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Poems By Valic

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Valic The dead

Valic The dead


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Hello out there its been a few years my old thread was archived so i thought itd be okay to start a new one... I hope everyone here who used to chat and write poetry and help me out with mine are doing good and have found there oplace in their world.  I started my other thread when i was around 16 or so and i am now 26 and goddamn it shit has changed! Who i am is not who i was and i have been so resistant to changing and moving out of the rut i forced myself into... is it fear? Is it lazyiness? is it doubt?  I dont know yet.... but i thank everyone here for their help and support as lil as it was while i was going through depression and anxeity in high school.... didnt have any friends at all besides posting a peom and hoping someone would reply........................... Well anyway heres another poem............

just like old times?



Pale, transulcent,

Almost unseen.

A slow trickle before my me,

Vanishing into the ash.


Crumbling, decaying,

Slowly wasting.

An anceint remanant passing,

Forced from the mind.


It slides away,

Almost liquid,

Slowly fading from my grasp,

Gone as soon as its used.


My time, so bitter,

So slow and lethargic.

My curse, my salvation,

It wittles away.....



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Valic The dead

Valic The dead


  • Darkling
  • Pip
  • 482 posts
Light in Essance (sp.ck.) You stand by me, Even though I am the fool. You care for me, Despite my self loathing. My angel, My new Life. I will never faulter, I will shall not wander. In your arms lies Salvation, My eternal answer.

That was written through my crappy phone the commas would be the next line if i couldve properly done it. But i did not want to lose the inspiration.