorities chase after her even while the populace views her as a necessary protection against criminals that abuse the use of Rune Monsters and other summoned creatures where the authorities on them are divided into different groups with different agreements with the government on handling the cases.

Their physical strength, speed, and durability at start when first taking this form is rated as S-class, but theoretically can reach Omega class levels. They can’t learn any spells in this form (which is ironic given their type and name), but can learn any special attack even the Omega class ones (except for body type specific moves, mostly in bug, plant, and cyber categories.)

Their starting special moves though are surprisingly few.

1: Levitation: A (Magic) energy form able to fly around even at high speeds.

2: Crusher Force Fist: A mighty punch accompanied by a (spirit) energy shockwave.

3: Plasma Beam: A powerful beam of energy fired from the hand.

-yes, just these three are what a Neko Sorceress starts with, but with the range they can learn they can quickly grow to be seemingly unstoppable, especially as their type even allows for learning chaos attacks; and the possibility of and Omega speed, strength, and durability Rune Monster that has learned Omega Chaos special attacks as well as possibly Omega Magic, Omega Spirit, ect…has left the Committee no choice but to try and outlaw this, thus a taboo even exists on any Rune Master trying to get a Nekojin to try to obtain the Neko Elf form let alone Neko Sorceress; which is outright a law in some states against it.

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Posted 03 October 2012 - 05:41 PM

today we begin a new Rune monster set (thise one only has three forms)

Species: Fortune Teller

Type: Human

Element: Magic, Psionic

Turns from: (Unknown, might be the base form)

Turns Into (Known): Oracle

Description: It appears to be a pale human woman with a slender build and four arms. She is wearing a purple hooded cloak that comes down over her eyes. It casts an impossible darkness that hides her eyes and hair from sigh (there is a wavy blackness in the hood beyond her chin, lips, and nose, and front of her neck *all that is visible in the hood*). The part of her hood that comes over her eyes has a golden all seeing eye symbol on it. The robe its self has swirl patterns and a violet trim giving her more of a mystic appearance. Her slender hands have purple or pink fingernails.

She is almost always seen standing behind a cliché desk with a crystal ball and/or tarot cards. She is as her name suggests and prefers payment in silver or shiny objects that catch her eye.

Summoning: It has never been accomplished.

Wild Appearances: The stories about them are ancient, but it seems when fall comes along they can appear on clear nights just about anywhere they want from alley ways, to fairs, anywhere to set up shop and appear before prospective customers.

Physically they are no stronger or more durable than their appearance suggests (about the same as a human woman of the same build if she had four arms), but their evasion is very high. Their most obvious ability is fortune telling, which is little more than telling people what is most likely to happen to them, but can give advice on how to better their chances.

1: Teleport: She can teleport to any distance she wants in order to escape.

2: It’s in the cards: She can (magically) alter the luck of someone for good or bad.
-the teachable version is (Shift Luck). She just has a fancy floating cards way of doing it.
Two cards float, one with a hear the other with a black X. The Heart turns around and luck increases, the X turns around and luck decreases.

3: Let Fate Decide: A (magic) random status shifter, causing anything from burns too poison, ect…
-the teachable version is (Status Anomaly) she just has a fancy floating cards way of doing it. She summons a floating circle of cards while doing a kind of dance (very Hindu goddess feel to it) one card is selected and floats to the center and turns over. It will display a symbol for the status effect (example, flame for burn, purple bubbles for poison).

She can learn Magic type spells and special moves but only up to C-class. She can also learn C-class and lower Psychic moves.

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Posted 04 October 2012 - 03:58 PM

2 of 3 of this Rune Monster's forms

Species: Oracle

Type: Human

Element: Magic, Psionic

Turns from: Fortune Teller

Turns Into (Known): Fate

Description: A large white glowing robe, no signs of anything underneath below the torso and the robe comes to a point as though being projected from a point of light. The face looks to be a mask and the arms even look be made of porcelain. It is a wavy hooded white robe that gives off a soft white light.

The Oracle is a silent figure, as she can only speak the truth so she is selective when she speaks. She gives off an aura of wisdom and age despite her youthful features.

Summoning: It is rumored that there is only one Rune Stone, that has the Human Symbol on one side and a special golden glyph on the other and is set in an amber stone that can be used to summon an Oracle. Even then they do not make a permanent contract, but rather can be asked three questions per person that the Oracle will answer truthfully.

Wild Appearances: Only appearance can be seen under “Summoning”

Most renowned for the Oracle power to answer any question about the present and past perfectly, and future near perfectly. No one has ever entered one successfully into battle. However ancient texts seems to imply it is possible and lists only four powers.

