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So you want to be...

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... a vampire or werewolf? It truly baffles me, that whole thought process. ;)


I am new to this forum but have been a member of many others and have seen them come and go.  This forum though, seems to have been around a while and that is wonderful to see.


I am probably a bit older than many of you on this site but to look at me everyone guesses me 10 years younger. This is due to good genes, exercise, no smoking and vitamins. ;) So, I have something I really want to say, a bit of advice, if you will:


First of all, I did go through an awakening process many years ago, and it was frightening, exhausting and it led me to some VERY dark places. But even in my darkest hour I was not alone. I was promised help and delivery from the evil that seemed to want me dead IF I left the darkness behind... which I gladly did.  I have not returned to it since. :)


In the years since I have grown and learned a lot.  I always read how people hate their life and feel that there is more and that they need to know and, and, and... so many reasons as to why they desire the life of a vampire or such.  YES people, kids and young adults there is more and it is called life!  That emptiness that most of you feel is a true feeling and it is sad but it can be so easily filled with GIVING.  Give to the world... save a life... help another soul.  Do something that makes a difference and you will soon see how that hole you were wanting to fill with darkness will be full of love and light.


Since I left my old ways behind, I have had the opportunity to deliver a baby to a drug mother and thus help save the life of the baby and mom (and not in a hospital) and my job allows to me help save lives and make a difference every day.


Plus many of you have not actually seen death... it is not even a bit glamorous.  Plus, the people left behind... there are not words for that.


If immortal vampires do exist (and I believe that there may be one that I have spoken to on the net YEARS ago)... why would you want that?  To outlive your loved ones... ALL of them... how lonely.  And they must live in such privacy and secrecy... even more loneliness!


I love the night... I get more energy as the sun sets, and there are plenty of opprotunities to give, even at night. ;)


So before you go falling for someone here (or anywhere) that seems all wise and smart because they can use big names and words from old and ancient religions, think about what is really eating at you... maybe talk to someone who has gone through the same thing, maybe get some professional help and then try even just one small act of kindness... see what it gets you.  I mean, isn't it worth a try?


I know that life is not a bucket of roses and it is not always sunny... and of course I have thought about what I would do if I could live forever and I realized that I would continue to learn and learn... and with knowledge and education what change I could make over the long haul.  But I am content to do what I can in this lifetime.  Hopefully you can get there too!






Sorry, I hate grammar... tis not my best subject! ;)



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true werewolves were sorcerers


true vampires an unholy curse placed upon the dead to torment and kill the living.


we have not had too many people around here for sometime who trully wanted to be or believed they were these things from what I have seen.


Magic and religious discussion seems to be far more dominant here, as well as social/political talk.



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Ah, fresh meat. Just a FYI, some of us here are pushing 40, some even older than that, very few members want to be vampires, mostly just noobs that only hang around for a bit. Some of us have seen more than our fair share of death. In the span of ten months I myself had three family members, including my father, die and you're right, it's not nice at all. Ever hold a dying mans hands knowing you'll never see him again? (that was my grampa, my great aunt also died.) Everyone outlives their loved ones, unless they have children themselves or die young. Most people are going to bury their grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, maybe even cousins and siblings. 


May I ask why you decided to join this site? No offence but you are coming of as rather preachy. Perhaps if you actually looked around and got a feel for this site you would find that it's actually a nice, tight knit community with a vast group of members with a wide variety of backgrounds, beliefs and lifestyles... Plus, we have cookies.

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I lost three people close too my heart so far, and one was at age 12.  It is not polite to assume things of others.  No offense intended hun. 


And also, it is nice that you try to help people by offering advice.  Not too many people now adays would take the time to do that.  However, I have learned from experiance, that people can listen, and listen all day long, but they will not turn around and see the "light" for themselves until they are ready.  Yes, people can change, but it is up too them and them alone if they will do it.  All the advice in the world will not help if they choose for it not to do so.  And more often then not they choose not too.  Some will when they reach the bottom and have no where else to go.  Or they have an extremely good reason for turning their life around.  Yet others will continue the road to self destruction.  And no matter how hard you try there is just nothing you can do.


Anyhow, welcome too the forum and safe journey.