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Talking with demons and angel's.

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    The last bloodline-

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Tell me about your experience's of  supernatural occurrence's and mystical influence's.I'll try and elaborate on your subject of choice.

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    Celestial Power

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when "demons" talk its like a buzz in your head.


when "angels" talk its an unsettling vibration in your whole body.


when Salamanders it makes the whole body feel hot


when sylph talk its either hard to hear like a soft whisper in the distance or else makes your ears pop and makes you dizzy and feel sick.


when Undine talk it makes you feel sea sick as it sounds like a thousand voices in the rain and waves in the bacl of your jaw and behind your eyes.


when the geb talk it sounds like rice krisphies with a nasty chunky feel, I guess grinding pebbles and crackling.


when the Frow talk, you could die as they rob your body of heat very quickly when they talk.


when the Raijin talk your whole body feels numb and a constant feeling of doom comes over you.


when Neirids talk (see Undine, same thing just a different kind of water)


when Mermaids talk it feels like a soft song and a wind in the trees that lulls you to sleep.


when Pixies talk its really fricken annoying, seriously it really is like a cat bell, but with a flute like whistle added in.


when the Umbra talk, it can't be heard but you feel terrified. Funny though they can be heard on EVP and it sounds like beast like growling.

Scarlet Rakoczy

Scarlet Rakoczy


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I do conjuring as well as necromancy.  I have evoked as well as invoked spirits.  Some of the weird things have been:  flashes of light, a noise right outside of my protective circle that sounded like paper crumpling, candles that relit themselves, noises welling up from the basement (where my altar is) when I'm upstairs, whistling in my ear as if someone is standing right next to me, mists, lights on my vehicle coming on in the middle of the morning (like brake lights or the blinker on one side), and a clip that played over and over in my black mirror one night.  There is more and some things I will not say.



    The Unseeliest

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I've never talked with demons. I haven't tried, but I haven't been contacted either.


Angels, on the other hand... they only deliver messages in my sleep, and when I wake up I can't remember what it was like, or even the exact words. It's only the message itself that matters.




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I once had something say "Soon my little angel, soon my little angel", whilst I was laying down. My body buzzed with vibration. The voice was loud but not deafening. Authoritative.

I blamed the voice on lack of sleep, and the buzz with my calmed shock of hearing something so abnormal.

But now I'm seeing lights, and electricity flowing through steam clouds everywhere. And 'spiritually' 'touched' people are now finding me everywhere. Hell, even people I know who are known to always be an atheist, have decidedly gone deep into the insanity roots of 'spiritualism' and crap. By that, I mean haunted. Followed by black hounds, possessions (Mate thought he was a horsemen, called himself war. And planed to kill me at one stage, I think) and shadow people. 

I'm left dealing with the mess. Yaaaayyyyy; saaarrccaaassm.