1: Foresight: A (psionic) move allowing them to dodge their opponents next move perfectly.

2: Extended Foresight: A (psionic) move that grants foresight to another Rune Monster or the Master on the team.

3: Aura of Healing: an (Angelic) move that grants healing to all those nearby over time, but not to the self.

4: Magic Boost: A (Magic) type move that boost the magic power of self or others.

These same texts claim they can learn magic and psionic spells and moves up to B-class. But have no physical strikes.

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Posted 05 October 2012 - 03:54 PM

Now the final form of this Rune Monster, tomarrow begins the October stories.

Species: Fate

Type: Human

Element: Magic, Psionic

Turns from: Oracle

Turns Into (Known): (Highest form)

Description: A tall woman wearing a stiff (almost metallic) purple and violet robe. Her head is floating above her shoulders with no neck. It is made of three faces facing in different directions; they seem to be connected via a dimensional fold and even have hair that goes back into this fold from each face. This “head” can rotate to which is facing forward and this will change the dress color, one is the purple and violet, another is blue and purple, with a third pink and purple.

Fate appears to be emotionless and hardly moves as she floats about and simply raises her hand when performing her moves.

Summoning: “One can not summon Fate” is all that is written in the ancient texts.

Wild Appearances: It is said that on certain nights Fate may appear on the top of certain mountains or deep in special caves awaiting those would dare try to call for her.

Her power is entirely special with no physical power to speak of. Although supposedly not able to be summoned it is written she can learn psionic and magic specials up to A-class in strength.

1: Stats Up: A (magic) type move that works on self and other party members boosting all stats.

2: Stats Down: A (magic) type move that effects the whole enemy team, decreasing their stats.

3: Revive: A (Magic) type move that revives a fallen party member.

4: Death: A (Magic) type move that has a chance to instantly kill an opponent *for Rune Monsters and other summoned creatures

5: Psionic Pulse: A telekinetic pulse like beam.

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Posted 06 October 2012 - 11:43 AM

The October marathon of stories begins.

Rhulan vs Chucky

The sky is darkened by rolling clouds that circle like vultures surveying death below.

“We have to hurry,” says a young man pulling his girlfriend behind them as they head towards the hills the clouds are circling above.

In the distance un-natural words can be heard, an incantation from a the voice of a man forced through plastic lips.

“I beg of…” the small plastic man’s words are cut short, “what the fuck?”

The young woman stops and points at the sky, “look!”

The clouds have suddenly sped around a central red dot, and circle into the center like the event horizon of a black hole, speeding up as they are sucked into the center turning red as they are drawn in.

“Pitiful,” says Rhulan as she flies straight down behind the living doll leaning over the unconscious body of a young boy, the scene telling a tale of the doll knocking the kid out, dragging him up here, and performing some ritual.

“Who…the…fuck..” says the doll


Rhulan kicks the doll sending it flying into the air like a rocket.


She appears ahead of its trajectory, she can heard it shouting out, “biiiiiiiii…”

“Chaos Aura.” says Rhulan summoning up a red firey aura around her body.

The doll pulls out a knife upon seeing where he is heading, a look of utter madness twisting up his plastic doll face.


The doll is instantly vaporized into blackness and nothingness instantly after upon contact with the Chaos Aura.

Rhulan narrows her eyes as her aura vanishes.


She appears above the top of the hill as the young man and woman arrive.

“Where’s Chucky?” asks the young man.

“Is that the name of that pitiful Living Marionette?” asks Rhulan.

Without waiting for a response she opens a portal and vanishes.


In the space between worlds a woman who could be Rhulan’s own reflection, save for having long black wavy hair and wearing a long black starlight speckled dress awaits her there.

“There,” says Rhulan, “I have killed your villain, now open the path again.”

*I think not* projects the fathomless entity *For the damage you have caused, although inadvertently, recompense is required. For that you must slay twelve such evil entities.*

“Twelve?” says Rhulan, “why does that sound familiar? Any who, fine, if it gets you off my back.”

The fathomless being projected in a variant of her likeness smiles, or at least it projects a smile upon a nonexistent face and nods its illusionary head before vanishing; leaving Rhulan to return to her palace.

Rhulan shakes her head and mutters, “damn it, I need a bath…and an orgy.”

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 02:32 PM

Now something for the fans of the show "Supernatural"

Rhulan vs Lucifer

It is a plain field, nothing special, like any old field in middle America; however this field holds a secret. As Rhulan’s boots sink into the soft earth she trots over the ground surveying the spot of earth before her. Holding out her hand she summons from a black portal a most unusual blade. A sword with a black double edged blade, a guard resembling a pair of black feathered wings, and a hilt of black wrapped leather with a ring base. Rhulan points the blade at the ground, a black light strikes the earth opening up a vortex within the ground. A man is thrown up out of the earth which closes beneath him. The man’s skin is crackling.

