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A way to express myself

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  • Darkling
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Hi there, it's been a very long time since i've been on here and would love to start writing again.

This is the first piece i've written in a while, i know it's short but its a start :)

For the first time I am thinking clearly, my mind is free and alive

I can wait for a thousand years but it will not change the way I feel

My body is floating and my heart is wondering

But I’m not sure what I will find inside myself.

I’m scared to feel for fear of being hurt again

But is it worth the risk?

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  • Darkling
  • 70 posts
I'm scared of the things i feel for you,
I shouldn't feel this way but i do
Your like a drug running through my veins
I'm completely addicted to you
You haunt my dreams and invade my mind
You cloud my thoughts and hurt me
But yet i just can't give you up.

I hide inside myself like a flower waiting to bloom
I'm the rose and your the cold
Freezing me, taking me away from life
All i want is to be beautiful
But you pull the petals away one by one.

Why do you do this?
Free me then cage me
Over and over again
The Gods weep and the rain is my comfort
They don't see me cry

You want to be called my lover
But i can't do that to myself
I've been with people like you
It never ended well
I built myself a wall to keep you out
But you keep breaking it down

From the dirt and the ruins
I want to soar and be free
I love you my friend
But we will never be



    The Pretty Reckless

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awe :( reminds me a lot of some the relationships I've had very nice hun.