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Twins in religion and mythology

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Well, starting with Ancient Egypt anyway while I was reading about this I noticed a lot of twins. In some cases they represent a duality. There is Isis and her twin sister Nephthys. When Nephthys is barren, her twin sister Isis is fertile. There is Bast (light) and Sekhmet (dark). Nut (sky) was a twin sister of Geb (earth). Castor and Pollux, or (Gemini). Artemis and Apollo. Founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.



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I'd imagine it was their way of representing nature's inherent duality. Everything has an equal, opposing incarnation.

The use of "twins" as an analogy for intangible ideas alike, conveys the old notion that there's an underlying connection for everything in reality.

I think it's weird that we consider the past beliefs "harder to believe" than some of what people believe today.



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Sounds more like duality in Egypt then it does twins. Duality in gods is expected with it being in Nature.

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Yes, equal opposites is exactly right. All the old religions worked this way. Back then people understood the requirement of opposites and that our world and universe was created on them and they did just use twins as a way to show the connection between the opposites. The funny thing is how far people have moved away from this truth in today's society. People want to believe in complete and utter goodness or complete and utter evil, they fail to realize that both are existent in everything and we need to use or at least accept both if we are to have a generally happy and sane life. One cannot exist without the other, and the ancient civilizations knew this.



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I used to have a great affinity with twin mythologies. Egotistical of course.. (Warning, this post is about me)

I am a Gemini and my real name means twin. I suffered greatly from the effects of manic depression as a child and teenager. I had periods of great ability (often in the depression) followed by periods of being unable to do anything creative (yes, oddly when I felt good about myself meaning I learned to embrace diving into the dark side occasionally). The two versions of me in depression and on a high were very different and made it hard to form a sense of true self for a long while.

I also have gender dysphoria.. I have a very strong feminine and masculine side. Not stereotypical in aspect really as both sides are not separate, they compliment each other even if sometimes they conflict. For example I genuinely both like and dislike Disney films due to seeing them from both angles. Without a doubt my 'cynical' side is the masculine and my 'hippy spiritualist' side is the feminine. That's about the only clear division.

I became very inspired by Yin and Yang and of course the duality of destruction and creation.. Cycles of life and day and night etc When you can see yourself as a representation of these things it does at least make all the head-fuck more meaningful and poignant.


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