The man cracks his neck and smiles, “so, who do I…”

He moves around a bit comically tilting his head and squinting his eyes, “Now…who and what are you? Not something my dad came up with that’s for sure.”

“I am your death,” says Rhulan, “As I understand it you are the Lucifer…the devil of this world. *shrugs*, honestly I don’t care, what I care about is getting a certain high and mightier than your pitiful one universe making god’s attention off of me. Which means unfortunately for you, I am going to kill you.”

“Really?” says Lucifer, “because tougher bitches than you have tried, and I’m still here.”

He draws out a small pillar like weapon.

“What is that?” says Rhulan with a tone of disappointment.

“An Arch-Angel’s sword,” says Lucifer, delight in and mischief in his voice and eye.

“Pitiful,” says Rhulan, “This weapon in my hand is a Seraphim Blade, where I am from this is the weapon used by the Seraphim, a class of angels…at least where I am from above the Arch-Angels. In the right hands this sword could cleave the Earth’s moon in half.”

She smiles, “but to be honest, you look boring, I can see the you inside that meat puppet. Why don’t you step out of that limiter and make this more interesting.”

“Would if I could,” says Lucifer, “so you going to fight me or what? You know I could use…”

Rhulan tosses the Seraphim Sword to Lucifer. He catches it as he drops his weapon and grimaces as it vibrates in his hand, feeling the raw power trying to rip free of his grasp down to his true self.

“Woah,” says Lucifer.

“hmm,” laughs Rhulan close mouthed, “That should make you more interesting to fight then. However I still need a weapon.”

She opens a portal and a weapon emerges that Lucifer can’t take his eyes off of. This is a Katana whose hilt is so black as to not be visible as anything but a hole in time and space. The blade shimmers as redness, sparking with an energy foreign to all his reality. The very space around is blackens and burns, a human eye would only see the red glowing blade and blackness around with little red electric sparks; but to a thing like Lucifer whose nature is multi-dimensional this is a horrifying thing, its very presence ripping through each and every dimension of this reality, any motion it makes permanently scarring the time and space and sub-space and hyper-space and dark space and ghost space and all spaces even those not spaces. Far away a little man standing behind a booth signing his latest book narrows his eyes and looks in the general direction of the battle and grimaces.

“Something wrong sir,” says an assistant by his side.

“No,” says the man, “Just a little something that should pass.”

Back at the battle Lucifer says, “What…the fuck is that?”

“This,” says Rhulan grabbing the hilt, her hand turning into a black claw whose darkness deforms the proportions of her arm, extending up to her elbow, “Is the Thousand Year Sword. Made by crushing the soul of an Old One into a singularity forged as a blade in the depths of the first hell to ever emerge in the omniverse by beings whose very nature can snuff out galaxies as sustenance.”

She shrugs, “this is one of their bullets basically, held in a hilt forged out of the fabric of the betweenverse in which elder gods dwell….”

“Any who,” she says pointing the blade at him leaving behind a black stain in the path of the blade, “Engarde shiny snake man.”

He charges at her, as he swings the Seraphim Sword towards her, she doesn’t move, the blade along with Lucifer’s arm flies away from her and embeds its self into the very air, cracking space as though it were stone. Lucifer’s arms and part of his true self attached to it are being dissolved and drawn into the blade.

Lucifer is caught off guard, the Thousand Year Sword is now stabbed through his chest, Rhulan however does not appear to have moved, instead somehow Lucifer seems to have lunged into her sword. As he watches the his arm being apparently eaten by the Seraphim sword, parts of his body slowly bubble and float apart like pixels and polygons in a computer program glitching and being deleted. He smiles as realization comes from what he sees, through his eyes he sees subtle lines in space distorted, depth and time distorted.

“The sword,” he says with his final breath, “one swing…and you closed space and time with out my being able to see from where I has….*cough*…*hehk*….you’ll make a great king of Hell.”

Lucifer’s body and spirit vanish. Rhulan draws the Thousand Year Sword back, and holding out her hand summons the Seraphim Sword back to her which is drawn back into a portal as well.

“That was interesting,” says a small man appearing from a puff of smoke, “so just bored or something?”

“More like a hit list to clear my karma…really just to get the mother of chaos off my ass for things beyond your concern.”

“Hm,” says the small man, “Well, usually I don’t interfere or anything but I really need to fix that damage you did.”

“My apologies,” says Rhulan, “but given the true nature beneath the façade that thing was giving with its meat puppet I felt this was the most expedient way to destroy that thing with out risking the destruction of your planet. It didn’t seem like something that would focus on one spot and just shoot its power off like a firebomb.”

“or roast my own ass for that matter,” she thinks to herself.

The man *shrugs*, “Sure, so you sticking around?”

“No,” says Rhulan, “From what I can sense your world is too limited to be of interest to me. You have some rather tight leashes on your magic code wrapped around this world. Sure I could cause some chaos by tugging on those strings, might have in my younger days, but I have more important matters to attend to and my own projects to see to. So don’t worry about me, god of this world.”

With that Rhulan opens a portal and vanishes.

“Need a hand,” says an old man appearing of no where.

“It’s just a small rip,” says the small man, “The permanent loss of matter is small enough to not cause any real big problems, the only significant loss of energy was Lucifer, the time loss right here is troubling. I think we should make it a point to remember this energy, she did say it was made from the body of something between universes.”

“And if she showed up,” says the old man, “something else might follow that same path.”

“Sound interesting,” says the small man.

“Indeed,” says the old man.

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 06:29 PM

it occures to me that I never shared the story that triggers these stories, in fact I never even wrote it out. (I had put the fanfics on hiatus, until now and neglected to actually write out the story that triggers Rhulan to have to act as a hitman for the goddess)

okay here is the outline of that story.

Rhulan’s Final Assault (outline)

Rhulan is on her throne, there is some political thing going on but her mind is elsewhere, thinking over the DC universe and how her powers would be limited should she go back.

-scene flash-
She has been studying in her alchemic lab how to overcome this limitation, and how its possible (despite two omnipotent beings being behind it) for a power inside her own astral body to be limited.

-she decides to clear her head by finding something fun to do. She scans through several realities till coming to an odd scene (a comic book convention), she decides to check it out.
-some fun there until some familiar faces, numerous people dresses as heroes doesn’t phase her too much as imitation being flattery is known to her, however the comic books draw her attention, and realizing that these characters don’t have counterparts in this reality, they are fiction. She learns from some comic book geeks about super-man and the Justice League, and their complaints about how even if something comes along that can harm superman a writer will change things at some point so super-man isn’t so easily harmed or his enemies get nerfed. This concept does not sit well with Rhulan.

-she acquires many comics and studies through them, the different time lines, reboots, weaknesses. However as she goes on the idea of “being nerfed” that the limitations on her should she return to that one universe could very well be because the Presence is in fact the psychic imprint of writers, that her power is being held down there because of the whims of humans who don’t want anything to ever prove too great a challenge for their over-powered super-hero, altering his strength and everyone elses in those world to fit their story telling. This enrages her.

-She develops a plan to cheat them, to play by their rules but using the knowledge she has gained to break their system.

She goes back, but she descends on Wayne Manner, there is a party, she smashes her way through the walls, through the floor, into the bat-cave. Bat-man, Nightwing, and Bat-girl can’t stop her as she gets into the vault and takes the Kryptonite.

Bat-man alerts super-man, he doesn’t know how she knew about it, but she has the Kryptonite now. A few days pass before Rhulan takes over the media boards and televisions and radios of Metropolis to call out Super-man.

He arrives in a Lead suit, he knows. They fight, but she never uses the Kryptonite. However just super-man’s guard is down Rhulan uses the spell (Crystal Barrage), however it has been altered *flash back to her in seclusion channeling the kryptonite radiation into her magic, to create a variant spell* the crystal barrage is green, it is Kryptonite and it shreds up Super-man, killing him.

-after words she is approached, rather pulled into the higher plane by the goddess of Other World, who is not pleased and has sealed the portals to DC, Marvel, and any other “comic book” tied to reality until Rhulan can put the balance back in place by killing the equivalent evil to Super-man’s good. Rhulan is suspicious of the Goddess’ motivations but this being is too powerful to challenge, besides perhaps killing some villain will make her feel better after her admittedly psychotic moment, which in hindsight was a bit overboard, after all a comic can’t be completely accurate to the real deal or else something would have saved that man’s life.

*that's right Rhulan kills Super-man, nothing much more dangerous than a spell caster with vital information and prep-time. Oh sure in five issues Super-man would be alive again thanks to some convoluted, none-sense plot device like interdimensional alien crystal beings who took Super-man's soul thanks to the new spell attracting them and super-man earning his life back by earning the respect of these aliens by saving them from some problem and giving them a new home in Kryptonian crystal technology away from their natural enemies. But like the goddess would tell Rhulan that, not that it matters she still did the deed.